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Trigonic Quartz: Latest Update

20th July, 2018 Members Community

On my last Trigonic report I said that I’d noticed that the Trigonic markings were disappearing from Trigonic crystals and many of the stellar beings that inhabited them had returned home to their celestial home. Well, I’m glad to report that there now seems to be a influx of these soul-journey messengers returning to earth.


When I was in St Marie, I spotted some amazing small Trigonics for sale by the original supplier that had star markings, keys and portals on them in addition to the characteristic upside down triangles on the top faces. A few even have forward Timelinks on them – i.e. going into the future. In other words, they are Trigonic Starbrarys. Celestial light libraries. These carry important messages for our soul evolution. We’ll be working with them on the ancestral and karmic healing workshop at The College of Psychic Studies on 21st July and then again at Avebury on October 14th. There may well be more to report soon. Terrie will be putting some up on once she’s moved house. If you cant wait that long, try:  as John has obviously spotted them too.

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