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Chakra maintenanceI was asked the following question by a member of the community. After all I’ve written about the need to ground both on my website, in the community and in my books, showing how to protect your energies, and so on, it came as a bit of a shock – particularly as I’d discussed with this particular person previously how important grounding and disconnection was. But I was delighted that the penny had finally dropped. I shouldn’t have been surprised really, because I constantly meet people, especially those who call themselves lightworkers or healers, who are barely tethered to the earth. To walk around with the higher chakras constantly wide open is like beaming out an invitation to every lost soul or spirit in the universe to ‘come and get me’. Energy depletion and mental fragmentation is bound to follow and, eventually, dis-eases such as M.E, diabetes and cancer will manifest.

Q: Hi Judy !  I have a question for you about the Chakras.  As a Reiki Master and one who works with both Energy and Crystals during the day, I am quite used to having the Higher Chakras open.  But “the penny dropped” so to speak the other day when I was doing my Spiritual Protection Ritual and I realized I NEVER close them down!  Could that be in part why engaging in the “outside world” is becoming more difficult and why I pick up on the emotional “distress” of people I come in contact with…those hidden emotions they are in most cases in my experience either denying or suppressing? This can be especially difficult as an empath or sensitive.  Can you please speak to our Higher Chakras and how/when to close them down?  I have also been told I have closed down one of my Chakras as a form of protection. How do I know for myself if it’s closed down or not??  Maybe a little Chakra 101 Awareness & Daily Maintenance suggestions??  Thanks Judy….and I hope this is a topic that will be of interest and help to other members of this wonderful community !

This question really highlighted for me the inadequacy of some Reiki – and other – transmissions and teachings. In my opinion, everyone  who is engaged in energy work of any kind needs to learn how to look after their own energy system first and foremost. But most especially empaths who hoover up all the emanations around them. That includes grounding and centering yourself before you begin, cleansing your chakras so that you start from a place of energetic purity, screening and filtering what you take on board, and, vitally, closing down after a session. There’s no point in relying on symbols to automatically do it for you, unless you consciously think about it at the end of each session, or for disposing of the toxic dross that may come out during a session.

It’s all very well channelling ‘universal energy’ but if it goes through your own body and you are not aware that your own energy field is becoming involved, you are open to invasion, energy leeching or pollution and so much more.

So where to begin?

Well, I can’t help thinking back to the skincare advice dished out when I was a teenager: cleanse, tone and nourish. It’s pretty much what is needed here. With the addition of a protective filter, a grounding cord and a close-down.


Everything you need to know about chakras is in Crystal Prescriptions 4.

Or, as I’m not going to repeat myself here, see

If you read through the symptoms of a close or blocked, or wide open, chakra, you’ll soon recognise which of your chakras is out of balance.

Cleanse: basic

Anandalite: perfect chakra cleanser and opener

Anandalite: perfect chakra cleanser and opener

As I’m not going to repeat myself here, see

Or simply use a piece of Anandalite going from your feet up over your head, down the back, and back again. Then side to side and back again.

Cleanse: higher chakras

Again, I’m not going to repeat myself so see:

Anandalite: all purpose chakra cleanser and opener for the higher chakras.

Anandalite: all purpose chakra cleanser and opener for the higher chakras.


As I’m not going to repeat myself here, see

As I’m not going to repeat myself here, see

Blown or blocked chakra

If a chakra is stuck open and spinning too fast, it is known as a blown chakra. A blown chakra is particularly vulnerable to outside influence as there is no protection or mediation of the energy flow. A blown chakra may be quite literally ‘blown away’, that is, out of line with the other chakras. If when dowsing or checking how chakra energy is flowing it veers off towards one or other sides of the body, then the chakra will need bringing back into line. That is, it needs to be aligned not only in spin and energetic frequency with the other chakras but also moved back into vertical alignment.

Similarly, a chakra can be stuck in the closed position – and energy may divert around it. Deficient in energy, a blocked chakra leads to blockages and negative qualities manifesting. A chakra may be blocked because of your own past input, conscious or otherwise, or because other people ‘put a block’ on it – that is they seek to control you, don’t want you to see something, and so on. Chakra blockages have many issues and it pays to search for the deeper cause.

Opening the higher chakras

As I’m not going to repeat myself here, see

To close down

Crystals to close down and ground: Agate, Black Tourmaline,  Bloodstone,  Boji Stones, Dravide (Brown) Tourmaline, Fire Agate, Galena, Hematite, Magnetite, Obsidian, Smoky Quartz, Sodalite, Tourmalinated Quartz, Unakite, Chakra: base or earth star

  • Take your attention down to your feet and ensure that your grounding root is in place.
  • Focus your attention into the earth star chakra and feel it holding you gently in incarnation and connected to the Earth.
  • If you have been sitting or lying, stand up and feel your feet in contact with the Earth.
  • Close the higher chakras above your head by visualising them folding in on themselves like a flower closing, or place a closing crystal such as Flint over them.
  • Check whether any of your chakras need to be slowed down or regulated and, if so, place an appropriate crystal over them for a few moments.
  • Move around, have a hot drink and, preferably, walk on the earth with bare feet to ensure you are fully grounded and any excess energy discharged


Exercise: Basic close down

Take your attention down to your feet. Be aware of the contact they make with the earth. Feel them holding you and grounding you on the earth and in your body. Picture yourself surrounded by a bubble of protective light that goes below your feet and over your head and extends out to arms length all around you. Then, when you are ready, open your eyes

Ending a session: Disconnecting

If you have regular appointments or work metaphysically with people, it is vital that you set up a ‘disconnection signal’ at the end of each slot so that you do not carry any energy, dis-ease or emotion that is not yours away with you. So many people walk around with a dark cloud of energy that is not theirs and this can lead to energy depletion, illness or your life falling apart. This disconnection signal can be as simple as shaking hands or closing the door. If you move from person to person, consciously leave each one behind as you close the door or step away. Let that be the signal to your unconscious mind that you are now letting that person go.

Exercise: disconnecting

Take two or three good deep breaths, and then picture a cord held between you that you chop with golden scissors to symbolise the parting; or pick up a large Green Aventurine crystal and then place it down again firmly. Check that your spleen is disconnected and if necessary protect it with a green pyramid and remove any cords.

If the person was troubled or stressed, you may also want to spray the room, or yourself, with Petaltone Crystal Clear Essence or Z14.

Extracted from Good Vibrations:

And finally

I hope that you have the good sense to take responsibility and work out a daily chakra and energy maintenance schedule that works for you. Bright blessings!

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