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Hopefully you will find the answers to some of your own queries here.

Negotiating with your saboteur

Karen:  Dear Judy I would like help with a prescription for a grid of crystals to assist unblocking receiving so that I can get to receive the gifts and manifestations I am meant to receive. And also help with my internal saboteur which is sometimes destructive. I think the root is poor self esteem which is a karmic pattern.. Many thanks and blessings xx

My reply: Well Karen, I think the wording of your question says it all ‘gifts… I am meant to receive.’ It’s really about unlocking what you already know. We’ve all worked hard at our karmic lessons and now it’s time to reap the rewards. Once you’ve cleared that inner saboteur who tells you: ‘you don’t deserve,’ ‘you’re not good enough,’ you’ll be fine. Talking to inner figures like the saboteur can be fruitful. You’ll find an exercise to do this in my Good Vibrations. Sorry, there isn’t room here to post it. I’ll see if I can get it onto the crystal judy hall facebook page.

Anti-sabotage grid

For the grid: you’ll need six anti-sabotage crystals. Intuitively choose from: Blue Scapolite, Larimar, Turquoise, or Tourmalinated Quartz. They all help with self-esteem too. My suggestion would be: 3 Blue Scapolite and 3 Larimar, or 3 Tourmalinated Quartz and 3 Turquoise.

Hold your 6 crystals and ask that they assist you in this task. Lay a large downward triangle around you of Blue Scapolite or Tourmalinated Quartz to clear the scagoating energies. Then lay an upward pointing triangle of Larimar or Turquoise to bring in self-esteem and activate your manifestation skills.

Visualisation: Meeting the saboteur

Sit quietly in the grid and let yourself relax. In your mind’s eye, take yourself to your favourite place. Spend a few moments enjoying being in this space.

When you are ready, look at what is beneath your feet. You will see that there is a trap door in front of you. Open this trap door and descend the ladder below – remember to take a light with you or look for a light switch as you go down.

This is where your inner saboteur lives. This figure may be reluctant to come out into the light and may prefer to stay in a dark corner. Try to reassure it and coax it into the light so that you can communicate more easily.

Ask the figure what purpose it serves. [Wait quietly and patiently for the answer, do not push]. You will probably find that the figure once had a positive purpose but that this has changed over the years. If so, thank it for its care and concern and explain how things are different now.

Ask the saboteur if it will help you by taking a more positive role in your inner life.

If the answer is yes, discuss this and ask for a new name to go with its new role. If the answer is no, ask the saboteur if it is willing to leave you and take up residence somewhere where it will not frustrate your purpose. (You may need to do some negotiating here. Most saboteurs eventually agree to become more positive or to leave. If yours refuses to leave see my book Good Vibrations for further solutions.)

When you have completed your discussions, leave by the ladder and close the trap door. The figure may well come with you and can be encouraged to find an appropriate place to settle. (If the saboteur has been particularly obstreperous, sending it for a Spa Holiday for the duration could be a solution)

When you are ready, open your eyes. Take your attention down to your feet and feel your feet on the earth. Be aware that your feet are connected to the earth, grounding you. Picture a shield closing over your third eye. With your eyes wide open, take a deep breath and stand up with your feet firmly on the earth. Pick up the crystals and cleanse them.

If you are non-visual: Sitting in the grid, take your mind around your body and allow yourself to feel intuitively where your inner saboteur lurks. Communicate through sensing, asking the same questions as above. Remember to cleanse the crystal after use.

[Adapted from Good Vibrations. There will be a Crystal Prescriptions volume for space clearing and psychic protection out soon.]

Crystal Questions

O Books Facebook 06/02/2016.

These questions were posed when Judy ran a Q&A for O Books to support her Crystal Prescriptions series. We’re sharing them here in case you missed them.

Lucya What would you say is the best all-round crystal for boosting spellwork?

Reply: Hi Lucya. Nuummite. But it comes with a caveat. It must be used for good and with the best of intentions or it rebounds onto you in a most unpleasant way. Aventurine or Citrine boost spells for abundance. Rose Quartz for love. Smoky Quartz to clear negativity.

Rachael Lee Which crystal would Judy recommend to heal shortsightedness please. I use Apophylite which was recommended but hasn’t improved my vision as of yet. Thank you xx

Reply: Apophyllite over the third eye is excellent for opening psychic sight but not so effective for short sightedness. Aquamarine was traditionally used for eyes, as was Malachite. You could also try Blue Chalcedony, Cat’s Eye Quartz, or Vivianite. Finger dowse to see which is best for you – loop the thumb and finger of one hand together. Link the thumb and finger of the other hand through and pull. If it holds the answer is yes, if it pulls apart it’s no. Try the stone with the strongest response over your third eye and also placed on a piece of gauze over your eyes themselves.

Linda MacKinnon What crystals link best to working with a past lifetime during or shortly after the time of Christ? Many thanks ! Linda xx

Reply: Bloodstone was traditionally said to have formed when the blood of Christ fell on it. It’s much older than that of course so you could try Eilat Stone which comes from the area.

Britt Any which crystals would you recomend for a Gemini to carry around to absorb and project protection, luck and love.

Reply: My favourite protection stone is Black Tourmaline but Shungite is a close second. If you want to add luck and love, try Green Aventurine. Agates are traditional stones for Gemini so you give Moss Agate a go.

Dixie L. Hernandez Thank you much. I sense a spirit presence around me from time to time and I would like to know if that presence is my Mother or a friend or who. Also is my grandson Gaby able to see and speak to spirits? He is 3 and told me a man was staring at him and to please ask the man to go away. So i asked, was the man young or old. He said old. I said probably the man was smiling and watching him play. He said, no, he is staring at me by the fireplace. So I turned and asked respectfully for the spirit to please leave and go to the light. I told the spirit that another family lives there now and said, please do not bother my grandson because he is protected. Gaby told me, he left soon after. So I need to know, if this man was the prior resident of the home. Thanks. I use my spiritual gifts to help others and need to know how I can get more intuitive. I do meditate several times daily.

Reply: Hi Dixie, Crystal Prescriptions 5  on psychic protection will be out soon. My Book of Psychic Development and also Good Vibrations will give you a strong intuitive and protective foundation. It’ll also help you advise your psychic grandchild. So many children are psychic until told ‘don’t be silly’ so it’s great you are accepting his gift. My sense is that the man was a prior resident who has moved onto the light. During your meditation ask the spirit who is around you to reveal who they are. It feels like a guide or mentor who is trying to get through to you. Place an Apophyillite Pyramid or Bytownite on your third eye to help you attune.

Kim M. What crystals are best to amplify ones healing abilities and psychic abilities.

Reply: Apophyllite, Lapis Lazuli or Bytownite (Yellow Labradorite) on the third eye  amplify psychic abilities. You’ll find more suggestions in my Book of Psychic Development and Crystal Prescriptions 4. Quartz amplifies all energies. Opening your palm chakras really helps when healing, making you more sensitive to crystal energy. Rub them until they tingle. I wear Labradorite to tune me in.

Pauline Brown What are the best crystals for manifesting a new job please x

Reply: Citrine and Jade are stones of success. Put one in the centre of the front wall of your home, near to the front door, and ask them to bring you the job of your dreams. If you can find a Black Sapphire, wear it when you attend the interview.

Debbie Hardy What crystals would be best used to treat neuropathy?

Reply: White Aragonite restores the circulation to peripheral areas and Cathedral Quartz is excellent if the neuropathy is causing pain. If numbness is the problem, try holding a Fire Agate or Celtic Chevron Quartz on the spot – you can buy this from

Andrea Gannon You told me last year my life was never going to be the same after our weekend seminar of crystal work in Belfast and it hasn’t I am having new beginning and I feel I’m on the right path is there anything I need to know that I can’t see or feel to reasurre my vision of my new beginnings thank you very much .Andrea Gannon

Reply: Hi Andrea, I’m pleased to hear you’re having the new beginning. Just trust and believe in yourself and you’ll be fine! I look forward to seeing you again in Belfast in April.

Dixie L. Hernandez Also can you tell me if I am going to heal from heath issues recently or if I will have more issues ?

Reply: This question requires a personal reading Dixie from your astrological chart, you’ll find the application form on my website.

Arcy McMahan My husband ‘s addictions please…so much pain!!

Reply: Amethyst, Amethyst and more Amethyst. Big chunks of it, programmed to assist for the highest good of all. But the only way to help is to recognise you cannot do it for him. He has to want to stop drinking. It sounds harsh but it is so true. Wear Labradorite or Eye of the Storm (Judy’s Jasper) to keep you centred and unaffected by the chaos and pain addictions invariably create. The crystals help you to focus on being strong enough to offer tough love rather than falling into co-dependency or victim mode. Unconditional love doesn’t mean putting yourself through it time after time. It holds a space for a person to recover, but doesn’t force or enable. Rose Quartz helps you love yourself enough to step back if necessary. Find a support group, being with people going through the same thing is so helpful and helps you to stay strong.

Danielle Belford With more people becoming introduced to crystals, how are they (the crystals) responding to the “farming” of them? 2nd question Is there an abundance or scarcity of certain types of crystal. Can you guide us where not to go, as so we can get the best specimen with the least harm to Mother Earth? Thank you for all your time

Reply: I put this question to the crystal oversouls sometime ago. They replied that as so many were being extracted and crushed and used in industry they much preferred to go to crystal healers. But, even if they have been crushed and put into paint or computer chips, they still radiate their energies. They willingly offer themselves up to assist the planet. On my daughter’s crystal site, we source ethically mined or hand collected crystals, as does John Van Rees at Certain stones are rare, and therefore, expensive, which is why my Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle Cards and books like 101 Power Crystals (with photos by John Van Rees Jnr.) have photographs that capture the crystal energy. They can be used instead of the actual crystal.

Vikki Heath Thank you for doing this. I’m interested in crystals for karmic resolution or erasing karma. Also crystals for psychic protection.

Reply: You’ll find several free downloads on my website that cover karmic and ancestral clearing and psychic protection. And workshops too. Crystal Prescriptions vols 5 and 6 will cover both topics. They’ll be out soon. My personal favourites for karmic and ancestral work are the new Ancestralite and Lakelandite (available from plus Brandenberg Amethyst. For psychic protection, Black Tourmaline or Shungite. If the energy vampires are getting you, Green Aventurine or Tantalite under your left arm. you could try Rhodolite Garnet. A tiny piece taped over your sacral or spleen chakra. Change crystals from time to time because the ‘invading’ or ‘leaching’ energy gets to know what you are using and finds a way to bypass it. Equally, be sure you cleanse the crystals. If you’re able to, why not come along to my ancestral and karmic clearing work: London, also available in Belfast).

Naomi Hung I am having a lot of trouble with shifting body weight, I am unable to do much exercise due to pain through out my body. Is there a cyrstal I am able to carry with me to help the pain? And where should it be worn on the body? Thank you Naomi Hung

Reply: Cathedral Quartz over the site of pain works brilliantly for me. Azurite, Lapis Lazuli or Magnetite might be easier to obtain. For whole body pain, wear it over the centre of your chest. Or put a Blue Moonstone into the hollow at the back of your neck – it acts like a chiropractic treatment. You can feel it ‘sorting you out’ right through your body. Iolite or Apatite help with the weight loss.

Mary Hetherington What crystals would you recommend for plants. Thank you Judy

Reply: Moss, Dendritic or Tree Agate is an ancient prescription, but I anytime I have a sliver of any crystal I pop it into my plant pots and they thrive. You can buy bags of Shungite ‘dust’ to scatter as fertilizer. It works wonders for vegetables and keeps pests away.

Yuliya Surnina What are the best crystals for working with multidimentional selves?

Reply: Ananadalite, Brandenberg Amethyst, Green Ridge Quartz and Celtic Quartz open the soul star and stellar gateway chakras above your head (see Crystal Prescriptions 4 for details of these chakras) and connect you to your multidimensional selves. To bring those selves closer, add Crystalline Blue Kyanite on the causal vortex chakra (behind and to the side of your head). I’ve also got Golden Petalite on assessment that is showing promising results when gridded round the head. The Celtic Chevron Quartz or the other white crystals from the crystal dragon mountain are excellent for connecting all the dimensions of your being. That, along with Preseli Bluestone, Apophyllite or Condor Agate on your soma chakra (mid hairline) helps you to journey out of your physical body to visit those selves. Ground it with Flint or Smoky Elestial at your feet or on the back of your neck so that you open and connect in the Earth Star and Gaia Gateway chakras to form a multi-dimensional energy grid around your physical and subtle bodies to integrate the whole package.

Claire Scott Hi, I’ve recently had a past life regression, an was pretty certain, I was a 19 year lad from 1952, how can this be possible when I was born in 1968? Xx

Reply: Lives on Earth aren’t linear and consecutive like beads on a string. It’s more a simultaneous spider web. If you take time out of the equation it’s perfectly possible for lives to overlap. Some people progress to the future rather than regress. Overlapping timelines occur quite frequently. You could be living parallel lives, or you could have returned to spirit in that life earlier than you’d expected and so incarnated again quickly – from the perspective of Earth. But aeons could have passed in other dimensions. Did you go forward to see what happened at the end of the lad’s life? That would be interesting! See my Book of Why. Crystal Prescriptions 6 crystals for ancestral and karmic healing will be out soon.

Dawn Marie Garfield Hi.
I love crystals but I don’t feel this energy people talk about. Am I missing something? Or doing something wrong
What does the energy feel like?
Thank you

Reply: Many people never feel the energy, and others sense it in a different way. It all depends on how your own particular subtle perception works. You might sense the effect of the crystal in your body as it responds to the energy. But that’s easy to overlook. For me it tends to be a tingling in my hands, sometimes feeling a mild electric shock or strong pulsing, or gentle stroking. Opening your palm chakras helps you to feel energy. Just rub your hands together or ‘rock’ your hands a few times (hands cupped, fingertips together and then wrists). Then bring your hands together until you feel a ball of energy building up so it’s hard to push your hands together. See Crystal Prescriptions 4 for details. That gets the palm chakra working. You’ll find help in The Crystal Experience: a workshop in a book if you can’t get along to an actual workshop. But if you can, join my crystal intensive week at Glastonbury:

Michelle Little At the momemt i av started studying crystal healing. I am unsure where to buy crystals frm tho do they av to be excpensive or can i buy them in book shops?

Reply: Small tumbled or raw crystals work just as well as big, bright and shiny ones. Crystals don’t have to be expensive. Buy them on line from trusted sites like my daughter’s,, www.hehishlow, and  Or pop along to your local crystal shop. To use rare and expensive crystals, buy my Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle and lay on the 50 cards instead of actual crystals. You’ll access some very rare and high vibration crystals that way.

Djuana White TY to Judy first off… I have several of your books and there’s so much great info in them. My question is… Do you personally think you have to spend the big money to get certified to be a crystal healer or do you think your books give enough knowledge to do it yourself? I’ve been studying your books for a few good years and I have trays of crystals and love the chakra section especially…. Do you think with this knowledge I can consider myself a crystal healer?

Reply: You are a crystal cooperator Djuana, someone who intuitively attunes to the crystals and uses them according to what the crystals offer. You get the most out of crystals that way. My books are part of the process of opening crystal knowledge. But, a basic crystal course helps you to understand what you’re doing and, in the UK, if you work with other people and need insurance cover, it is essential. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Ask around and check courses out, recommendation is best. I’m giving a crystal intensive in Glastonbury in July. It would be great to see you there:

Forest Andre Hello Judy! Thank’s for all you do! I’m a Sagittarius with both sun and moon in Sagittarius, “Double Sagittarius” .. Needless to say I live outside my body a lot.. in that beautiful insight filled world of wonder, it’s great and all, however, It can be oh so cloudy and confusing when trying to manifest insights into the physical. Is there a specific crystal (or combination) that might help out?

Reply: Boji Stones! As a fellow Sag I totally empathise. It took half a lifetime to get myself grounded. I still remember the first time someone put Boji Stones into my hands and I became fully incarnated. Wow! Opening the Earth Star and Gaia Gateway chakras beneath your feet (see Crystal Prescriptions 4 if you don’t know about these) and putting down a root to the centre of the Earth helps to manifest insights into the physical. I use Flint, Smoky Elestial Quartz or Hematite for these chakras. Then link up to the Soul Star and Stellar Gateway above the head with Ananadalite, Celtic Golden Healer or Chevron Quartz (see You’ll find a grounding exercise in Crystal Prescriptions 4 and comments about grounding in the blog on my website

Julia Bryant met someone half my age is this person meant to be with me?

Reply: Sorry Julia, this question is not appropriate here as it needs a full reading of your birthcharts and soul contracts. (See

Age would not be a deciding factor. It’s how compatible you are and what your souls had planned for this current incarnation. You might have met your twinflame! See my The Soulmate Myth, a dream come true or your worst nightmare?

Brooke D Zahra Hi My Name is Brooke Zahra And I have a question about a Crystal I was hoping you could help me with. I came across it in 2013 in a bead store in sydney and cut and polished it at a Lapidary club. My Question is what Crystal is it? I have attached a photo of it before it was polished and cut. Hope You can help me as i would love to know it’s name. TTFN from Brooke xx

Reply: Labradorite??? I can’t tell from the photograph. If so it will have brilliant blue flashes. Post a pic of the polished stone to my Facebook page ‘crystal judy hall’ so tI can confirm. Is this Labradorite anything like yours? It’s been partway polished.


Terrie Birch Hi Judy, can you please explain what the higher planetary energies are that you will be accessing in your July residential workshop in Glastonbury? How can they help us? Thanks.

Reply: All planets have beneficial and seemingly detrimental influences, but the outer planets have had a particularly bad press. So, non-astrologers, and even astrologers, can be wary of these ‘transpersonal’ planets that lurk deep beneath everyday consciousness. People blame Pluto for all the dark things happening in their life, they are bamboozled by the illusory qualities of Neptune, and bowled over by the revolutionary energies of Uranus. These are the lower resonances of the planets. But, just like us, there are higher vibrations too. Neptune helps you develop compassion and the highest mystical consciousness, Uranus is a catalyst for personal growth and Pluto equates to ultimate healing and transformation. In the workshop we’ll access these energies through our birthcharts to use the energies positively – and consciously. But we won’t be working with theory and our heads. We’ll be feeling the energies, talking to the planets, sitting in our birthcharts surrounded by images and crystals. Sensing who we truly are in our amazing vastness. It’s such a fun way to explore the mysterious of the solar system and bring them back into our hearts to express the highest potential in our birthchart.

Karen Mulvihill Dear Judy I would like help with a prescription for a grid of crystals to assist unblocking receiving so that I can get to receive the gifts and manifestations I am meant to receive. And also help with my internal saboteur which is sometimes destructive. I think the root is poor self esteem which is a karmic pattern. I will work on this at your karmic clearing course on 27 Feb. Many thanks and blessings xx

Reply: You already know, you just have to access it. We’ve all worked hard at our karmic lessons and now it’s time to reap the rewards. Once you’ve cleared that inner saboteur who tells you: ‘you don’t deserve,’ ‘you’re not good enough,’ you’ll be fine. Talking to inner figures like the saboteur can be fruitful. You’ll find an exercise to do this in my Good Vibrations. There isn’t room here, I’ll get it onto the crystal judy hall facebook page.

For the grid: you’ll need six anti-sabotage crystals. Intuitively choose from: Blue Scapolite, Larimar, Turquoise, or Tourmalinated Quartz. They all help with self-esteem too. My suggestion would be: 3 Blue Scapolite and 3 Larimar, or 3 Tourmalinated Quartz and 3 Turquoise.

Anti-sabotage grid: Hold your 6 crystals and ask that they assist you in this task. Lay a large downward triangle around you of Blue Scapolite or Tourmalinated Quartz to clear the scagoating energies. Then lay an upward pointing triangle of Larimar or Turquoise to bring in self-esteem and activate your manifestation skills.

[There will be a Crystal Prescriptions volume 5 for space clearing and psychic protection out soon.]

Alice Marsh I want to buy some shungite. Can you give the name of an ethical co. where I will get the best quality?

Reply: Shungite gives perfect EMF protection – see Crystal Prescriptions volume 3. My daughter’s site, has ethically sourced Shungite. John van Rees in the States sources his crystals as ethically as possible:

If you’re making Shungite-water, use the raw, rough slightly greasy form that leaves your fingers black. Elite or Noble Shungite works brilliantly for EMF protection. Keep it regularly cleansed.

Elite Shungite

Elite Shungite, c. Jeni Campbell

Nikita Antoinette Rhiannon Lloyddean My partner Caz has asked me to ask you. As she doesn’t do facebook lol. . Will you be coming to Bournemouth Dorset any time soon and doing crystal workshops. Please. ? Thank you. BB xxx

Reply: I am planning a workshop in Wimborne at the end of May. She’s just missed one, which shows the value of signing up for my quarterly newsletter on All my workshops are on my website.

Nikita Antoinette Rhiannon Lloyddean Hun Judy thank you for taking the time to answer questions. I’d like to ask you what crystals to work with for the menopause. Hot flushes etc. Thank you. Blessings to you and yours. BB xxx

Reply: Menalite helps puberty, menstruation, childbirth and menopause, all the rites of womanhood. Synchronistically, it was my card today on  from the Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle (photo c. Michael Illas/Watkins publishing). Celtic Golden Healer is excellent for hot flushes (see, Fire Agate and Citrine also assist. You could look on the hot flush as a power surge and use the opportunity to have a controlled kundalini rise – see Crystal Presriptions 4.


 Self Selection For Animals Dear Judy, I have a lovely piece of Ocean Orbicular Jasper from Madagascar and I have found that it seems very low in energy, perhaps it was damaged when it was mined? I felt as if I was rescuing it when I bought it and I would like to know how to best help it to shine again. I am lucky enough to have some of the Celtic Quartz and I’m wondering if they may help? Thank you and good luck today. Susannah                                

Celtic Blue QuartzReply: This happens with the crystal skulls too. They often need healing before they start work. The Celtic Quartz grid placed around it would help to re-energise it. You could also try Poppy Jasper or Carnelian, although they may be too strong for this water-born stone. The Blue Quartz from the crystal mountain is very gentle and only found by the stream so this could help. As too could Indicolite Quartz. I’m sure it will thrive in your tender care. Celtic Blue Quartz is rather camera shy but here’s a pic of it at work healing the water in Australia after a chemical spillage. You can see the energy coming off it.

Sarah Sweet Hi Judy, could you advise what stones would help with breast cancer and also to help encourage artistic expression, I’ve not been very inspired and feel low. Over Xmas I was drawn to buy myself a rutilated quartz pendant would this by chance help? Many thanks x

Reply: Hi Sarah, Klinopotilolith is one of the best cancer support stones I know (you can get one from, email Jeni if there’s none left on the site.) Also drink two litres of Shungite water a day to help you detox – instructions for making it are in Crystal Prescriptions 3. Your Rutilated Quartz will be excellent but remember to cleanse it every day. I use Petaltone Clear2Light essence. For artistic expression Poppy Jasper or Triplite can really get you going and lift your spirits. Blessings for a good outcome, heal well.

Ruth Condello do you have any insight or recommendations for chronic insomnia?

Reply: First question Ruth. Do you switch off your mobile/cell phone and computer at night? Electromagnetic sensitivity is often the cause of chronic insomnia, as is geopathic stress (see Crystal Prescriptions 3 for how to deal with this). So banish them from the bedroom. Shielding them with Shungite during the day helps too. If it comes from an overactive mind, put Auralite 23 under your pillow. If the insomnia comes from gastric disturbance (as it often does) try Hackmanite, Khutnohorite, Pyrite in Quartz, Shungite over your solar plexus.  Other crystals that might help, gridded around the corners of your bed, are Ajoite, Ajoite with Shattuckite, Amethyst, Bloodstone, Candle Quartz, Celestite, Charoite, Glendonite, Hematite, Howlite, Khutnohorite, Lapis Lazuli, Lepidolite, Magnetite (Lodestone) (Place at head and foot of bed), Moonstone, Muscovite, Mount Shasta Opal, Ocean Jasper, Petrified Wood, Pink Sunstone, Poldarvarite, Rosophia, Selenite, Shungite Sodalite, Tektite, Topaz, Zoisite. Dowse to see which would be appropriate for you.

Auralite 23

Auralite 23 c. Jeni Campbell,

Nancy Goh Dear Judy, after a dramatic and repeated spiritual betrayals past lives (as I was told vaguely) and present (which exploded in my face end 2014 to beginning 2015), but with the grace of the universe mid of last year, I have been led to new mentors and yourself, to rebuild my inner world again. Appreciate your insights on what crystals I can work with to assist in this inner world journey of becoming more of my authentic self, uncover the gifts and talents i brought with me in this incarnation and type of healing work i am suppose to focus on. Thank you.

Reply: Hi Nancy I applaud your courage in facing up to this. The one crystal I wouldn’t be without is Brandenberg Amethyst. It carries not only your soul blueprint and soul intention for this current lifetime, but also the perfect blueprint from before anything got imprinted. There’s a Brandenberg audio journey on my website that you can follow. For healing the betrayal, Golden Healer, Quantum Quattro, Smoky Rose Quartz, or Tugtupite over the three chambered heart (if you don’t know what that is you’ll find details in Crystal Prescriptions volume 4). See also my reply to Yuliya Surnina about accessing the multi-dimensional selves.

If you don’t have a Brandenberg, use this picture by Jeni Campbell for the journey.


c. Jeni Campbell

Wl Leow Hi Judy, I have your crystal healing pack, how do I use the green aventurine and carnelian to help me with abundance especially money, income and creativity, perhaps even win some contests.

Wl Leow Hi Judy, I have your crystal healing pack, how do I use the green aventurine and carnelian to help me with abundance especially money, income and creativity, perhaps even win some contests. How do I do that effectively? I talk to them but so far not getting any result. Do I have to talk to them about specific goals and “anything else they could do for me” everytime? I usually tap them on me while sleep, is it okay?

  1. Judy Hall This exercise invests your time and energy in the process but it really works.
    Ultimately all your wealth comes from drawing on your own inner resources and manifesting those out into the world. This grid, adapted from Life Changing Crystals, begins with focusing deep within yourself to identify your inner wealth, all the skills and abilities that you can make known. Purifying and removing the dross it distils them into pure gold. The grid sends these golden qualities out into the world so that the Law of Attraction comes into play and brings back those qualities magnified a thousand times over. This grid is particularly effective when prepared for at the dark of the moon, which facilitates introspection, and then laid out at full moon, which facilitates manifestation. You need ten Aventurines and/or Carnelian for this layout.
    1. Hold your crystals and connect to their power, feeling it radiating into your manifestation chakras. Dedicate your crystals to helping you identify your inner resources and manifesting them out into the world. Hold the stones in your lap with your non-writing hand.
    2. Sit quietly with a pen and paper and write down all the resources, skills and abilities that you have no matter how small or how seemingly minor they may be. Keep asking yourself ‘what am I keeping hidden, what resources do I have, what riches do I hold at my core, what am I not recognizing about myself’ and allow the answer to rise up into your mind. Note it down. Hold nothing back and give yourself credit for all your positive qualities.
    3. When you have found all your qualities, put the list aside and come back to it another day. And another. And another. Add to the list all the things that have risen up into your mind since making the original list.
    4. Collect together your list of qualities, a large sheet of paper, preferably coloured, a gold marker pen and your ten crystals. Draw a large counter-clockwise spiral on the paper beginning at the centre and working outwards to end at the top of the page.
    5. Beginning at the centre, lay your crystals along the spiral with your left hand. As you lay each stone acknowledge an inner resource that you have discovered, breathe the quality into the crystal and lay it down to add that quality into the grid saying ‘I am wealthy, I have quality and I send this out into the world’. When you have completed the spiral, come back to the centre and touch each stone as you add yet more qualities into the grid.
    6. When the grid is fully charged with all the inner qualities you have brought to it add more qualities that you would like to have had or which assist the manifestation process. Place your righthand to your forehead. Feel intensely the process of transmutation as the qualities synergize together and fly out into the world to alchemicalize your inner wealth into outer.
    7. Disengage from the process and allow the grid to do its work.
    8. After a week has passed, remove the stones. Draw a clockwise spiral over the top and rearrange the stones to draw towards you all that you need to progress your life.

Wl Leow Dear Judy, I would like to know how to eliminate procrastination and rejection on my work and move on faster and have more faith in myself?Thanks.

Reply: Sunstone is an excellent stone for giving you a kickstart. It helps you find your self-worth too – as will the previous exercise. Remember to cleanse it and reenergise it in the sun regularly. If you can find some orange or red Zincite this will also help.


You could also try Crystal Balance’s Kick Ass spray. So called because it’s made from a very rare combination crystal that does exactly that. You wont be able to procrastinate any longer.

Wl Leow thank you Judy, thanks for doing this. would like to know how to calm my mind, empty my mind if possible. I have too many thoughts running all the time, not even in meditation or sleep.

Auralite 23 is the answer. Put it on your forehead or under your pillow. It switches off the chattering mind. I’ll have a book on Crystal Mindfulness out later in year with more suggestions.

Wl Leow judy, what would you recommend on successful in publications and tap into archaeological wisdom? For some unknown reason, I am so so love to be an archaeologist but haven’t achieve that dream yet. beating myself all the time over that dream.

Chinese Writing Stone helps aspiring writers, as does Triplite. For archaeological wisdom, the new Ancestralite digs deep into the past ( has some for sale) or you could try Fossilised Wood, Kambaba Jasper or Stromatolite. See my Crystals and Sacred Sites for more suggestions for crystals linked to places – there’s a list on my website too and it will be in Crystal Prescriptions volume 6 which will be published soon.


Debbie Hardy Does titanium metal interfere with crystals or crystal therapy?

Reply: Not at all Debbie. In fact it enhances it. Titanium is rutile – found in Rutilated Quartz and the magical colouring ingredient of Rose Quartz. You can see the big slab of titanium in the centre of this crystal. Its tip is battered but it’s very empathic.

I used to live at a titanium mine and it was quite an experience as the army took over the day I arrived in Sierra Leone (the start of a very long period of disturbance for the country). But I felt surprisingly safe as I sat on Mobimbi Mountain (Lion Mountain) surrounded by rutile interlaced with Amethyst.

One of my favourite crystals, Tanzine Aura Quartz, has titanium electrostatically bonded onto its surface. It helped my thyroid to heal. And it’s on one of my newest skulls too. But you do have to be aware that the crystal may be dyed rather than alchemicalised (see my blog on crystal fakery):

Tanzine Aura Quartz

Tanzine Aura Quartz

Tanzine Aura Quartz Image c.











And here’s a few of the questions that have come into my facebook pages:

Hi Judy, I’m after some advice please. I’ve got some black tourmaline to grid/protect my new house. (It is currently being built). Would it be best to put the crystals in the foundations so they’re part of the infrastructure, or somewhere I can access them for cleansing such as in the soil around the house? Thanks.

Reply: You could put them in the foundations along with Rose Quartz. Soak them in Petaltone Z14 essence before you do. That combination seems to cleanse itself and not only protects the house but also fills it with love. But if you put them in the soil at the corners you can then access them if you feel they need an extra cleanse or if you wish to add anything else like Shungite (for electromagnetic protection) to the grid.