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A Karmic Reading* is an in-depth study that sheds new light not only on your soul’s purpose in incarnating but also on relationships, emotional or health problems, and the stumbling blocks of life.

A combination of karmic astrology and psychic reading, it pinpoints relevant lives and patterns of behaviour and expectations carried forward from the past which can create, or recreate, difficulties in incarnation or in meeting the everyday tasks of life. Each incarnation can be seen as a learning experience set up prior to birth in order that the strengths and wisdom acquired in previous lives can be used to overcome inherent weakness and areas of imbalance.

The areas of experience which are particularly important for the present life are outlined in the reading and appropriate therapies suggested for dealing with health and other problems. A knowledge of previous lives and the plan for the present lifetime is therefore a very important tool.

Relationship readings are also available. Once the reasons behind a relationship or situation become clear, it is possible to deal with the karma embodied therein. By overcoming karmic obligations and outgrown karmic patterns, a new stage of growth can be achieved.

An astrological chart is required for each person in the relationship. If one is not available, please give details as requested on the this form. It is also helpful if a photograph is supplied of each person. Where a specific problem requires clarification, please give brief details.

NOTE: Only two people can be dealt with in a reading unless by prior agreement in which case the cost will according to additional time spent and is unlikely to be less than £210.

Warning: 'Judy regrets that she is unable to undertake karmic readings for anyone under 18 years of age. If you want an astrological reading for a child or young person Judy suggests contacting Terrie Celest at

Note: In accordance with EU date protection requirements, any information sent with readings will be kept with the strictest privacy while readings are prepared and returned to you with the reading. Your personal details will not be held after a reading is complete. Please note: the paypal email address is not a contact email. You will need to trust that your reading is in preparation. Please do not enquire as to its progress. Please also note that, as stated, you must use mail, not email, to send the readings request form. Email is not acceptable no matter where you reside. Thank you.

PayPal Payments

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UK: £99.50 - Full Karmic Reading.
OVERSEAS: £120 - Full Karmic Reading.
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Note: Readings take between 4-8 weeks to arrive with you but may take longer during busy periods - and can take up to three months. Please be patient!

How it Works

The way in which I work is to record to and edit a cassette tape. Readings can only be supplied on a cassette tape. You will require a tape player to listen.

If you would like to copy your tapes on to disc, inexpensive tape to MP3 converters are available here:

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Charges Explained

Readings for the UK are £95, and £120 for overseas. Astrological charts are £5 for each chart prepared.

Payment in the UK can be made by sterling cheque drawn on a British Bank or by Paypal but if using Paypal in the UK an extra £4.50 must be added to cover charges. Outside the UK, payment can be made by Paypal or sterling cheque drawn on a British bank.
For cheques in foreign currency drawn on an overseas bank, non-sterling cash, or travellers cheques, an additional charge of £25 must be added.

You cannot apply for a reading through the web (but you can pay through it)! Judy requires a sample of your handwriting and photographs!

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Warning: This is not an online form, this form needs to be printed out and completed by hand. Once completed please post to: Judy Hall, PO Box 7575, Christchurch BH23 9HJ, United Kingdom

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Legal Notice

*To protect my legal position due to EU directives, I have to tell you that a karmic astrological analysis is based on the translation of the symbolic meaning of astronomical cycles into ordinary language. This knowledge has been acquired through observation and application over thousands of years and supported by my experience practicing astrology over thirty five years. To date, this analysis is not supported by experiments using the conventional research methods of hard science. Some scientists and most astrologers including myself consider such test methods to be inappropriate for the subject matter and flawed for a variety of reasons. (A view that three years at university studying the research at methods that are applied to astrology as part of an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology has only strengthened). Astrology is a symbolic language and offers a balance of probabilities rather than specific certainties. As such, astrology cannot foretell your future. You should seek qualified professional advice for medical, financial, legal and other specialist questions. However, over the course of 35 years more than a thousand of my clients have found a karmic reading helpful in understanding their present circumstances in the light of the past and gained insight into their soul purpose in undertaking their journey. I trust that you will too.

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