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(The text of a talk given in Budapest)

dont have a soul

They said of old the Soul had human shape,
But smaller, subtler than the fleshly self,
So wandered forth for airing when it pleased.
And see! beside her cherub-face there floats
A pale-lipped form aerial whispering
Its promptings in that little shell her ear. 

Now is there civil war within the soul:
Resolve is thrust from off the sacred throne
By clamorous Needs, and Pride the grand-vizier
Makes humble compact, plays the supple part
Of envoy and deft-tongued apologist
For hungry rebels. 

Our deeds still travel with us from afar,
And what we have been makes us what we are.

 Full souls are double mirrors, making still
An endless vista of fair things before,
Repeating things behind. 

Hath she her faults?  I would you had them too.
They are the fruity must of soundest wine;
Or say, they are regenerating fire
Such as hath turned the dense black element
Into a crystal pathway for the sun. 

George Eliot, Middlemarch

People often ask me: ‘Why is this happening?’ My answer is: ‘you are an immortal soul who happens to be on a human journey at this moment for the purpose of growth and evolution but who is capable of multi-faceted experience in different dimensions.’

People ask me because I’m a karmic counsellor, someone who looks at past life patterns in the birthchart to discern the purpose and soulplan for the current incarnation – and who uses psychic ‘far memory’ to read past life causes or interlife choices. In other words, I examine the credits and deficits on a soul’s spiritual bank account – and how the present life is going to contribute to their growth or diminishment.

Over forty five years spent exploring past lives, the afterlife, the interlife and the spaces in between have convinced me that we are not victims of circumstance nor are we solely a product of karmic consequences. We all have a soulplan we are following which may be overridden by soul overlays and past- their-sell-by-date soul contracts but which ultimately lead us to grow our soul.

So, if you’re been asking yourself why certain things have happened to you the key may lie in other lives or in the space between lives – the interlife and your soul’s purpose. Some souls have chosen to undergo a specific life experience not because of their karma but because they want to cultivate their soul or to offer service to humanity.

I’ve had a long (exceedingly long if you take other lives into account) training to do this work, including conducting hundreds of regressions, reading well over a thousand maps of the soul’s plan – the birthchart –  and talking to many ‘higher selves’ who have a much broader view than is possible from here on earth. I’ve accompanied numerous people into the interlife, attending the planning meeting at which they broadly map out the purpose and path of the present incarnation and the soul contracts that may go with it. I’ve also been to the life review that follows death to see how far that purpose was achieved.

At one time I believed that, when it is viewed as purposeful, self-generated and subject to free-will, the process of reincarnation resolved all the great questions of life: providing a reason for ‘suffering’, the ‘fairness’’ or otherwise of a situation a person finds him or herself in, and the apparent unjustness of one short life – plus recognising that current life actions will have consequences. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is more to it than that.

Soul overlays that contain old soul contracts not yet rescinded can have a powerful effect on the present life. These soul overlays present as an ingrained, repeating pattern over many lifetimes that, while it may have its roots in karma, has little to do with consequences – being more like an old gramophone needle stuck in a groove of ‘must do’ that needs to be shed by the soul.

Distinguishing between present life soul purpose and past life soul overlays that have carried over into the present life is challenging.  They trip up many a soul’s evolutionary intent as deeply ingrained imperatives often seem to be determined to play out at all costs and can take a great deal of disentangling and renegotiation – which can spread out over a surprisingly long period of time as the layers peel back. It can be difficult as we start out on our journey to distinguish between our karmic consequences, the soul contracts we have made and the purpose we have incarnated to fulfil.

However, even I am continually surprised by how the unfolding of what appears, on the surface, to be karmic or an overwhelming catastrophic event that is beyond personal karma may well be a soul choice to grow through exceedingly difficult circumstances not from karmic compulsion but from a soul choice. Rather than a dire event being karmic retribution, reparation or restitution, what seems to be a collective disaster may be a set of circumstances specially chosen by the soul as an opportunity for learning, or for service to humanity or compassionate witnessing of our plight. Compassionate witnessing is a somewhat pretentious term for an unconditional, non-judgmental observation of ourselves and others. I will never forget working to facilitate a group soul rescue at the site of one of the most horrendous death camps. As the souls were freed and passed through a portal of light, they each turned to help the next soul up, forming a long chain. It mattered not on which side the soul had fought, or that before passing through the portal they had appeared to be mortal enemies for all time. An internee would turn to help a guard and, after passing through the portal, they would embrace and go on their way together. When I asked about this, I was told that this particular group had incarnated knowing what would happen and hoping that, by allowing the world to witness the worst horrors one race could perpetrate on another, it would never happen again. Although that was the overriding group soul intention, within that many individual souls were expanding their own soul learning.

Soul Journey


soul journey

So, here you are a soul that is waiting to incarnate, to set out on a great journey. What exactly are you? Where are you? How are you going to come back? And are you ‘all of a piece’ or are some parts of your soul stuck in other incarnations or dimensions?

Let’s start with the soul itself. The soul has been defined as ‘the immaterial part of man’, ‘the moral and emotional portion of man’, or ‘the intellectual part of man’. Not very helpful definitions as far as I am concerned. In some views, the soul is immortal, in others divine. It may be a vessel for divine spirit or a part of the universal mind. All very boring and nothing like the reality that emerges from personal experience of this state of being. It is clear from regressions, near death or out of body experiences, spontaneous rememberings and communications from beyond death that the most singular characteristic of a soul is its aliveness and, at the level of vibration nearest to the earth, its individuality. It is conscious and aware, capable of movement and choice, and it has a cohesive identify. The last thing the soul is is ‘dead’. It is also clear that the soul may inhabit many different dimensions and timeframes all at the same time.

So, how did it become ‘a soul’? Well, in modern esoteric belief, the soul has ‘split off’ from a pool of spiritual essence and moves through increasingly heavy vibrations until it takes on solid form and resides in a physical body. In the process, it may well split from or form part of a larger soul group or group soul several times. It may fragment and reintegrate. I wish the process was simply to describe, it would make talking about it so much easier. But unfortunately, the more experience I have, the complex the process seems to become. However, what I do find useful is the concept that the soul and the universe are essentially and energetically holographic – and can therefore reflect and experience all the other parts of itself when it has fragmented as, like a holograph, it will contain the whole. As it is energetic rather than physical, it only takes a small leap to say that a hologram is the sum of its parts and can communicate with and receive experiences from its many fragmentations (something we’ll look at later).

In my view, the soul is the carrier for a spark of original spirit – but, like a hologram that spirit permeates through the soul and the physical body, it is not separate. So it can be everywhere at once, along with its energetic vessel the soul, or be carried in soul fragments. I also believe that we have a ‘small self’ down here in incarnation at the densest level of being: the physical. But we also have a ‘higher self’ that is not fully in incarnation and which has access to other realms of being and is therefore much wiser than the ‘me-down-here’. (I use ‘up’ and ‘down’ in terms of vibratory levels as this helps me to navigate through complex dimensions.) This higher self too is holographic and knows what soul contracts have been made, full extent of the soulplan for the present incarnation and where it fits into the soul’s overall evolutionary plan as well as the soul’s history. It also keeps track of incarnatory experiences and guides the soul towards understanding and fulfilment. My higher self is what I use to contact both the Akashic Record (which holds the imprint of all that has been or will be) and a client’s higher self when undertaking karmic readings or regressions.

Why on earth would the soul want to go through all that it encounters on Earth, I can hear you ask. Well, the purpose seems to be evolution of the greater whole with individual souls taking their learning back to the bigger group and, ultimately, to consciousness as a whole. As a guide once put it ‘soul wants to know itself’. As to the where the soul is after death, as the same guide said to me ‘we haven’t gone anywhere, we’ve just moved to a higher vibration that interweaves with your world’. Apparently in terms of distance, they were close by but in terms of resonance, they could be a very long way away indeed as the dimensions expanded and the vibrations lightened. However, it has to be said that while many souls report being located on far away planets beyond our solar system during the interlife all have to return close to the earth to begin the journey or reincarnation back into a physical body if they are to incarnate again on this planet.


From many years of regressing people to the between life state, it has become obvious to me that some people plan their new incarnation extremely carefully and others pop back without much thought. Both are drawn back by unfinished business, the difference being in how they plan – or don’t plan – to deal with it and, in addition, those who plan usually have a purpose to develop or evolve. It has also become apparent to me that souls are not ‘all of a piece’.  We can easily leave a part of our soul somewhere back in another life whether the death was less than satisfactory, for instance, just as we can leave a part of ourselves back in childhood at a traumatic event. Soul retrieval has been practised by shamans for hundreds if not thousands of years for this very reason. So, for me, the soul is a vehicle for the eternal spirit just as our physical body is a carrier for the soul whilst in incarnation.

Soul splits

Soul splitsShamanic practitioners and many regression therapists take it for granted that the soul is not ‘all of a piece’. That is to say, a soul is not an indivisible entity. It can combine and recombine with others members of a soul group, for instance, but it can also fragment to remain behind in a traumatic incarnation – or a particularly joyful one. A hologram can be both here and there, split or and yet still cohesive. Gathering up pieces of the soul so that it can reintegrate has been practised by soul retrieval practitioners throughout aeons of time and it can be extremely helpful in cases where someone does not feel fully present or in some psychiatric illnesses. Pieces of a soul may be left earlier in the present life, or in other lives and it is part of past life therapy to retrieve and reintegrate these fragments as appropriate.

Soul splits can also be created by widely differing past lives. One common ‘either end of the spectrum saga’ centres around the sexuality-spirituality axis. If someone has taken a vow of celibacy in a previous life, and not rescinded it, it can be re-activated either through a past life remembering (which may be spontaneous or through regression) or borne deep in the soul as a spiritual unease that finds it really difficult to commit to intimacy with another person.

Explanations about how the body comes back into incarnation, whether the choice is made by the soul or, seemingly, forced upon it, and the decisions concerning what is to happen varies in religious teaching and in regression experiences. The decision may arise from an unfulfilled desire on the soul’s part or prodding from the higher self to evolve. From past life work, it would seem that most souls have at least a modicum of choice, although there are some people who do not progress far enough in the interlife to make an informed choice. They simply ‘bounce back’ into incarnation because of a strong desire to be in a physical body again, to be with a particular person, or ingrained patterns, addictions or old promises or vows that have not been rescinded.

The major challenge for the present life may be to break the habits of lifetimes or to release someone – or oneself – from an outdated promise or soul contract. It is people who incarnate without plan or preparation but who carry a strong soul overlay that could be said to be ‘fated’ and to experience life as an implacable ‘hand of God’ steering them into situations.

On the other hand, someone who may appear to be ‘fated’ because of trauma, illness or difficult life situations may have actually prepared most carefully for the incarnation and will have a profound reason for making that choice. It may be for personal growth and learning, to work out karma or develop a new attribute, or to assist other people in their lessons or intentions.

If too much is left to chance and someone skips over or ignores the stage of planning the next incarnation, things can go awry. The soul may arrange to meet up with someone for a specific task but somehow doesn’t get around to the details so misunderstandings and karmic enmeshments arise. There may be a vague, unfulfilled feeling that the soul should be doing something but is not sure what. People can incarnate into inappropriate bodies or settings for what they want to do. So, the interlife planning stage is extremely important.

The planning meeting

planning meetingAt the ‘planning meeting’ guides and teachers help the soul to assess what progress it has made, to identify the conditions needed for new growth and any reparation that may be required, and to find appropriate parents to provide the genetic and cultural inheritance, emotional ambience and environmental influences needed for the new incarnation or to create a completely new script, one that is created to serve another in their growth.

Under regression, most people who are in the interlife considering their options for the next incarnation visit what I call the planning department. They meet with their higher self, members of their soul group, guides and other advisers and are shown what they have already learned, or failed to learn, in other lives. This meeting frequently presents just like a board meeting with people sitting around a table with audio visual/multi-media equipment ready to review the past and explore possibilities for the future. Discussions are held with those with whom we intend to incarnate once again. If a soul needs to learn a hard lesson or to immerse itself in a particular ambience, mistaken beliefs or toxic emotional states, for the sake of understanding or reframing, then this is when someone from the soul group may volunteer to provide the difficult circumstances which will allow us to develop insight.

A ‘resonance frequency’, in other words a similar and familiar vibration, may have been set up over several lives within a soul group who all had roles in the soul drama that unfolded and this may draw a soul group back together, willingly or otherwise, so that the saga can be reworked or framed. If the soul group is conscious and aware of the pattern, then this will be discussed at the planning meeting but if it is not aware, then the ‘resonance frequency’ will act like an imperative soul overlay pulling the participants together to re-enact the story once again. If only one soul has become conscious of the saga, this may be enough to break the patter – provided awareness is retained or reactivated during the current life.

At the planning meeting too we programme in the illnesses, dis-eases and seeming disasters that will focus us back on what we intend to be doing with our life to grow our soul and we may well chose a genetic inheritance that contains that potential. Of course, once in incarnation we forget that this is a soul who loves us enough to help us learn that lesson and who has offered us the gift, or that we made that particular choice. It feels like fate or the hand of God intervening. Insight may only come at the last possible minute.

So, for instance, if we have an old soul overlay that says ‘I don’t deserve love’, we will tend to take on experiences where we lack love to such an extent that we simply have to find this for and within our own self. A woman who came on one of my workshops listened with great interest when I spoke about this but said nothing. The next day she came to the workshop and told us that she had been estranged from her mother for a long time. As she left the workshop she had received word that her mother was in hospital in a coma and not expected to live. She went to the hospital and sat by the side of her mother’s bed. ‘Well mother’ she said, ‘if we incarnated together for you to teach me what it’s like not to have been loved, to have been overlooked while others were favoured even to the extent of a child brought in from outside the family being loved while I wasn’t, to have been abused and misused and to have felt so small that I wanted to extinguish myself then you did well. You completely snuffed out my sense of being a person and helped me to live out my ‘I don’t deserve love’ script. You did it so well that I simply had to find out who I was for myself and to love myself as I was, so I thank you for a job well done and I forgive you and myself’.

Her mother opened her eyes ‘That’s alright dear’, she said, ‘that was what I was here for. I love you’. With that she closed her eyes and died. Despite her grief, the daughter came be to the workshop the next day to tell us what had happened because she was so in awe of the timing. ‘If we hadn’t had that conversation yesterday’, she said, ‘I would have died hating her and feeling unloved. As it is, I know she was playing her part in my drama.’ In the workshop we carried out a ceremony to thank and forgive the mother’s soul for playing her part so well and help her on her way.

The genetic, environmental and belief system possibilities for a new family are also explored in the interlife. Sometimes there will be one option but at other times there will be several, all of which have to be weighed up to see which is most appropriate. This process is universal and is reflected in the most ancient of scriptures although choice is less of a factor here. This may well reflect the soul’s evolution and assumption of more responsibility as it matures.

However, no matter how carefully we may plan, everyone has freewill and others involved in our drama may choose to go their own way. Say we have been souls who were too closely bound in another life and agreed to go our separate ways in the current life. But one person forgot that when in incarnation and clung on desperately while the other strove to be free. The resulting struggle may take many lifetimes to resolve.

The soulplan

The soulplan created at the planning meeting includes the soul’s spiritual purpose in incarnating and also brings in opportunities to confront repeating patterns or ingrained attitudes that the soul wishes to change. If the soul has unfinished business, either as karma or as promises or contracts that have been made in other lives, the soul may also plan to deal with this in the present incarnation or these may lie undetected as soul overlays that will unconsciously influence the soul once it has incarnated again.

To me this soulplan is laid out in the astrological chart as the soul carefully chooses a moment to be born that reflects all the issues and potentials and soul intentions. This soulplan is not rigid, however. It is an outline rather than a line by line account of how the life will go. It is adaptable but it does have structure. The soul chooses a family situation, for example, which will reiterate attitudes, experiences or lessons from the past which the soul wants to confront. The soulplan will have ‘key moments’’ and trigger events mapped out so that karmic meetings or fateful decisions occur. It may also incorporate a point when previous life memories will become conscious once more to aid the soul in its evolution. For the most part, the soul does not carry a conscious awareness of past lives, although these can take the form of vivid dreams or memories almost from birth. Such memories usually occur when the last death has been violent and premature and there is a ‘break through’ of the memories because the membrane between the lives is very thin.


IncarnatingWhy don’t we remember? Macrobius, Roman philosopher 236-184BCE, in his Commentary on Cicero’s Dream of Scipio (The Republic, 6th book) gives the best explanation I’ve found.

As soon as the soul gravitates towards the body, in the first production of herself, she begins to experience the material tumult, that is, matter flowing into her essence. And this is what Plato remarks in the Phaedo, that the soul is drawn into body, staggering with recent intoxication, signifying by this the new drink of matter’s impetuous flood, through which the soul becoming defiled and heavy, is drawn into a terrene situation. But the starry cup, placed between Cancer and Lion, is a symbol of this mystic truth, signifying that descending souls first experience intoxication in that part of the heavens, through the influx of matter. Hence, oblivion, the companion of intoxication, there begins to creep into the recesses of the soul. For if souls retained in their descent to bodies the memory of divine concerns of which they were conscious in the heavens, there would be no dissension amongst men, concerning divinity.

Reading the Akashic Record

Reading the Akashic RecordThe birthchart and the Akashic Record can both be regarded as a record of the soul’s journey. Using far memory enables us to access the Akashic Record and plug into relevant lives and the interlife planning meeting. It can go even further through regression to other lives. The Akashic Records are an on-going record of the journey of the soul, the evolution of this and other worlds, and the future of All that Is. In this view, anyone living now has probably lived on earth before – and will live again, possibly on earth but most definitely in other realms. All my exploration of the Records – which has extended over forty five years now – has been in conjunction with reincarnation, soul purpose and the soul’s journey. It hasn’t mattered where the soul happened to be residing at the time. Before we look at why it’s beneficial to read the record, we need to establish – as best we can – what the Record is as opinions vary widely and some are more liberally interpreted than others.


The frequency grid programs that create our reality. Crystal Links.

The Akashic Records are a universal filing system which record every occurring thought, word, and action: a collection of mystical knowledge stored in the etheric levels. The vibrational records of each individual soul and its journey are contained here, making it a profound spiritual resource for consciousness development and expanded spiritual awareness… [It is] a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record… Location and time do not affect the Record. Linda Howe

The akashic record is an imagined spiritual realm, supposedly holding a record of all events, actions, thoughts and feelings that have ever occurred or will ever occur.  Theosophists believe that the akasha is an “astral light” containing occult records which spiritual beings can perceive by their special “astral senses” and “astral bodies”. Clairvoyance, spiritual insight, prophecy and many other untestable metaphysical and religious notions are made possible by tapping into the akasha. Skeptics Dictionary

Akasha is one of the cosmic principles and is a plastic matter, creative in its physical nature, immutable in its higher principles. It is the quintessence of all possible forms of energy, material, psychic, or spiritual; and contains within itself the germs of universal creation, which sprout forth under the impulse of the Divine Spirit. Mme Blavatsky, Alchemy and the Secret Doctrine.

The Book of Life can be likened to the universe’s supercomputer system. Kevin L. Todeschi

Upon time and space is written the thoughts, the deeds, the activities of an entity – as in relationships to its environs, its hereditary influence, as directed – or judgement drawn by or according to what the entity’s ideal is. Edgar Cayce.

The Akashic Field contains not merely a passive record of a person’s consciousness, created during that person’s lifetime and then persisting unchanged, but also harbors a dynamic bundle of information based on the experiences accumulated in that lifetime.. this bundle of information – a quantum hologram – is capable of development even in the absence of the living brain and body that created it. Ervin Laszlo

The Akasha is essentially spirit. It is the spirit record of the individual.. a storage in consciousness that is everywhere present. Just as with the DNA genetic code being present everywhere in your physical body, it could be read from any extract from your body. C.A.C.

The Akashic Records are like the DNA of the universe. Ernesto Ortiz.

So, the Akashic Record is a cosmic memory bank containing all that has been and all possibilities that are to come. But, is the Akashic Record a computer, that is the hardware behind our experience, or merely one of several available programs for running it? And does it merely cover the past with an effect on the present, or does it also contain the future? The concept of an Akashic Record has existed for at least five thousand years. In ancient Mesopotamia, it was called The Tablets of the Destinies and was under the control of the planetary god Ninurta, or Saturn who became in esoteric and Indian astrology the Lord of Karma and Time. The Tablets of the Destinies implies that this was what would happen to you but it’s not quite your fate as it’s clear from the ancient Mesopotamian writings that you could petition a god to intervene in your destiny, especially if it wasn’t a very nice one. You could also by your own actions amend that destiny.

Thoth and the Tablet of the Destinies

Thoth and the Tablet of the Destinies

In ancient Egypt it was the god Thoth, or Tehuti, who was in charge of tablets of a slightly different kind. These recorded your actions, thoughts, motives and so on during your lifetime and were presented at the judging of heart after death. It was these that influenced your fate, if the heart was lighter than the feather of Maat – cosmic justice or equilibrium – then you could safely pass on to the afterlife. If it was heavier, you’d be gobbled up by the eater of souls who waited under the scales and that was the end of you. The Jews were in both Egypt and Mesopotamia and had a concept of a ‘Book of Life’  – which later became incorporated into the concept of a Recording Angel. In Exodus – written after the Jews had been in Egypt – Moses asks God to forgive the people the sin of making the golden calf saying:

If not, blot me out of the book that you have written’

In other words, don’t blame me, I wasn’t even there! Similarly King David in psalm 139 says:

In your book were written

All the days that were formed for me,

When none of them as yet existed,

which suggests the idea of a foreordained fate.

In India the Akasha or cosmic sky was a Sanskrit concept in which all of human history was encoded in a non-physical plane of existence.

Sanskrit concept

In my experience, the Akashic Record is a not a record of a fixed fate but rather an outline map of a soul’s journey with all the potentialities that opens up – and from mine and my clients’ experiences, it goes way out into the future with myriad possibilities opening up. We can view the Akashic Record as a hologram of all that is and might be – it is not in any one place as it permeates our whole universe but we can nevertheless access it as though it were indeed a Hall of Records. Our souls are connected to this hologram, each carrying a small piece of the hologram within that contains the whole. In many regressions to the interlife state souls will visit the library – or the hologram – to collect up experiences, soul gifts, wounds and karma that will be dealt with during the lifetime to come and to recognise how to prepare for lives in the future.

Souls play out the destinies we planned for ourselves in the space between lives – the  interlife – although this plan may be powerfully affected by the karma we have accrued and by soulplans from others lives that, although outdated, still overlay our soul’s intention (see The Book of Why: exploring your soul’s journey). So, through accessing the Akashic Record we can see both what we have been (our previous lives) and what we might be – our potential futures depending on what choices we make. Many seers connect to the Akashic Record when doing readings of various kinds, although they may call it Spirit, Source and so on. I access the Akashic Record via my client’s higher self and soul memory when using far memory to explore my client’s past lives.

Potential parallel lives

While everyone ‘sees’ the Record in their own way, the underlying experience is always the same. It is a connection in to what we can call the wisdom of the cosmic mind or the cosmic memory field. Successful reading of the Akashic Record needs practice and becomes much easier as time goes by. This is Edgar Cayce’s description of how he accessed the record: [take in p.xvii]

Speaking for myself, I very quickly learned to bypass all the lower realms and go straight to the soul’s records via the higher self – the part that isn’t fully incarnated into the physical body and so can see much further than the ‘us’ down here. It isn’t so much that I go anywhere, just that I change my level of vibration and expand my consciousness so that I become aware of so much more. Then I can contact any other soul and ‘read’ the record for them. I’ve also taken literally hundreds of souls to read their own records over the past forty years and most often the records do present themselves as a library and a book or dvd. Actually, these days I don’t actually have to go to visit the Record in order to tune into the information – and anyway, as I believe we hold a hologram of the Record in our soul, it’s more a case of withdrawing from the outside world and there it is but I did when I started.

As my mentor Christine Hartley, who taught me a different method to that used by Cayce, always emphasised, it is important to distinguish between what you really see and what you’d like to see. As a writer herself she was all too aware of wanting to bring the threads together into a coherent whole, which is when the conscious mind starts to intervene and clarity is lost. It is important to record your impressions immediately afterwards or, as I do, by speaking or writing them at the time without embellishment although you can add extra insights.

Christine Hartley aged 88

Christine Hartley aged 88

Christine worked in such a deep state of inner withdrawal that she rarely remembered her perceptions afterwards – having to play the tape back or read the notes to recall her ‘seeings’. Her concentration was so intense and so inwardly focused that, in a session in London during the war, she once failed to hear an air raid siren to which, as a part time air raid warden, she would usually respond automatically. I’ve known people not hear a fire alarm test in a building they were in and I rarely hear anything around me. I found it easy to train myself to either write or speak, without going so deep that I lost awareness, so it becomes, in my terminology, ‘a straight through job’. I rarely retain the memory afterwards, which is beneficial as I could not possibly hold onto all the impressions I receive in the course of a year let alone a lifetime. Nowadays too I often don’t actually ‘see’ anything and I simply have to trust that the impressions are there and start speaking, whereupon it all spills out. At other times I clearly see a figure and have to describe how it is dressed before I can continue.

Why would you want to access the record? Well, as Ernesto Ortiz pointed:

We can look at why we have addictive patterns, why we choose the relationships we do, why we have created our habitual responses, and how to create action in our lives instead of reaction.

And, I would add, we can look at our soul purpose and the reason we choose to incarnate in the first place and contracts with people we meet.

We can take Edgar Cayce as an example of how knowing your past and why you are here assists adapting to your present day circumstances. A devout Christian, Cayce found it hard to come to come to terms with his trancework. When Cayce read the record for himself he believed himself to have been Pythagoras and several early spiritual teachers.



He discovered he’d learn to enter a trance state when a Persian physician. Wounded in a battle, he had been left to die. Without food or water for three days, he was in agony. By a supreme effort, he detached his consciousness from his body. An ability that stood him in good stead in his current life as he could put himself into trance at will. Cayce first went into trance to find the cause of a throat condition that literally left him speechless. If Cayce did not do the work he was intended to do – his readings – then his throat closed up and he could not speak. Cayce stated that he had accrued karma as a strong willed and sensual Egyptian priest who broke his vow of celibacy in order to create ‘a perfect child’. He was reborn twice as John Bainbridge, once in the l7th and then against in the l8th century. Both men had a lustful disposition and were restless and unhappy. Cayce said that he had had to undergo those lives as he needed to know extremes before he could help others. At the end of the second John Bainbridge life, he gave his own life to save that of another. Cayce felt that his current lifetime was a ‘test for his soul’. His work gave him an opportunity to overcome the pride, materialism and sensuality of his past lives and to serve humankind selflessly. Through his readings he helped thousands of souls find healing. Cayce predicted his next life would be in 2100 in Nebraska but someone on the internet is already claiming to be the spirit of Cayce returned.

Edgar Cayce