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20th May, 2017 Members Community

Seeking the Earth’s Gaia Gateway chakra

Gaia Gateway‘On this workshop you will have the opportunity to align yourself with the spiritual magic of Mother Earth (Gaia, Terra, Mother Earth, Mother Nature). The Mother Goddess was at first worshipped and venerated by our ancestors but, as the time passed, became feared, ridiculed and abandoned; her followers were persecuted. The 2012 energy shift re-awoke the connection between humanity and Gaia, the spiritual being inhabiting our planet. The link is essential if we are to ascend in our consciousness and stay grounded, and crystals are a natural way to open and maintain this bond.’

I had been asked to put on workshops to reawaken the contact between ourselves and the spirit of the planet on which we live. One of the ways in which I was instructed to do this was by opening our Gaia Gateway chakra. I’d been aware of this chakra, sitting below the Earth Star, for many years but hadn’t had a name for it. I find that names are potent things. Once named and out in the public domain it is possible to clarify and connect much more powerfully. I need a name people can identify with when writing about such things. I’d recently been exploring crystals that opened the Gaia Gateway connection – and the chakra itself. Opening the personal Gaia Gateway links you into higher dimensions and divine connections and then grounds them into the planet.

A higher resonance of the earth star, this chakra anchors high frequency light into the physical body and the body of the Earth. Without this chakra high vibrational energy cannot be assimilated and grounded. It adjusts your electromagnetic frequency so that it remains in harmonic resonance with that of the planet and facilitates an uplift in your own personal resonance. It, together with the stellar gateway, allows kundalini energy to travel up the spine, into the higher charkas over the head, and then to cascade down through the subtle energy bodies into the Gaia Gateway. The energy then travels back up to the dantien where it can be stored until needed or move out in the cells and intercellular spaces of the physical and subtle bodies. This chakra connects you to the soul and spirit of the planet, Gaia, and to Mother Earth herself. When your Gaia Gateway is open and functioning at optimum, you are aware of being a part of a sacred whole, part of the energy system of the Earth and, at the same time, All That Is. When balanced and open, this chakra helps you to protect yourself from entity attachment and lower energies. By holding you gently in incarnation and in contact with the planet, it mitigates the more extreme symptoms of ascension and kundalini rise. [Crystal Prescriptions 4]

But, as I said in the Earth Star blog, I was aware that the planet itself had soul and chakras that connected to it. I was on a mission to discover them. The Gaia Gateway is where the planet’s spirit connects to the greater cosmos. And it’s also where the cosmic energies radiate into the Earth.

cosmic energies

Not quite sure what this image is meant to represent, but for me it was a perfect picture of the planet’s subtle energy field flowing through the Gaia Gateway. And this one a chakra portal in action:

One hot donut

‘One hot donut’. The ionosphere (green) becomes trapped in Earth’s magnetic field (orange cloud). These particles then flow at high speed in a ring (blue) around Earth.’

Seeking the Earth’s Gaia Gateway

So, when I began my search for the planet’s Gaia Gateway chakra I asked Horace where it was located. He gave an enigmatic smile and said: ‘You’ve got all the clues, you found the crystal, put them together.’ Not exactly what I was hoping for, but my thoughts turned back to Green Kyanite. A fairly rare, high vibration crystal that we’d used very successfully on a workshop to open the personal Gaia Gateway. It resonates with the spirit of Gaia, Mother Earth, and perfectly complements the Blue Kyanite that opens the Stellar Gateway chakra. Horace nodded approvingly.


Kyanite is a mineral found mainly in metamorphic rocks. It most often forms from the high-pressure alteration of clay minerals during the metamorphism of sedimentary rocks. So, a crystal of transformation and transmutation that has withstood extreme stress. It is unusual in that it has a variable hardness. When tested parallel to the length of the crystal, it has a  Mohs hardness of about 4.5 to 5. But if a hardness of 6.5 to 7 if tested across the short dimension of a crystal. It used to be called “disthene” which means “two strengths.” It was once believed that a kyanite suspended from a human hair could follow the earth’s magnetic force. The colouring in the green form is created by chromium and vanadium, the same elements responsible for the green in Emerald, and, more rarely, iron.

So then it was onto the internet to seek out the sources of Green Kyanite. Four choices immediately struck me. I began with The Swat Valley in Pakistan. After all, who could resist this clue?

An earthquake in Pakistan split a mountain in two, revealing a spectacular vein of green/blue Kyanite. []

Stunningly beautiful, but it was very close to the location of two other major chakras and my first thought had been that the Gaia Gateway would lie in the southern hemisphere to balance to the location of the other earth-chakras. Also the colour was almost teal/turquoise rather than the clear green I’d been working with. So I moved on.

Swat Valley, Pakistan

Swat Valley, Pakistan



The eastern Indian state of Odisha (formerly Orissa) was quickly rejected. Most portals are located close to ancient sacred sites and this just did not have the right feel – and it too was in the northern hemisphere.

Mining in Odisha

Mining in Odisha

Arusha in Tanzania, which lies just beyond the base of one of the great African Rift Valleys and close to the Serengeti National Park, is a prolific source of crystals and had distinct possibilities. And one of the crystal sites I’d consulted said ‘Green Kyanite –“Heart of the Lioness.” Kyanite in the green ray allows deep meditation to draw on the loving and healing qualities of the fourth chakra. May assist in alleviating depression through seeing the “light at the end of the tunnel”.’ There are lionesses aplenty in Arusha. The mountain range close to Arusha shows two very different faces, which fitted rather well into the two hardnesses of Kyanite:

Mount Meru MeruMount Meru Meru Arusha

Mount Meru Meru, Arusha, Tanzania.

But there was also Bahia in Brazil. Adjoining Minas Gerais, from where so many incredibly high vibration Quartzes reach us including Gwenda, my Lemurian Seed crystal skull. She positively beamed when I locked onto Bahia. As did Horace, who was carved in Brazil. The photographs from there made me reach for my paintbrush. So amazing despite, I would suspect, owing more than a little to photoshop. It’s rather like the colour-strengthening of crystals that goes on. Sometimes to the enhancement of the energies, but at other times not. I really do not like the ‘dichroic Kyanite’ that’s being sold nowadays, for instance. ‘Messed about with’ would be my term for it. Alchemicalising precious minerals onto Quartz may heighten the energetic effect, but it hardly feels necessary with Kyanite. Purely my personal opinion, of course. It may work differently for you.

Minas Gerais

Crow magic was very much a part of my search. Crow has been described as ‘the maestro of magic’. As I found the crow rock picture, the rooks outside my window wheeled and cawed delightedly. It’s amazing how a little winter sunlight turns their thoughts to nesting and they were busy tidying up last year’s rookery. It’ll get blown down several times through the coming winter storms, but they’ll persevere and rebuild time and again. They are excellent shape shifters too.

Wisdom from my favourite symbolism site

Wisdom from my favourite symbolism site:

So, onto my map went a star for the Gaia Gateway in Brazil to join the African Earth Star. As with all the earth-chakras, you may find an entrance portal closer to home. But this one worked for me. Then it was on to the search for the Soul Star, the ‘upper link’ for the Earth Star, and the Stellar Gateway. More of that next time.

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