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Grounding planetary ascension 3

20th June, 2017 Members Community

Seeking Gaia’s Soul Star chakra

soul star chakra

‘The soul star chakra is a portal through which very high frequency light can enter our etheric field… It is through this chakra the Soul braids into the physical body at the time of incarnation, and it is through this chakra the Soul leaves the physical body at death. It is also through this chakra that additional soulbraiding occurs which results in the increased vibration and frequency of the cells and atoms of the body. Access to the Soul Star chakra increases direct contact with the Soul and the communication of the Soul’s intent is enhanced. It is often depicted as a tunnel of pure light or a portal that connects the Soul to the Divine source. Activation and clearing of this chakra opens a cosmic doorway to all of the light densities and enhances communication with enlightened beings that exist in the densities of light beyond the physical worlds.’  []

Having located my personal access points for the planet’s Earth Star and Gaia Gateway chakras (see Grounding planetary ascension 1 and 2) and begun to work with them, it felt like time to search for Mother Earth’s ‘higher’ planetary chakra connection points: the Soul Star and Stellar Gateway. For the Soul Star search I had the assistance of two of my most ancient skulls – in terms of their crystal matrix – an Isua and a Nuummite skull. Isua is one of the oldest rocks on the planet, part of the giant supercontinent that existed before the earth broke apart. Nuummite is not much younger. Both skulls are small, dark, mysterious and enigmatic. They communicate on an energetic level rather than as a voice I can hear. So I asked a Tanzine Aura Quartz skull I had found sitting on the Michael and Mary leylines in Avebury to translate. When I first brought him home and asked his name he said ‘Anakin’. He told me that he wanted to redeem himself. I thought the name Anakin sounded vaguely familiar but was surprised to learn that it was connected with Darth Vadar, one of pop culture’s most iconic villains who was ‘seduced by the dark side.’ It’s a long time since I watched a Star Wars movie so I had some searching to do. In an internet version of the story, it’s Darth Vadar’s birth name and he, of course, is eventually revealed as the father of Luke Skywalker, the archetypal hero warrior. Anakin Skywalker goes from slave to outstanding Jedi warrior to villain – in reverse order in the films. Time has no meaning outside everyday reality. Anakin was told:

You are the Chosen One. You have brought balance to this world. Stay on this path and you will do it again… for the galaxy. But beware… your heart…

―The Father’s last words, to Anakin Skywalker

And, of course, in the best traditions of archetypal tales, Anakin succumbs to a misdirection that results in betrayal:

Skywalker was blessed with the news of pending fatherhood, when Amidala announced she was carrying their first child. But this joy turned to an overwhelming sorrow, as Skywalker became plagued with visions of his wife’s demise in childbirth. Anakin’s desire to protect the ones he loved would drive him to the dark side of the Force. In a misguided attempt at saving the life of his wife and unborn child, Skywalker betrayed the Jedi, pledging himself to the teachings of his former confidant and friend, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine (secretly the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Sidious).  []

My Anakin laughs and says I must watch those prequels to learn more. But then he says that the name and the backstory appealed to him when he was preparing to take up residence in the skull. I must say, there is more than a passing resemblance. I can never quite get him in focus as he constantly shimmers with light.


As it turned out, Anakin needed considerable healing to bring out his bright side before he could go to work, but that’s another story. At a very deep level, I sense that Anakin’s dark past may well have something to do with valuing ‘dark light’, as I call it. Not the antithesis of bright light, but rather its complement. We need the balance of both forces if we are to heal the planet and raise the overall vibrations.  Yin and yang, masculine and feminine, ‘dark’ and ‘light’, matter and antimatter, force and antiforce all have their part to play.

So, where is the Soul Star?

But, to get back to the Soul Star. I searched the internet to see whether anyone had suggested a location for the planet’s Soul Star. There was very little information. But these images caught my eye, directing my attention to the top of the planet and particularly to Alaska:

soul star

Lemurian Grid

Image Lemurian Grid, Pat Crosby

Mount Denali, Alaska

As I scanned through, these pictures really grabbed my attention. I knew this was a sacred place. The mountain had been through a name change, or two to be exact. Originally known by the native inhabitants as Denali, the name had been changed to Mount McKinley by settlers. It has now reverted.


Mount Denali

This is the highest peak in North America and it holds great significance within the native traditions. “Denali” is translated as “the great one” in the native Alaska language. The mountain is a giant block of granite (a ‘pluton’ so my favourite underworld planet is firmly represented) that was lifted above Earth’s crust by tectonic activity about 60 million years ago.  It is a great viewing platform for the northern lights. What a portal!

the great one

Denali is a profoundly mythical place and the myths feature one of my most persistent animal allies: Raven. A not-always-to-be-trusted but deeply knowing bird. Raven coming into your life insists you check everything to see whether it is what it purports to be.

Image c. www.whats-your-sign

Image c. www.whats-your-sign

The Denali Myth

Back in a distant time the Raven, a bird known by many as the trickster, assumed the form of a young man. He had heard of a beautiful maiden in a village across the water, so he took a canoe across to ask her to marry him, but she refused. He was offered a baby girl by another woman, so took the child and he began to paddle away. The beautiful maiden was jealous and came down to the water where the Raven punished her for rejecting him. He made her sink into the mud and disappear.

The maiden’s mother was furious and set two bears to beating up the waves to drown the Raven. Their efforts caused the waters to rise and inundate the world so that the village perished. The waves were towering above the Raven’s canoe and he soon became tired with fatigue from the struggle, so using his magic powers he cast his harpoon at a wave and then fainted.

Later when he awoke, he found that the wave he had hit with his harpoon had turned to stone, forming a small mountain. After glancing off the crest, the harpoon had struck an even larger wave, which had become Denali. Upon looking around, Raven found that the baby girl had now grown into womanhood, so he took her in his arms, and they repopulated the world.

I searched on, making intuitive connections, and ended up on an archaeological site to learn about the Denali bison skull:

The Denali bison skull is far from complete, missing one of its horn cores, most bones from the front part of the skull and all teeth. Ochre had been applied sparingly in the form of uniform dots to the back of the skull, and thickly on top of the skull. The paint even coated some highly weathered and broken surfaces…  Krasinski [the finder] arranged for the bison skull to be radiocarbon dated. The Denali skull is more than 42,000 years old! Because Alaska was not colonized by humans until approximately 14,000 years ago, the fossil must have been painted long after the animal had died.

That last statement about the length of time Alaska has been inhabited may yet turn out to be a fallacy. Archaeology is constantly pushing back the boundaries of prehistory and the retreating ice still has much to reveal.

NPS Photo / Lucy Tyrrell

Red ochre dots

Red ochre dots applied uniformly to the back of the skull (photo Gary Haynes)

To me, this is a star map. The way home perhaps? It so reminded me of the ever present dots in cave paintings and shamanic imagery that I researched during my M.A. when examining the meaning of the markings on a cist capstone found by my local archaeologist Dr Martin Green. I glimpsed the bison skull markings tonight on a stone at the 5000 year old Ness of Brodgar Neolithic site in Orkney. (A site that is turning the Neolithic face of Britain on its head.) Four small dots clustered around a central one. As with the image on the bison skull, it could be a portal between the worlds. Which is exactly what the planet’s Soul Star chakra could be described as. A doorway to, or for, the Spirit.

In many different shamanic cultures, we encounter again and again the idea that the Pole Star marks a tiny hole – a gap, window or entrance that leads out of the physically perceptible world of space and time to the invisible spirit-world. Through this hole the gods pass to and fro. So also do the souls of the dead. …The idea that the passage between worlds is a tiny point serves to remind us that we are not considering here an additional fourth or fifth physical dimension. Rather we are taking dimensions away, we are removing them one after another until we reach a point that vanishes into ‘nowhere’, a kind of negative space in which matter is replaced by spirit.

                                      Jeremy Naydler

The ochre colouring provided a link to the African sites I had explored for the Earth Star and Gaia Gateway:

The oldest ochre use can be traced to 500,000 years ago in Tanzania, Africa. Since then, ochre was used throughout the Old World, eventually becoming commonplace among ice-age hunters. The practice was brought to the New World by the first Americans where it was dispersed around ancient habitation sites… What was the purpose of the ochre? Was it ceremonial, ritual, symbolic, religious, or decorative? One interpretation is that ochre dots served as identity markers… or they may represent astronomical maps, evidence of shamanism, or even a hunter’s experience. The Denali bison may have been painted in a trance state, a common practice among shamans. Visions at the early stages of a trance are universally manifested as dots, zig-zags, and meandering lines.

When I consulted ‘what’s-your-sign’ (my favourite source for symbolic meanings), buffalo came up as equivalent to bison. It said that Buffalo was a true reminder of the greater whole. A Lakota friend had explained to her that ‘the Buffalo is like a hologram. Its behemoth features are a physical manifestation of the store-holds available in the energetic realms.’ [] Having watched ‘Gorgeous George’ getting up close and personal with these incredible beings on t.v. last night, I can see why they were held sacred. As he said,‘ amazing, so magnificent.’

Image c.What’s-your-sign.

Image c.What’s-your-sign.

The skull image also reminded me of this 17th century Persian depiction of the constellation of Aries: The Ram. A clue as to what was to come when I searched for the Stellar Gateway.

The Stellar Gateway

Soul Star image: oshun spirit living light!

Soul Star image: oshun spirit living light!

But, for now, it felt like I had found a soul star chakra I could utilise. I was discussing this with Julia Surnina, who is from Khazakhstan, and she said ‘look at Mohnatka Mountain in the Altai Mountains. It’s another sacred, mythical place.’ When I did so, it felt like there was a strong energetic connection between the two sites. As though the Soul Star dipped under the Arctic and came out the other side. Almost like a bowl containing the whole Arctic area. My Isua and Nuummite skulls positively tingled at that thought, sending shock waves into my hands. So one went on each point on the map. Wow!

Mohnatka Mountain, Altai Mountains, Central Asia

There’s very little on the internet about the Altai mountains in English, let alone on Mohnatka Mountain. Apparently the name “Altai” derives from Turkic and Mongolian sources and means roughly, “mountains of gold.” I was interested to learn that: ‘The Altai Mountains represent the northernmost impact of the collision of the India tectonic plate into Asia.  Until the twentieth century, the mountains were extremely remote and sparsely populated; but, they have since been opened to exploitation, chiefly of metals such as mercury, gold, manganese and tungsten.’ You can get a feel of the place from these images:

The mountains are tucked into a liminal space between a clutch of countries, a meeting point, which seems appropriate for a soul star access point.

Stellar Gateway


So then it was time to search for the Stellar Gateway. If indeed it was on the planet at all. But that needed a dragon or two. Both of which arrived by China post in only two days. Parcels within England were taking more time than that. They were certainly in a hurry to start work. More on that next time.

P.S. Oh yes, and how about this location for the planet’s spleen chakra? I need to do more research but this picture jumped out at me when I was searching for something else entirely. Look at that natural pyramid in the distance. From the look of other images on the internet there are some amazing stones there – and it’s comparatively close to the source of Libyan Gold tektite. The Ahaggar Plateau rises from the barren landscape of the Sahara in southern Algeria, crossing the Tropic of Cancer about 5° and 6° E. long., almost midway between the Atlantic and the valley of the Nile.

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