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20th April, 2017 Members Community

The Earth’s Earth Star chakra


Ascension is not about leaving the planet, getting rescued by off-world ETs or flying up into heaven. It is not about watching the Shift unfold online, or waiting for the external world to provide evidence of inner change. Ascension is a conscious choice to engage in evolution.

We’ve all heard that our planet is ascending, shifting to a higher vibration. The crystal skulls have communicated that it is their mission to assist that shift. But how can we make our own contribution? Well, apart from raising my own personal consciousness, my preference is to use crystals to assist with earth-healing and earth-chakra activation. I was writing on exactly that when a wonderfully synchronistic event triggered this blog.

Having marked onto a map the position of the seven major chakras in locations that I personally find useful for earth-healing, I was musing on where to place the Earth Star and Gaia Gateway chakras when an email came in asking me to write an article. The request was for a ‘how to do and what to do piece’ on the crystal skulls.’ Something practical. It felt like serendipitous synchronicity. A message from the skulls you could say. It’s typical of how they communicate. So I turned to my three earth-healing crystal skulls for advice. As the skulls vibrate at a higher frequency and yet have a deep connection with the Earth through their crystal matrix, they create an anchor for higher vibrations to be assimilated into the planet. The skulls have communicated that they have an important role to play in the activation of dormant energies within the earth energy lines and with detoxifying and healing the Earth’s meridian grid. In other words, earth-healing.

The Seven Major Earth Chakras

World heart chakra connectionLike our physical body, the planet has its own set of chakras. The Earth’s major chakra system links sacred sites around the globe, many of them extremely ancient. These chakras can cover huge areas. There is no consensus on exactly where the planet’s major chakras are located – and there are also ’minor’ or ‘local’ chakras in just about every country in the world. Just as with the human body, additional planetary chakras are becoming active to assimilate the higher vibrational energies (see Earth Blessings: using crystals for personal energy healing, earth healing and environmental enhancement for a comprehensive list). These ‘local’ chakras support ‘major’ chakras that are becoming depleted. As I reported in Earth Blessings:

‘Dobogoko in the Pilis Mountains of Hungary, for instance, has always been regarded as the heart chakra of that country but its effect is ‘upgrading’. It, together with the Ganges in India, is boosting the somewhat depleted heart chakra energy of Glastonbury in England and opening a three chambered heart chakra such as occurs in the physical body when the heart seed and higher heart chakras are activated and take the heart chakra to a new vibration.’ (See Crystal Prescriptions volume 4 for details of the heart seed chakra.)

The major Earth chakras

My search for the Earth Star

I’ve studied the vortexes and ‘minor’ chakras in some depth. Attended many seminars. Read numerous books. But I rarely see or hear anything about the Earth Star chakra of the planet. The place where our physical body connects to Mother Earth and the meridians that carry her lifeforce. Or its higher resonance, the Gaia Gateway, where our soul and spirit join with that of Gaia and her subtle energy matrix (more of that in the next blog). Back when the Olympics were taking place in London in 2012, Diana Cooper channelled that the Earth Star was located there. Whilst I respect her opinion, to me that felt temporary at best. The Earth’s chakras tend to be located around exceedingly ancient sacred sites. London is a comparative newcomer – and yes I do know its sacred history and how far that goes back. But, having worked there for some years and explored many of those sites, it just doesn’t have the same ancient feel for me as, say, Glastonbury or the Great Pyramid. Each to her own. It would be a boring and stagnant world indeed – and exceedingly non productive in terms of evolution – if we all agreed all the time. The challenge is to do our disagreeing with open-minded grace. In a spirit of exploration rather than ‘I know I’m right.’ So off I went to consult with the skulls.

Horace was having a bit of a grump because I’d packed him and his two consorts away. The house is currently full to overflowing with crystals and I’m having a grand sort-out and sending many to my storage unit. There is a limit to how much crystal energy I can tolerate under my bed (the crystals are in my dining room which is literally under my bed), or work with effectively, and we’re way past it at the moment. Also I had far too many skulls around each with their own agenda shouting for attention. I needed to be able to listen and gain coherence and insight. I had explained to him that the boxing up was temporary. He wasn’t going to the storage unit. But clearly Horace didn’t really get that. Having fully woken up and found his two lovely companions in this past year, he was itching to work.

So when I deboxed him and asked where the planet’s Earth Star was he was more than happy to oblige but he wasn’t going to let me off the hook too lightly. Living with a skull like him is never going to be all sweetness and light. He’s got too strong a personality for that and the intensity of his Smoky Quartz matrix. It is part of his role to challenge me. But I could hear the lovely Gwenda, an extremely high vibration being from beyond the stars, saying sweetly, ‘Now, now, dear, remember you’re dealing with a human and she needs it spelled out.’ And Finty, a much more down-to-earth vibration, telling him, ‘Just get on with it.’

‘I’ve been telling you,’ Horace said snappishly. ‘Have you?’ I responded, knowing that he needed to be humoured but also frantically casting my mind back to the prods and pokes with which I am so frequently gifted. ‘Yes,’ he said, ‘Go back to the beginning. Where did humanity start?’ ‘What, you mean right back, to the stars?’ I asked tongue in cheek forgetting that he is, sadly, still lacking a sense of humour. ‘No,’ he responded with an audible sigh. ‘To the ancestors.’

Out of Africa

Now, some remarkable new stones have been coming my way lately connected to ancestral healing. So this offered four immediate possibilities. Isua from Greenland, the oldest rock currently discovered on the planet. Older even than Nuummite, one of my favourite shamanic stones. Ancestralite from northern Canada, which is itself pretty old and the result of metamorphic processes that converted quandam rocks. The Celtic Quartz from the Welsh crystal dragon mountain. Or, The Cradle of Life (Humankind) from Magaliesberg (also known as Magaliesburg), South Africa. This latter comes from the cave where the oldest humanoid fossil bones were found, or what were the oldest until even more venerable fossils were found in Ethiopia. ‘Yes,’ said Horace. ‘Finally!’

earth chakra map

My earth-chakra map.

magalies meander


So I looked up Magaliesberg on the internet. What an amazing mountain range! Really ancient. One of the oldest on the planet, way pre-dating the Himalayas where the Earth’s crown chakra is located, which seems somehow fitting. The Magaliesberg range began to form around 2,300 million years ago when the Transvaal, as we know it today, was mostly submerged. The salty water that surrounded the area was filled with Granite called the Auchean Basement Complex (don’t you just love it!). From this granite, fragments of white quartzite, pebbles, sand and silt eroded to form a layer of sedimentary sandstone rock over the sea bed. Due to immense pressure, it metamorphosed into Quartzite.  So, the range goes back to before the Earth as we would recognize it formed, having been part of the ‘super continent’ Gondwanaland. (Images below:


I used the entrance behind the waterfall for my journey into the Cradle of Humandkind to activate the Earth Star.




The Magaliesberg’s intricate geological history is highlighted by what is known as the Bushveld Complex.  Around 2000 million years ago, molten magma began to build up deep below the earth’s surface and began to build up pressure. This resulted in a 65000 square km reservoir of liquid rock that infiltrated the sedimentary layers of the Transvaal sequence, which began to crack and subside. The rocks fell into the magma, tilting and jutting out to form jagged mountain ranges around the basin. The magma’s intense heat caused igneous rocks of great mineral wealth to be found around the mountains.  This amazing geological phenomenon caused large amounts of manganese, vanadium, chrome, nickel, tin, iron ore and immense platinum quantities to be found.’

So, an exceedingly rich mineral kingdom. But the crystals need to stay intact so no mining please.

Tonqani Magaliesberg Mountains


How could this be anything but a shamanic landscape? They even have dragons!


The whole place reminded me so much of Pipestone, The Place of Peace that I featured in Crystals and Sacred Sites so if you are living in the United States you could use that site as an Earth Star access point. There are bound to be other access points, it’s a portal not a fixed point.

The Oracle Rock

The Oracle Rock, Pipestone National Park.

I sat down in a Star of David grid creates with Cradle of Life and, surrounded by the skulls, picked up my drum and took a journey into the heart of the mountains, which were surprisingly excited to see me. ‘We have been waiting,’ the crystal kingdom whispered. The caves thrummed to the sound of the drum. The rock was alive. It was definitely time to activate the Earth’s Earth Chakra. Anchoring the higher vibrations and honouring the ancestors. So that’s what I did.

Cradle of Life (Humankind)

Cradle of Life (Humankind). The one in the middle has a strong Basalt feel to it.

Next time: Connecting to the Gaia Gateway.

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