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Purifying Your CrystalAs crystals hold the energetic charge of everyone who comes into contact with them and rapidly absorb emanations from their surroundings as well as your personal energies they need regular purifying. This is particularly so when they are being used for blocking or clearing. It is sensible to cleanse and re-energize a crystal every time it is used or at least weekly if in a grid. The method employed will depend on the type of crystal. Soft and friable crystals, for instance, and those that are attached to a base may be damaged by water or frost, and soft stones such as Halite or Selenite will dissolve. These are best purified by a ‘dry’ process such as brown rice or sun or moonlight, but sturdier crystals benefit from being placed under running water or in the sea.


Running water

Hold your crystals under a running tap, or pour bottled water over them, or place them in a stream or the ocean to draw off negative energy (use a bag to hold small crystals). You can also immerse appropriate crystals in a bowl of water into which a handful of sea salt or rock salt has been added. (Salt is best avoided if the crystal is layered or friable.). Dry the crystal carefully afterwards and place in the sun to re-energize or use a proprietary crystal essence.

Returning to the earth

You will need to dowse to establish the length of time a crystal needs to return to the earth in order to cleanse and recharge as the period will differ with each crystal. If you do not have a garden, a flower pot filled with soil or sand can be used instead and is very handy for crystals that require a daily cleanse and regrounding. If you bury crystals to cleanse them, remember to mark the spot.

Rice or salt

Brown rice seems to have a special affinity with crystals that have been subjected to EMF or negative energy pollution, rapidly drawing it off. Salt – and Halite – also works but may be damaging to layered or friable crystals. Place your crystal in a bowl of brown rice or salt (unless layered or friable) and leave overnight for the negative energies to be absorbed – then compost or discard the rice. Do not eat. If using salt, brush it off carefully and make sure that it has been removed from any niches or cracks in the crystal as otherwise it will absorb water in the future and could cause splintering. Place the crystals in the sun or under the moon to re-energize if appropriate or use a proprietary crystal essence (see Resources).


Sage, sweetgrass or joss sticks are excellent for smudging as they quickly remove negative energies. Light the smudge stick and pass it over the crystal if it is large, or hold the crystal in your hand in the smoke if it is small. It is traditional to fan the smoke gently with a feather but this is not essential.

Visualizing light

Hold your crystal in your hands and visualize a column of bright white light coming down and covering the crystal, absorbing anything negative it may have picked up and restoring the pure energy once more. If you find visualization difficult, you can use the light of a candle. Crystals also respond well to being placed in sun or moonlight to cleanse and recharge.

Crystal clearing essencesA number of crystal and space clearing essences are available from essence suppliers, crystal shops and the internet (see Resources). Personally I never move far without Petaltone Clear2Light, a crystal and space clearing essence and Petaltone Z14, an etheric clearer. You can either drop the essence directly onto the crystal, gently rubbing it over the crystal with your finger, or put a few drops into clean spring water in an atomiser or spray bottle and gently mist the crystal. Placing a couple of drops of Z14 on a crystal and leaving it in place for several months keep the whole space energetically clean and protected.

If a grid has been buried, you can sprinkle a few drops of the essence into the general area and ask that it will cleanse and reenergise all the crystals in the grid. Petaltone Z14 is particularly helpful for grids as it clears fourteen layers of the etheric as well as the physical. Place a drop in the centre and invoke Archangel Michael to assist in clearing the area. Z14 can also be placed on a crystal such as Quartz or Selenite and left in situ to clear an area or to keep a crystal grid purified.


The sound created by a Tibetan or singing bowl, tingshaws, a gong or tuning fork is a pure vibration that cleanses and restores all crystals. If using a bowl, several crystals can be put in at once, enough to cover the bottom but not restrict the vibration. Tingshaws and a gong can be struck over several whilst a tuning fork can be struck and applied individually.  Whatever you are using, listen carefully, and you will hear when the cleaning and charging is complete, as the sound will be clear and bright.

Stand the crystal on a large Carnelian, Carnelian geode or a Quartz cluster

large Carnelian

Citrine geodeA large Carnelian, Citrine geode or Quartz cluster will quickly cleanse and recharge a crystal. But the Carnelian or Quartz will then require cleansing itself. Citrine is largely self-cleansing but will also benefit from purifying. Remember that crystal pendulums require cleansing as well.

Quartz clusterOnce you have cleansed and recharge a crystal, always remember to ask it to work with you for the highest good of all before programming it for a task.

cleansed and recharge a crystal