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Crystal Blessings – Revisited

10th November, 2018 Miscellaneous

Menalite, photo Crystal Wisdom Oracle c. Michael Illas

It is always such a joy when I hear how crystals have changed people’s lives. When Joginder, who runs the Tree of Life in Birmingham, was introducing me last year he told the story of how he’d been in despair, feeling very lonely and finding it impossible to meet a partner who was on the same wavelength. He’d read in The Crystal Bible that Rose Quartz attracted love. So he filled his house with it. And met the lovely Marketa who was perfect for him. She’d laughed in amazement at the number of the crystals he had around the house, but they’d worked. They told me later that their only sadness was that, having been together for some years, they hadn’t been able to have a baby. The biological clock was ticking and they were getting desperate.

Menalite,’ I said. ‘It always works.’ I could say that with confidence after six babies had been conceived on the night of or just after putting Menalite under the bed. The stone had also helped so many people through their pregnancy and birth. One of my publishing editors lends hers to all her friends she is so thrilled with its therapeutic effect. I have to keep sending her new stones. Excellent anecdotal evidence to support its long history of use as a fertility aid and for navigating through the transitions of womanhood – it’s great for menopausal symptoms too.

So went I went back to Birmingham this time I was thrilled when a big bump came between us during my welcoming hug from Marketa who was looking radiant. She’s had a remarkably trouble free pregnancy and is planning a home water birth. Congratulations to them both. A tree of life indeed.

You can learn more about the lovely and loving Tree of Life community here: and read my EMF article in the Tree of Life magazine here: I’ll be returning to Birmingham in the autumn to talk about the new higher chakras and offer a workshop on kundalini raising, details on the same link. It’s always such a joy to be with them and there will be the little one to meet. Another pink star child I’m sure, here to offer us all light and love.

AnandaliteTM (Aurora Quartz) sanctification



I took a very special gift to Joginder and Marketa, a crystal that would not only bring light and draw in higher vibrations but which had specifically asked to be with them to help the community grow. So it sat in the centre of our workshop and radiated energy out to assist us. I also surrounded it with Eye of the Storm and raw Eilat Stone to continue the healing grid we’d set up the week before on a Sufi Crystal Healing weekend in London to send Earth Blessings and peace to the Middle East. I didn’t photograph the Tree of Life piece but the large crystal had two ‘rosettes’ curled around a central sparkling space that looked like a baby in the womb. In case you don’t know what Anandalite looks like here’s another rather special ‘as above so below’ stone. It’s available on as Aurora Quartz which is the untrademarked stone from a little further along the find. It’s really difficult to photograph the natural iridescent shine on this uplifting stone so imagine it twinkling with all the colours of the rainbow and you’ll get the true picture.

For years we’d spent at least the first session of a workshop cleansing and purifying our chakras so that we’d be ready to work. This was especially necessary where we were going to be opening the higher chakras and working in multi-dimensional space. The lovely David Eastoe, who gets so many blessings it’s a wonder he hasn’t grown wings, made Z14 to assist the process. It helped but what has worked wonders is putting Z14 onto Anandalite (Aurora Quartz). You can literally watch the energy change as the stone is taken from the ground up through the chakras on the front of the body to the top of the head, down the back, and then back over again to the ground in front (and thank you to John van Rees of Exquisite Crystals for suggesting that as well as for the gift of my first pieces of this beautiful crystal). In the workshops we now do side to side sweeps as well. People positively glow afterwards.

We used the Anandalite-Z14 in Birmingham to prepare for the past life workshop to explore earlier civilisations and the gifts we could bring forward from there. It worked particularly well in synergy with the Lemurian Seeds, Atlantasite and other past life crystals making the regressions so much smoother and more positively focused.

‘Here be dragons’

Chohua Crystal Dragon

Chohua Crystal Dragon. Photo c. Crystal Bible Volume 3 Octopus Publishing.

One gift brought forward was the confirmation by a participant who spoke about her encounter with a dragon. Joginder, Marketa and I had been discussing the night before what our April 2016 workshop topic should be. I mentioned that I’d created two new crystal dragon workshops for the College of Psychic Studies for the autumn and we’d tentatively agreed that was what we’d offer to the Tree of Life community. So, there was the confirmation. The dragons wanted to come out to play – and to share their wisdom. I’m looking forward to it and my family of crystal dragon skulls is growing by the day. I’ve always had a dragon somewhere in my life and loved to ride beyond the stars on the biggest one. Still do. I also loved those books on dragons and crystal singers by Anne McCaffery when I was young. It felt to me like she wasn’t telling a story but rather recounting life in another dimension that I was oh so familiar with and yearned to return to. Is it time to bring the wisdom of the crystal dragons into our reality? It certainly feels like it.


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