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Shamanic Romania 1: Portal places

20th June, 2018 Members Community
Gateway between the worlds. Image c. Judy Hall

Gateway between the worlds. Image c. Judy Hall

As I discovered on my recent trip, Romania is an exceedingly shamanic place. So many practitioners live there, so many ancient sacred sites where the boundary between the worlds is thin.

On our tour of the sites, Monika Puiu took me to a prehistoric cave that had recently been rediscovered by archaeologists. The mother goddess had been worshipped there 7000 ago and there are symbols of many faiths carved into its walls. Today the monastery of Sinca Veche, staffed by nuns, sits above the site. It is a site of pilgrimage and contemplation. It was great to see that the feminine presence had been continued and the cave had a beautiful, ancient sacred feel to it. It is lit by a portal above, once an access point.



Inside the cave of the mother goddess.

 After we had visited the cave, we walked up to the monastery. A magical, mystical walk in itself that took us beside ancient trees and stunning rocks. Quite soon after we arrived at the monastery, a ceremony began. A nun walked around the whole building three times banging on a board, as though beating a drum. She then played another wooden board with two beaters as though it were a gong. And finally, she rang the bells before going into the chapel to begin a long series of chanted prayers.

 It felt like it could be sound healing in action, but something was missing. It was like the remnants of an ancient ritual to clear away ‘evil spirits’. But it was doing the opposite by attracting lost souls, who then had nowhere to go. Our host from the local guest house had kindly shown us where the site was as our proposed guide – who had been on my previous Romanian crystal workshop a year or two previously – had been unable to join us at the last minute. But she had told Monika that ‘in the last few weeks the energy has changed and is very bad now.’ Monika mentioned this to our guide, who said that a man had visited the monastery for two or three days and had had ‘a revelation.’ He went home and killed his wife and children.

I had with me some of the Celtic Healer quartz from the dragon mountain in Wales as it had asked to go with us on our travels and be distributed where appropriate. So, while the sound ritual was going on, I placed a healing grid for the site, and then added crystals for the family and the guy himself. But, as we left, I took the grid with me. As we walked back to the car park and past the cave, I placed Celtic Healer amongst the beautiful rocks and trees and in the sacred spring.

The clearing portal laid out beside the monastery. Flint from the Dorset Cursus, Celtic Healer from the Welsh mountain including a central one that is now exhibiting rainbow iridescence and feels more like Ananadalite, and pieces of Calcite from the local area.

When we reached the pension, I placed the grid out on the balcony – the only one in the property. It, serendipitously, led off my room. As I laid it out, I kept hearing the words ‘suicide’ and ‘forgiveness’, which I interpreted to mean that the guy was contemplating suicide and needed forgiveness. A little further delving suggested to me that although the ritual at the  monastery drew lost souls to it, the portal and the assistance that could have helped them on the way had been closed. So the guy had picked up an entity that was a troubled soul who had been ‘hanging around’.

Monika meanwhile googled the event and discovered that the man had actually attempted suicide after the killing and, when that hadn’t worked, had turned himself into the police. His family, despite the violence, were hanging around trying to reach him. It felt to me that some further clearing work was needed so I opened a one-way portal above the grid I had recreated. Now, entity clearing is one piece of healing work that I unhesitating carry out without the permission of the person concerned or their higher self. Mostly because permission is unlikely to be granted while the entity is in still in charge, or the entity will hide during the work and re-emerge later. So, as soon as I had the thought that the work was required, I threw a net around the guy to contain the entity.

The portal laid out on the pension balcony.

The portal laid out on the pension balcony.

Having removed the entity through the one way portal (see method below), I worked with the family and with the guy himself to let forgiveness and healing flow. The family were then able to move on into the light. It remains to be seen what will happen to the man himself but the feeling very much was that he wanted to move on to join them – and that they would have welcomed him as they understood that he, literally, was not himself as he was under the influence of an entity. It self a lost soul.

The stones were left, with permission, on the pension balcony as they hadn’t quite finished their work. Fortunately the owners of the pension were spiritual people who were willing to bury the stones when they had completed the work. I mentally moved the portal over to above the monastery chapel so that souls who were attracted by the sound could be sent into the light.

There is often a need to open a portal at a place where violent acts have taken place, old battlefields are one example, or where lost souls are being drawn. So, below, you will find appropriate crystals and a method of moving the souls on in case you become drawn into the work.

Portal stones and spirit release

Flint portal stone

Flint portal stone from a Neolithic burial barrow on Wyke Down, Dorset.

Portal stones are an ancient tradition. They assist a spirit to move on from the earth to the next port of call. The following information has been extracted from Crystal Prescriptions volume 5 and Good Vibrations in case you need to carry out spirit or thought form release in a hurry.

The one-way portal:

‘To prevent the return of unwelcome guests when working with spirit release or banishing undesirable presences back to their own domain, lay a long Chlorite Quartz point down. Across it place a long Stibnite and over that a long Selenite to form an X. This one-way portal soaks up any negativity, releases a soul, thought form or entity and sends it out of the Earth-plane and into light where it can be handled by wise mentors and soul-rescuers. It also returns ‘alien’ energies that have penetrated from elsewhere to their own place in or beyond the universes and blocks their return. But note that some ‘alien presences’ are actually internal projections that may need to be handled in a different way and may need the assistance of a qualified therapist.’ (extracted from Crystal Prescriptions volume 5). Alternatively, you can lay crystals over or around a Flint portal stone (see portal picture above).

Sketch from the first time the portal was created.Releasing spirit attachment with crystals

  1. As soon as you even begin to think about this process, immediately place a bubble of protection around yourself and mentally throw out a wide energetic net around the spirit to trap the attachment so that it cannot slip away.
  2. Lay out a protective Selenite, Black Tourmaline or other protective pentagram (five pointed star) on which you can sprinkle Astral Clear or Clear2Light, or to grid the corners of the room. (Burning Frankincense can also assist.) If the person is present, lay Selenite or Flint around them. (If the crystals aren’t available see the alternative method below).
  3. Holding a Brandenberg or a Smoky Amethyst, Flint or Jasper knife ask the spirit to make itself known to you and tell you why it has chosen to stay close to the earth or:
  4. Gently ascertain whether the spirit knows it has passed to another plane of being – or indeed whether it is still on the earth plane.
  5. Talk to the spirit as appropriate, addressing his or her concerns and offering unconditional love, reassurance and understanding. Then ask if the spirit is ready to move into the light for healing. If the answer is yes, move the energetic net to beneath the portal and open the top.
  6. Place your Brandenberg etc over the soma, heart and solar plexus chakras. Visualise hands reaching down to help the spirit move into the light. If the spirit is reluctant, ask that his or her guardian angel and higher self will assist the process and hand the energetic net over to them.
  7. Ask if the person who had the attachment needs to call any part of his or her own energy or soul back. If so, call it back with the Brandenberg or other appropriate crystal and place it over the heart. Allow that energy to be reabsorbed. [If there is reluctance, further soul retrieval work may be called for. Tugtupite or Selenite on the heart seed chakra at the base of the breastbone can assist with this.]
  8. Now take the Brandenberg all the way around and under the body, sides, front

and back, to heal and seal the aura. (Petaltone Plant Ally can be extremely useful at this point).

Brandenberg Crystal c. Michael Illas The Crystal Companion.

Brandenberg Crystal c. Michael Illas The Crystal Companion.

Crystals for assisting lost souls: Nirvana Quartz, Smoky Amethyst, Smoky or Amethyst Brandenberg, Candle Quartz, Aegerine, Spirit Quartz, Rose Quartz, Super 7, Shattukite, Jet.

Essences for assisting lost souls: Bush Boab made into a spray with Angelsword, Fringed Violet and Lichen. Petaltone Astral Clear on a clear Quartz , Zl4 on Amphibole Quartz (remember to invoke Archangel Michael to assist), Plant Ally.

Crystals for ascertaining where or what the attachment is: (place on your third eye or ‘comb’ around the body): Chrysolite, Quartz with Mica, Flint, Celestobarite, Apophyllite.

Crystals for releasing spirit attachment (place over the soma chakra, solar plexus or heart): Brandenberg Amethyst, Smoky Amethyst, Nirvana Quartz, Halite, Spirit Quartz, Smoky Elestial, Marcasite, Stibnite, Datolite, Smoky Phantom Quartz, Yellow Phantom Quartz, Avalonite, Fluorite, Selenite wand, Larimar, Laser Quartz, Petalite, Labradorite, Aegerine, Iolite, Clear Kunzite, Blue Selenite, Herkimer Diamond, Smoky Citrine, Brown Jasper, Pyrolusite. Celestobarite, Larimar, Shattuckite.

Crystals for releasing mental attachments (place over the person’s third eye): Smoky Amethyst, Blue Halite, Yellow Phantom Quartz, Limonite, Pyrolusite,


Crystal for calling home soul fragments: Faden Quartz, Spirit Quartz.

Crystals for releasing disembodied spirits attached to places (leave in the room or site): Quartz, Marcasite, Smoky Amethyst, Larimar (the effect is enhanced if you add Astral Clear).

Crystals traditionally used for ‘demonic’ possession: Jet, Smoky Amethyst, Dravide (Brown) Tourmaline.

Crystals for removing disembodied spirits after scrying or other metaphysical

activity (place over the third eye or crown chakras): Banded Agate, Botswanna Agate, Shattuckite.

Crystals for repairing the aura after removal of disembodied spirits: Aegerine, Quartz, Black Amber, Celtic Healer, Stibnite, Selenite, Faden Quartz, Laser Quartz, Phantom Quartzes, Angels Wing Calcite, Rainbow Mayanite.


The chakras and spirit attachment

Attachments frequently take hold through the chakras and you should check out the chakras carefully for attachments if you are experiencing any kind of psychic disruption or blockage of your psychic abilities – place your hand over the chakra and notice if it feels cold and energy-less or if it squirms beneath your fingers. If you are visual, you may be able to see smoky wisps or tendrils, black spots, hooks and ties. Crystals often jump at the site of attachments.

It’s not only discarnate spirits that can attach. Anyone you have ever had sex with can have left some of their energy field in your lower chakras, for instance, but strong thoughts of lust can lodge there even if there has been no physical contact. You will find emotional attachment hooks into the sacral and solar plexus, thought forms in the third eye, ancestral hooks in the soma or higher chakras and so on. You may also find that someone who is blocking your psychic sight has sealed your third eye shut (this can be released with a Rhomboid Selenite, Rhomboid Calcite, Auralite 23 or Banded Agate placed over the third eye with Petaltone Clear Psychic Gateways dropped onto the crystal.)

Chakric attachments:

Earth Star (below the feet) Attachments: spirits of place, stuck spirits. If permanently open, you easily pick up negative energies from the ground or ‘spirits of place’, either as attachments or as events that have taken place.

Base (bottom of the spine) Attachments: lovers, mothers. Anyone you’ve had sex with can attach, but you can also have attachment to your mother who can manipulate through the chakra and you may suffer from projection of your own feelings.

Sacral (below the navel) Attachments: anyone you’ve ever had sex with, needy people, thought forms, unborn children, parents. ‘Emotional hooks’ that drain your energy and you are vulnerable to another person through sexual contact or powerful feelings such as lust or possessiveness that create attached thought forms.

Solar Plexus (between waist and heart) Attachments: previous relationships, relatives, needy people. The solar plexus takes on other people’s thoughts and feelings. An emotional linkage point, it is where you store your emotional baggage and other people dump theirs. Invasion and energy leeching take place. With a ‘stuck-open’ solar plexus you take on other people’s feelings too easily.

Spleen (under left arm) Attachments: psychic vampires, needy people, ex-partners. Psychic vampires leach your energy, as do past partners, children or parents. (Releasing attachments from the spleen chakra may then trigger anger which tends to be felt under the right arm which will also need protection.)

Heart seed (base of breastbone) Attachments: parts of your soul left in other lives or dimensions. If you left parts of yourself at past life deaths or traumatic or deeply emotional experiences, these parts attach and try to influence you to complete unfinished business. You may need to call them back or send them to your higher self.

Heart (centre of chest) Attachments: anyone you have ever loved. This chakra can be the site of a great many hooks. You may have given away parts of your heart and need to reclaim them (see Good Vibrations) or made promises that tie you to others.

Higher Heart (above the heart): Attachments: guides, gurus or masters, mentors. Opening the higher heart chakra can tie you to an initiator and not all masters or gurus have clean energy or the best of intentions.

Throat (over throat) Attachments: teachers, mentors, gurus or masters, thought forms. Other people’s thoughts and beliefs attach to the throat chakra.

Third eye (slightly above and between the eyebrows) Attachments: thought forms, ancestors or relatives, lost souls. Strong beliefs block this chakra and may be caused by undue influence or thought form attachment. If stuck open, you are vulnerable to the thoughts, feelings and influences not only of people on the earth level, but also on the etheric. You are constantly bombarded with thoughts and feelings that are not your own.

Soma (above the third eye, at the hairline) Attachments: ‘lost souls’, walk-ins. When this chakra is stuck open it is all too easy for spirits to attach.

Past life (behind the ears) Attachments: past life personas, soul fragments, thought forms from previous beliefs. If stuck open, you feel unsafe and overwhelmed by past life memories of trauma and violent death and fears. Past life personas and thought forms attach or re-manifest.

Crown (top of the head) Attachments: spiritual entities, lost souls, mentors. If stuck open, you are prey to illusions and false communicators, thought forms, spirit attachment or undue influence.

Soul star chakra (a foot above your head) Attachments: ancestral spirits, E.Ts, ‘lost souls’. Stuck open or blocked, it leads to soul fragmentation, spirit attachment, ET invasion, or overwhelm by ancestral spirits.

Stellar Gateway (above the Soul Star) Attachments: so-called enlightened beings that are anything but. When stuck open, a source of cosmic disinformation, illusion, delusion, deception and disintegration that leaves you totally unable to function in the everyday world.

Note: This chakra cleansing can be amplified by putting a drop of Petaltone Clear2Light, Z14 or Plant Ally on the crystal before use and placing a drop of Z14 (remember to invoke Archangel Michael) on the ground or, preferably, on a crystal to close the proceedings.

Chakra disconnection can also take place by using the power of your mind:

To clear and check the chakras for attachments:

checkboxBeginning with the Stellar Gateway about a foot and a half above the top of the head (or as high as your arm can reach) and using a clear Quartz, Brandenberg, Smoky Quartz, Flint, Rainbow Mayanite or Selenite crystal – or a Stibnite wand if the attachment is extraterrestrial – ‘unwind’ the chakra (this is usually done in an anti-clockwise direction but do it in the way that feels right to you as not all chakras rotate in the same direction). Wind out in a spiral at least a foot away from the body.

checkbox When you are sure the chakra is clear and has no attachments, cleanse the crystal by spraying with Clear2Light and/or Z14 and then wind it back in in the opposite direction.

checkboxWork down each chakra in turn not forgetting the earth chakra beneath your feet.

checkbox Then wrap yourself – and the person you are working on if you are doing the cleanse for someone else – in a cloak of light. Sweeping Anandalite or Black Amber through the aura is excellent for this.

checkboxThen check out the aura with your mind or the crystal to ensure there is no attachment or influence elsewhere. If there is, disperse it with the crystal and call in light to heal and seal it.

To assist you:

Brandenberg Amethyst: smoky grey, white or amethyst work well.


Brandenberg c. Michael Illas

Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle

Brandenberg crystals can be purchased from:

Terrie Celest: who also has crystal grid kits for sale.

Exquisite crystals:

Good Vibrations
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