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Grounding planetary ascension 4

20th July, 2017 Members Community

Seeking Mother Earth’s Stellar Gateway chakra.

Stellar GatewayThe Stellar Gateway

The stellar gateway is a dimensional portal rather than a physical site. It is a point of connection to the divine and to the multiverses surrounding us: where the soul can make a connection to its own higher self, other realms, higher dimensions and All That Is. When this chakra is imbalanced the soul will be fragmented, disintegrated, unable to function in the everyday world. The disconnected soul results in a ‘space cadet’ who is open to cosmic disinformation as it is the lower astral plane rather than higher dimensions with which connection will be made. When functioning optimally, two-way communication with higher dimensional beings is possible and spiritual illumination results. Judy Hall Crystal Prescriptions 4.

Just as our physical body has a stellar gateway chakra above the head, so too does our planet. Having located soul star chakra connection points at the ‘top’ of the planet, it felt to me that the stellar gateway would be beyond the Earth. Something on which my crystal group were unanimous when I discussed it with them a few days later. This needed the assistance of a new dragon – or two as it happened. Lulu and friend flew in from China in just two days. Thank you China post!

Lighting up time

Lighting up time. c. Judy Hall

Opening and activation

We rejected the Earth’s moon as it felt energetically inert in this context. So we journeyed to further out into universe. The colour red appeared, but it was not the red planet Mars. This was closer to the red of Jupiter. But the portal was not on that planet’s surface. Eventually we settled on Jupiter’s red moon, Amalthea. One of many moons, but the one that felt most energetically vibrant. As the planet Jupiter is the ruler of my sun-sign, it felt astrologically harmonious. When I researched it, it was perhaps not unsurprisingly one that could potentially support life. Not necessarily as we know it here on Earth, it’s a pretty hairy place, but life nevertheless.

Amalthea rotates synchronously with its long, blunt axis pointed towards Jupiter. Because of Amalthea’s close proximity to Jupiter, it is exposed to the intense Jovian radiation field. It continuously receives high doses of energetic ions, protons, and electrons produced by the Jovian magnetosphere. In addition it is bombarded with micrometeorites, and heavy sulfur, oxygen, and sodium ions that have been striped away from Io.


Amalthea as visited by the NASA spacecraft Galileo

It is a strange and perplexing body. A maverick, looking more like a potato than a moon and thumbing its nose at the laws of physics:

Amalthea is a strange and mysterious moon which perplexes astronomers.  Its irregularly shape is somewhat like a potato and it is covered with deep craters and tall mountains.  The surface of the moon is deep red in color (in fact Amalthea is the reddest object in the solar system) however weird bright patches of green appearing on the mountain slopes–the nature of which is unknown.  The moon appears to be formed of ice and rubble, but if had formed where it now is during the early days of Jupiter, it would have melted.  The moon must have formed elsewhere and been captured by Jupiter—a recent paper speculated that it was originally a Trojan asteroid.  Since Amalthea is made of ice and heterogeneous rubble scientists are perplexed at why gravity has not rearranged it into a more spherical shape.  Since Amalthea is so close to Jupiter it’s orbit is decaying and it will one day fall into the gas giant  …

It is named after the foster-goat who raised the god Zeus (Jupiter) and has profound mythological connections. There are, as with all good myths, various versions of the story, but they all agree on what happened after Zeus grew to manhood. The product of an extremely dysfunctional family, he’d had a particularly traumatic birth as he had to be kept hidden from his father who would otherwise have swallowed him. But things were about to change:

Zeus was tenderly raised by the magical goat on her supernatural milk and he swiftly grew to mighty adulthood.  Then, when he was ready to begin his war on the titans, he killed Amalthea, skinned her, and fashioned her hide into his impregnable aegis–a symbol of his omnipotent authority second only to the lightning bolt.  He broke off Amalthea’s magic horn and made it into the cornucopia (which forever provides an endless bounty of food) and gave it to the nymphs.  He then hung his foster mother among the stars as the constellation Capra and set off to make war on the Titans.

I disregarded all the sites that offered interpretations based on the goat as a perceived symbol of evil. The collective shadow raising its head again. All that has been repressed, suppressed, distorted and misunderstood. Time to bring in some light. There is always a gift hidden in the shadow. Another website offered suggestions into the deeper symbolic meaning of a goat that seemed relevant to a portal chakra that would link the Earth with the light of the wider cosmos:

…to medieval occultists such as the Rosicrucians and early Freemasons, the he-goat symbolized the AS ABOVE SO BELOW elemental energies of the heavens above, and the  fallen energies of the earth below. The sign of the AS ABOVE would be for the planet Jupiter, and the SO BELOW alchemical element of phosphorus derived therefrom.

Amalthea was a she-goat, very much the nurturing earth Below. Phosphorus is one of the most essential elements for the physical body, second only to calcium. It is impossible to function normally without an adequate amount of this mineral in the body. The health benefits include healthy bone formation, improved digestion, regulated excretion, protein formation, hormonal balance, improved energy extraction, cellular repair, optimized chemical reactions, and proper nutrient absorption. []  But there was another serendipitous synchronicity in the article:

It has recently been stated that Michelangelo placed horns on his statue of Moses by mistake. In reality they are most significant. They are the horns of Jupiter Ammon, the same symbol which is later to appear again as the horns on the corners of the Hebrew alter. The horns are those of the celestial Ram, Aries, the leader of the flocks of heaven. The same symbol traces from the fact that during the time of Moses the vernal equinox took place in the sign of the Ram, and the horned Sun was the symbol of truth. Ram, the mind-light god of the Egyptians, is likewise represented as wearing a helmet adorned with the curling horns of the ram.

I’d met the horned god Seraphis (Jupiter Ammon) when researching Alexander the Great. He was the god of prophesy and his priests were skilled astrologers and readers of the heavens. I wasn’t finished with the meaning of the goatskin just yet.

Symbolic goat meaning can be hard to tackle because there are so many symbolic implications the goat has to offer. This is largely due to its long-term presence in human life/civilization. They also encourage independent adventures and explorations of high vistas for the sole purpose of personal/individual knowing. Speaking of vistas, goats love great heights and this symbolizes spiritual ambition. Goats also love to climb and climbing speaks to us of progress and achievement. The goat will travel and live up in cliffs and mountains at impossible angles and elevations. Goats approach a precipice with ease and enthusiasm. This is encouragement to search your soul in places high and inaccessible for your sustenance. You can get there!

magical symbolismShakespeare, who understood so much about magical symbolism, said that one touch of nature made the whole world kin. Would one touch of the magical stellar goatskin make the whole of our solar system kin? An interesting thought!


Image c. www.what’

This seeking of the Earth’s chakras was part of an on-going process of self-discovery for me. With perfect synchronicity, I ‘happened upon’ this requoted piece on the red moon from “The Mayan Oracle – Return Path to the Stars” by Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner. The red moon in question is the one that occurs during a lunar eclipse, a powerful sight indeed as the moon turns blood-red. But its higher octave could well be Jupiter’s own red moon Amalthea, a symbol of awakened consciousness for our planet:

Red Moon is your Conscious Self – who you are and who you are becoming.

Red Moon is the cosmic seed of awakened awareness. Consume it like a fruit, and let it blossom within you. You are on the quest of self-remembrance. If you work with the energy of Red Moon with clear awareness and attention, an awakened state of remembrance will naturally blossom within you. Remembrance means having direct access to your expanded presence through an intrinsic perception of unity. Remembrance is your recognition of the larger pattern and your connection to it, often facilitated through dreams, art, music, colors and creative pursuits. With focused attention, meditate on Red Moon and you will receive help with self-remembrance.

Red Moon is also a beacon or transmitting station. As you open to self-remembrance, you become a beacon and receiver for cosmic consciousness. This communication creates the gradual opening of the third eye, the eye within the mononlith of self. As this eye opens and your communication becomes more refined, you will notice more signs, signals and understanding coming to you. These are all for your growth and evolution – a feedback system from which you can gain insight about your journey.

To the Maya, Red Moon is represented by the raindrop or rainwater. “Drink from my clear waters,” says Red Moon. “Be cleansed by my rain. Receive divine guidance, cosmic raindrop from the Creator’s eye. Godseed of awakened awareness, acknowledge yourself. May your eye be single. Bathe in my waters of remembrance.”

The number for Red Moon is nine, which symbolizes the recurrence of great cycles. An example of such recurrence is the periodic return of master teachers to help awaken human beings on Earth. Nine is the number of Quetzalcoatl, Buddha, and Christ. Red Moon is a symbol for great teachers who have come to translate universal wisdom to humanity, to embody the awakened state of consciousness that is accessible to all. Such teachers serve as a connection to the Divine and hold the promise of full self-mastery.

The color for Red Moon is sunset peach, which can assist in remembering your Essence Self. Use this color for the tender awakening of divine consciousness within you.”

Finding my ‘essence self’ is my ever present journey. One in which I find my crystal companions to be of enormous assistance. Crystals with that delicate sunset peach colour include Peach Selenite, one of my favourite light-bringers and Peach Aventurine. But it also reminds me of Orange Triplite, an incredibly energetic and creative stone. I’ll be getting one out together with a piece of the matrix to connect the Stellar Gateway chakra over my head to that of the Earth, even though I’ll have to travel via Jupiter to make the link.

Peach Selenite

Peach Selenite.


Image c. Jeni Campbell


Image c. Jeni Campbell

Star, the Gaia Gateway with the Stellar. Earth is our home – for now – but we can be reborn with the stars.

The world within worlds is a womb, whence issues all
The shapeliness that decks us here-below:
And the same fire that boils within this ball
Of earth, and quickens all herself with flowers,
Is womb-fire in the stiffened clay of us:

And every flash of thought that we and ours
Send suddenly out, and every gesture, does
Fly like a spark into the womb of passion,
To start a birth, from joy of the begetting.

World within worlds a womb, that gives and takes;
Gives us all forth, that we may give again
The seed of life incarnate, that falls and wakes
Within the womb, new shapes, and then, new men.

And pangs of birth, and joy of the begetting,
And sweat of labour, and the meanest fashion
Of fretting or of gladness, shows the jetting
Of a trail of our small fire on the darkened sky
Where we can see it, our fire to the innermost fire
Leaping like spray, in the return of passion.

And even in the watery shells that lie
Alive within the oozy under-mire,
A grain of this same fire we can descry
Spurting to soothe the womb’s unslaked desire.

And so, from out the screaming birds that fly
Across the heavens when the storm leaps higher,
And from the swirling, angry folk that try
To come at last to that which they require,
And from the men that dance, and the girls that laugh
And the flower that puts its tongue out, and fern that puffs
Dust as the puff-ball does, and birds that chaff
And chitter, and wind that shakes and cuffs
The branches, invisible seed of experience blows
Into the womb of the worlds, that nothing knows.

And though it be love’s wet blue eyes that cry
To the other love, to relinquish his desire,
Even there I see a blue spark that will fly
Into the womb, to kindle an unknown fire.

[Extracted from Red Moon-Rise by D. H. Lawrence]

sudden starsSo, you may be asking, what does all this have to do with you?

We need light-bringers to travel out to the Stellar Gateway and connect to cosmic light. The pure light of wisdom that is beyond dogma and misinterpretation. The light that is love incorporated into matter. This is what our planet needs if the vibration is to shift and the new Age of Aquarius to begin. En-lighten-ment. As I’ve said before, to me ascension doesn’t mean floating off the planet into a waiting spaceship and going off to whoknowswhere. It means going beyond the confines of Earth yes, but then bringing the light of understanding back down through the dimensions to anchor it in the planet. To raise Gaia, Mother Earth, ’s vibrations. To do that, we have to raise our own personal vibrations first. Cleansing all the chakras and linking them to the highest through the spine. And then bringing that connection down to Earth again around the outer edges of the aura. When you connect the Earth Star with the Soul Star, and the Gaia Gateway with the Stellar Gateway you create an energetic circuit that cannot be broken or distorted. It assimilates the new vibrations and grounds them into your core and that of Mother Earth.

Then, you can take a journey to connect the planetary chakras. Play a drumming cd to shift your brainwaves into a receptive pattern. Hold an appropriate crystal. Take small steps first. In your mind’s eye begin with the Earth’s base chakra and slowly move around the planet joining up the seven basic chakras. Anchor them to the Earth Star in South Africa or wherever your own personal access to the Earth Star maybe.

chakra access points

My own personal chakra access points – see previous blogs.

Then journey to the Soul Star and make the giant leap to the Stellar Gateway. Become en-lightened. Bring back the light.

the Soul Star

Enjoy the trip!

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