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Rethinking crystals and archangels

20th September, 2018 Members Community

The theme of this blog, and some of the content, goes back awhile now, but it’s become relevant again so I thought it worth sharing with the community once more. It also demonstrates how experiences are reworked, recycled and carried forward.

Photo: c. KSC Crystals

Photo: c. KSC Crystals

This is what I wrote awhile ago now.

In the light of a dream I’ve recently had, I wanted to reassess my position with regard to Archangels. I’d been put off working with them by a rather unpleasant experience. But it appears that the time may be coming when I need to communicate with them again. Given that we are coming up to Christmas and we all know what happened when Archangel Gabriel visited ‘the virgin’ Mary, I thought it an appropriate time to revisit the reasons why I’ve been avoiding them.

Some years ago I picked up a piece of Lilac Celestite and it told me it was the stone of Archangel Zadkiel. I wasn’t surprised. Stones often speak to me. (They speak to everyone but only a few people notice.) What was a surprise, however, was another voice that said: “I am Zadkiel and we want you to do a series of workshops on crystals and archangels.” Two thoughts immediately struck me, the first being that surely everything had already been said on that subject and secondly that, while knowing a great deal about crystals connections, I knew very little about the Archangels themselves. Some years previously I’d had one amazing experience flying on a twelve mile wide forcefield to Tibet that convinced me they existed but other than that, no. Or so I thought. Both assumptions would soon be turned on their heads.

Archangel Zadkiel. Not someone you turn down lightly.

Archangel Zadkiel. Not someone you turn down lightly.

Fortunately, or so I thought at the time, I knew a woman who had been quietly working in the background with Archangels and crystals for well over thirty years and who was more than qualified to lead such a workshop. That was exciting because she was someone I’d spontaneously told over twenty ago that we’d work together one day but we’d only managed one crystal workshop in all that time. It so happened (serendipitous sychronicity, or so I thought!) that her job had come to an end so she was able to commit to the workshops for the next eighteen months.

Now, I never plan my workshops too rigidly because I know that each one will be different and I’ve learned that exactly the right people are drawn to a workshop for the energetic interaction that’s needed in that moment – and that they’ll each have an experience that is unique to them. So a couple of days before the workshop there was no plan.  Indeed, for a few days it had looked at though there might be no workshop because we’d both been struck by a mystery virus. And I use the description struck for a reason. Someone who believed that she was the only one who should teach on this subject was trying to block the workshop from taking place. It was a vicious psychic attack, not the first from that source by any means for either of us, but the Archangels brought us through as they clearly wanted the workshop to take place. They protected the participants and conveyed them safely to my door.  And, as we will see, there was a deeper gift in this experience for me.

Nevertheless, it made me ponder, yet again, how the mind-body-spirit world seems to be fraught with such encounters, back-stabbing and trying to hold people back from fulfilling their potential can be, or so it appears, the norm from people who preach love and light and a new vibration. Why? Why do people feel so threatened by other people’s growth? And so jealous of other people’s success? How can we raise the vibration of the planet and everyone on it if there’s only a few people at the top? I love it when ‘pupils’ outstrip me and fly high. That’s what I’m here for, I want to empower other people – but at the same time I have no intention of giving away my own power or having it forcibly sucked out. Once again I was faced with a situation where I needed to stand in my power. Here was yet another opportunity for learning new techniques with the Archangels but Good Vibrations had been intended to be my last book on the subject. I’d written enough on psychic protection and wanted to turn my attention to other things.

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael. I ask myself, notwithstanding writhing serpent attacks (see below) do I really want to be associated with an archangel who slays my friends the dragons? Such a huge misunderstanding is going on here. I’ve done many a ritual to release them from his dominance and return them to their rightful place in our earth. (And I also relate the dragons to kundalini rise and the Power of Sekhem (more of that to come in a later blog.) Something of which the Christian church has long been terrified. St Paul: ‘For it is better to marry than to burn with passion.’ (1 Corinthians 7:90.)

To go back to the workshop plan, or rather the lack of it. We knew we were starting the workshop series with Michael, who is well known to most people, and were introducing Atrugiel, who has emerged more recently, and that the issue was to be, amongst others, protection. (Yes! Be careful what you ask for!) By the end of this workshop we would understand the implications of protection and be feeling safe. At least, that was the intention. The loose plan was to start with introducing Michael on Saturday and move onto Atrugiel on Sunday. But the Archangels had other ideas.

Early on Saturday I voiced a thought that had been bugging me all week, if we’re evolving and raising our vibrations, are the Archangels doing the same? I know that crystals are. As we worked with Michael is soon became clear that, yes, his vibration was changing and moving up/out to another dimension. Atrugiel then very firmly made his presence known, and we realised that he was stepping in to look after the earth vibration. He would fill the space where Michael’s influence had been. It was an ‘as above, so below’ counterpart, there is nothing soft and fluffy about this spiritual warrior.

The picture I painted after the workshop

The picture I painted after the workshop

So, for instance, as my co-facilitator said, whereas perhaps before we might have called on Michael to assist in Libya and the Middle East (then as now a problem area), now it was Atrugiel to whom we could turn. He would step in and would stay on the job, but without aggression, until the energetic transformation was complete. He is one of those immovable kind of guys (although, of course, that is to anthropomorphise something that is altogether different but often chooses to show itself in a vaguely human form). When Atrugiel has been called in, he stands there like a rock. Nothing is going to shift him until the task is done. He’s a great protector but, as we found out in the workshop, he’s also a great creator and motivator – and the Archangel to call on if you want to reclaim your power. Garnet was the perfect crystal for him.

So, by the end of Saturday both Michael and Atrugiel had made themselves known but so too had Michael’s twinflame, Faith. This was where the workshop became really exciting, where I realised that everything hadn’t been said and why we’d been asked to do these workshops. We were being invited to attune to the more receptive side of the Archangels. It was different for each participant, of course, but for me it was also an invitation to deepen my understanding of how belief and intention worked together. We were invited to reunite, reattune and reharmonize positive and negative, dark and light, masculine and feminine, yin and yang: however you want to describe the complementary energies that hold our universe and ourselves in balance. This was what the Archangels wanted from us. They asked that we each took responsibility for our own unique part in the planetary and personal shift. It was very clear that, just as there is no one right way to work with a particular crystal, a wide variety of responses to archangelic energy were open to us.

The gift for me came from Faith who showed me that the ‘attack’ I’d been under was part of an initiation. She took me back to Egypt where I went to meet the wise Egyptian snake goddess who lives under Meretsegur, the pyramidal peak above the Valley of the Kings in Luxor.  She reminded me that, during initiations, as a first step the priests and priestesses would project images of snakes into the mind of the initiate. It was up to the initiate to recognise that this was an illusion. That it was safe to move forward because it was ‘all in the mind’ and did not really exist. Once the initiate had mastered this piercing of the veil of illusion, then it was time to walk over a pit of writhing living snakes and to keep focused on knowing that intention would allow you to cross without harm, lulling the creatures as you slipped quietly across in another reality. (Nuummite is an excellent crystal whenever you need to travel unseen or have protection from sorcery.)

Archangel Faith

Archangel Faith

I was told that the woman who had ‘attacked’ me prior to the workshop was playing her part. She was taking on the writhing serpent role. I was facing my demons – and releasing myself from any ancient sorcery that still held sway. As I completed the test, I was fully standing in my power.  No doubt one day I’ll write further about what I learned from her – I’ve already included one of my Egyptian initiations in my time-slip novel Torn Clouds – but for now the task was done.

The next workshop was to be Zadkiel, the Archangel who called me in the first place. I understand now why we needed to meet Michael and Atrugiel first and to explore the ramifications of protection and power before we could move on to the alleged Archangel of forgiveness, purification and transmutation. He’s the dispenser of Divine Justice too. I thought it would be an interesting workshop. I couldn’t wait!

Time for a rethinking

Well, that’s what I said at the time. But oh dear, how I’d misjudged things. The ‘Archangel Zadkiel’ who’d appeared to me was an imposter. Not at all the high vibration being he’d appeared to be. He was part of the initiation I was undergoing. It was a profound lesson in not taking things at face value. The workshops fell apart and my relationship with the Archangels was put on hold for the next ten years. Maybe now is the time to reassess. If so, I’ll let you know in another blog. (Note: It hasn’t happened yet but I’m still open to possibilities!)

Fallen Angels

OK, now, bear with me. This is what I then wrote for Cygnus Review. It goes over some of the same ground but if you follow it through you’ll find the Atrugiel and Garnet invocation, followed by an experience of working with Atrugiel.

Archangel evolution

When I picked up a piece of Lilac Celestite and a voice said it was a stone of Archangel Zadkiel I wasn’t surprised. Stones often speak to me – they speak to everyone but few people notice. For me, ‘speaking’ takes the form of inner knowing, but this was different. This voice came from over my shoulder. Turning round, I saw a huge amethyst form who said: “I’m Zadkiel and we want you to run workshops on crystals and archangels.” Now that was a surprise!

Two thoughts immediately struck me, the first being that surely everything had already been said and secondly that, while knowing a great deal about crystal connections, I knew little about Archangels. Both my assumptions were soon turned on their heads. Ten years previously I’d had an amazing experience flying on a twelve mile wide forcefield to Tibet. The friend I was then accompanying on his leisurely journey through death said, in response to my comment that I wasn’t really into archangels, ‘Well they’re into you’. And so they were.

Zadkiel said ‘we need to harmonise the new vibrations that are coming in. And we want you to explore the journey from polarity to oneness.’ As this was something I was working on, I acquiesced. Fortunately Jacqui Malone, who’s been intimately acquainted with Archangels and their crystal connections for over thirty years, agreed to co-facilitate.

When planning the workshops we knew we had to start with Michael and Atrugiel. One of the ‘newer’ Archangels, Atrugiel is a spiritual guardian who has the same purpose as Michael but whose energy is somewhat different and so augments Michael. (It’s like the difference between Mars and Pluto in astrology, one is a higher octave of the other, there are similarities but both planets have their own individual qualities.) We knew that Michael and Atrugiel invoke protection and enhance energy in preparation for raising personal and planetary vibrations and that working with Zadkiel would create a purified soul through karmic clearing and transmutation so that we could discover our life and soul purpose. But we never found time to plan the workshop content. ‘We can wing it, they’ll let us know what they want,’ I said. And how right that was!

At the first workshop we found that archangelic energy is changing dramatically. These were not fluffy, feathery beings. They are intensely powerful and purposeful. Atrugiel is coming in to fill the energetic ‘gap’ left by Michael’s ascending frequency. With the planet changing vibration, angelic consciousness is part of that process as much as human awareness. It’s not that Atrugiel’s replacing Michael, more that Michael has been elevated to a higher vibration, with cosmic work to do, and Atrugiel is performing much of the service that Michael’s old vibration gave to earth. So where you would once have called upon Michael, Atrugiel might now be more appropriate in ‘everyday’ situations. Try it and see! Although, of course, if you continue to connect with the ‘old’ Michael vibration that’ll still work for you.

That Michael’s energies were evolving answered a question that had been tickling around my mind ever since I’d met Zadkiel. I don’t anthropomorphise Archangels and, although I use ‘he’, nor do I assign them gender. To me although, they may appear in human guise from time to time, they are something other, huge forcefields and so surely would be affected by the expansion of consciousness. I later discussed this with someone writing a book on angels from the traditional magical perspective. ‘Oh Judy’, she said, ‘Archangels can’t change vibration, they just are’. But, with the greatest respect, I beg to differ. That’s not my experience. While I accept that her view is true for her, I also honour my own knowing that everything is being upgraded. I realise that there’ll be people who say ‘what does she know?’ All I can say is ‘what does your own experience say?’

So how do we use this ‘new’ Archangel? Well, if you experience psychic attack, opposition or obstacles, or need to cut ties with the past or find a means of reconciliation, rather than engage directly with it or call on Michael, try giving it to Atrugiel. This is true of conflict in the inner or outer world, the personal or the bigger picture. He is particularly helpful if the ‘attack’ is subtle, out of jealousy for example. Atrugiel helps you stand in your power and stand up for yourself. But he also acts like a mirror for both sides to see what is really going on. When Atrugiel is called in, he’s like a rock nothing is going to shift him until the task is done. He doesn’t do it for you though and he doesn’t battle, he simply says ‘resolve this, heal whatever’s been left unhealed from the past that’s creating this and move on.’ He’s a great protector but he’s also an effective creator and motivator – and the Archangel to call on if you want to reclaim your power. Garnet and Shungite were perfect crystals for him.

Mind you, we didn’t ‘call’ this Archangel in. He made his presence felt from the first. He has young, fresh, enthusiastic energy that rushes out to meet the world head-on combined with an ancient knowing.  Atrugiel has a great sense of humour too and a way of making you notice him – finding yourself in a red and black car sandwich and or next to a moving wall of red double-decker buses being two of his favourite signals that he’s around.

We also met the ‘feminine complements’ of these two great spiritual warriors. Two pairs who intimately interact, rather like yin and yang, but harmoniously rather than as polar opposites as they meld, flow into each other and emerge. These peaceful ‘feminine complements’ have a gentle, receptive energy that is quietly powerful, full of joy and inner strength.’ Michael’s ‘complement’ is closer to the earth’s present frequency and Atrugiel’s ‘complement’ is at a higher vibration so energy is mediated in all directions. But ultimately they are units that are part of a much larger whole – that oneness that Zadkiel spoke of.

On that first workshop the Archangels asked that we each take responsibility for our own unique part in the planetary and personal shift. Saying that it is only by doing our own inner work and purifying our own individual soul that a collective shift can be made. It is clear that, just as there is no one right way to work with a specific crystal, a wide variety of responses to archangelic energy are open to us all. Responses we’ll explore in further workshops. I have a publisher waiting so a book will appear in due course!

Meeting Atrugiel

Garnet, image c. Michael Illas/The Crystal Companion

Garnet, image c. Michael Illas/The Crystal Companion

Hold a Garnet that has been cleansed under running water. Close your eyes and breathe gently, focusing your attention on your third eye. Feel the connection between the Garnet in your hand and your third eye as it opens. (You’ll probably feel energy running up your arm, if you don’t, try changing hands.) You may well feel the energy points behind your ears and at the base of your skull tingling and opening as well.

Invite Archangel Atrugiel to be with you and to make his presence known in the most appropriate way for you and to anchor that presence in your crystal. Ask for his presence to accompany you whenever you walk in dark places or need to move forward with certainty in your life..

When you have finished, put your Garnet down, disconnecting the energy so that your third eye closes.

Whenever you need assistance, picture the Garnet in your mind’s eye or touch the crystal and call Atrugiel. Have confidence that the issue will be resolved in the best possible way for the highest good of all concerned.

To reclaim your power: put your Garnet over your dantien (just below your navel and above the sacral chakra). Call in Atrugiel and state out loud that you call your power back from whomever, wherever and whatever timeframe you lost it, gave it away, had it stolen or in any other way were disempowered. Breathe deeply pulling the breath deep into your belly. Feel the Garnet transferring the power back into your dantien. Vow to remain empowered.

This report comes from Chrissy. She had been on some of my previous workshops but was not able to join us, in her body, on the Atrugiel one, although she had clearly joined us in spirit!

A lovely story for you:  Because I was taking 2 essences made during the time of your first workshop I think I was there, by proxy.  I was driving home (long journey) from work and chatted with one of the participants on the phone most of the way and she was telling me about the Atrugiel/twin flame  workshop and how wonderful it was.  I was saying something weird had happened to me that weekend too because try as I might I simply couldn’t ground and was bumping into doorframes.  I was probably not even on the planet!  This led us to talk about the essences which then led us to the realisation that I had inadvertently linked into my friends who were on your workshop, via the essences from that weekend.

Anyway (it gets better!) I’m driving back up the A1 and she is asking me what I did over the same weekend.  I said I’d been wrestling with a painting I’ve been working on for about a year now.  It started as an eye over the horizon but turned into a big beaked bird!  She asked me to describe the painting and I did.  She asked what colour was the detail around the eye and I said they were flames but not Golden/Yellow flames, they were Red and Black.  Well, she started to laugh and said “Chrissy, don’t crash your car but Atrugiel comes in with Red and Black!”

So, after giggling like crazy, she continued chatting away about her awesome experience with you and I stopped her mid conversation to say “Sorry but I have to stop you and tell you what I’m seeing.  I’ve just driven past 5 Red double decker buses – on the A1!”.  Well, you can imagine – we laughed our heads off!!

After a later workshop she wrote to me, saying:

One of my personal dreams is to be published (experiential work and spiritual poetry) and as soon as I get off this merry go round of corporate nonsense I’ll tie up all the half finished pieces of work which lay like strewn, like seeds across a landscape that is my laptop, and get my act together.  The reason I’m telling you this is because I have note pads of meditations, dreams, crystal work, meetings with guides etc, etc dating back some 7 years.  I’ve already started putting them together chronologically and will work forwards from there.

This is a brief synopsis of my work with Atrugiel on Friday night, feel free to use as you wish.

Before I began this important meeting I wanted to be fully connected above and below.  I was already quite a way out of body and struggling to ground.  I placed myself in a pyramid and constructed the pyramid of shungite – that did it!  I grounded fully to earth-core and up to source via the pyramid apex.

I held my garnet (faceted and polished) in my Left hand with a smokey brandberg point and called in Atrugiel and his twin flame (who I want to name and so far I’m getting a ‘sh – k’ sound).  I felt their energy come in, his first directly through chakras and then hers which felt like waves of chiffon being fanned through my aura. I thanked them and welcomed them in.  I asked that Atrugiel anchor fully into my garnet which would then be fully dedicated to him.  I felt a heavy, but not unpleasant energy down the whole of my left side and into the garnet.  I could actually feel the energy pouring into this little stone.  When the feeling had settled back to calm, I moved the garnet onto my dantien and I followed it with my consciousness so I could be in that space with the stone, the cosmos and Atrugiel.

I asked that Atrugiel assist me in reclaiming power which I feel I may have lost in lifetimes past.  I called in a very specific memory of me as a child midwife / herbalist held in a French prison, soon to be be-headed (still birth to someone with power I feel). I called for my power to be returned to me and felt a gentle, juddering feeling.  The energy poured into my dantien and I could feel myself literally filling up.

When this inpouring had subsided and settled down I said I’d like to hit it hard (typical Saggy) and do a mass reclamation.  I asked that any power once previously lost through sadness, heartbreak, injury, torture or any other form of abuse or hurt be returned to me in a way which was appropriate for me.  I braced myself and sure enough it was a big one.  It felt like energy was being poured directly into every cell in my body and I was trembling from head to foot.  Before this had finished I further refined my dedication and said “Atrugiel, I need you to locate, if possible, every event which has led to my current cell memory and subsequently manifested body pain and find it’s root cause.  I need you to bring back the power lost in that causal action and assimilate it back into me in a way which is appropriate”.

I was then moved to begin a mantra which went something like this. “I relinquish my vice like grip on my physical pain.  I have no further need for you now and I give you to Atrugiel to be transformed.” I said it 3 times over.  A massive wave of energy left my body and was drawn out through my aura and away for transformation and that was just the start.  If it is possible to ‘hear’ energy, this was wailing and screaming like a banshee.  Protesting about being taken away and wanting desperately to stay.  It felt like I was in the middle of an energy tsunami and was now crying to the point of deep sobbing which presented with hot stinging tears.  My body was arching with each wave of energy and the desire to vomit was palpable.  The sobbing turned to coughing and retching as phantom shadows left me.  It was a truly epic healing.

I waited for all the energies to settle back to calm and thanked Atrugiel and his twin flame and asked that he re-anchor me and close me down.  I asked that he walk with me for the next few weeks as the incumbent changes take place.  I felt my chakras close and fell asleep.

About half an hour later I awoke with the following insight.  It was about the ‘Holy Trinity’ but this time had been split into Right and Left brain perspectives of both.  This is what I got.






Soul repository

Conscious, brain

Physical, experiential, matter

I see these as the ‘heads of terms’.  The things, issues, perceptions which represent the male/female aspect of self – the split parts of us.  They are neither right nor wrong they just simply ‘are’.  It isn’t them versus us but instead (for now, and I stand to be corrected) represents all the elements of our hermaphrodite selves.  Once we assimilate all these parts into self, our resonance will alter, allowing a greater understanding of the world in all its parts.  I also saw the linear connection to source as something different which, when I write it down seems completely obvious but maybe I just needed to see the words in Black and White to be able to understand how important what we are doing as a collective really is.  I was given an understanding that whilst we can, in human form, travel along this chord back to source, should source (or what remains of it) ever fall into matter, we would all be stuck here.  This has yet to blossom I think so I’ll leave that one on the back burner to simmer.


It’s now Sunday morning and I’m wondering where my crippling pain has gone (back, neck, left side hip, knee and shoulder).  I’ve had two solid days of digging and planting and I should by rights be in agony and hitting the pain killers but I’m not.  Yes, some of the core pain is still there but it’s nowhere near as heavy as it was three days ago!  It’s like I’ve had an injection of ‘me’ directly into the vein and who knows how I’ll feel in another week’s time?  I’m astonished at the power of this Archangel – this level of healing would normally take me 7-10 days to assimilate with a further (up to) 2 weeks to fully settle into my pattern.  It’s the ‘quickening’, it just seems easier to dig deeper and the effects don’t rock me in the way they did.  I love Atrugiel and his twin flame – they rock!!

My gratitude to Chrissy for sharing her experiences. Hopefully one day I’ll get to meet Atrugiel’s twinflame. So far I’m only aware of him hovering in the background, guarding my back. For which I thank him.

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