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20th August, 2017 Members Community

The Cave of the Rising Star

Inside the Cave of the Rising Star

Inside the Cave of the Rising Star

While I was writing an article for ‘The Familiar’ ezine on my search for the Earth’s higher chakras, the editor Domenic Leo emailed me to say it had inspired him to research the areas in South Africa and Ethiopia in which I was interested – particularly the area around the South Africa’s Gauteng province, part of the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site. He was excited by the discovery of the ‘Cave of the Rising Star’ which formed part of the complex. So was I!

On 13 September 2013, while exploring the Rising Star cave system, recreational cavers Rick Hunter and Steven Tucker of the Speleological Exploration Club (SEC) found a narrow, vertically oriented “chimney” or “chute” measuring 12 m (39 ft) long with an average width of 20 cm (7.9 in).Then Hunter discovered a room 30 m (98 ft) underground (Site U.W. 101, the Dinaledi Chamber), the surface of which was littered with fossil bones. []

Don’t you just love the deterministic nomenclature here? A guy called Hunter accompanied by his caving companion Tucker finds fossil bones ‘tucked’ into a previously unexplored and deeply inaccessible cave.

Point Cloud Rising Star Cave System

It sounds like an incredibly initiatory experience to me:

The Superman Crawl opens into the “Dragon’s Back Chamber,” which includes a approximately 15 m (49 foot) exposed climb up a ridge of a sharp-edged dolomite block that fell from the roof sometime in the distant past. This block is the so-called Dragon’s Back, so named because the climbing route appears to progress from the tail to the head along the spiked spine of a mythical beast… The Dragon’s Back Chamber can currently be accessed in two ways, both involving steep climbs along narrow fractures and tight passages: [Wikipedia]

Scattered on the floor of a cramped, claustrophobic cave chamber, they [the fossilised bones] lay undisturbed for up to two million years in the pitch black before being discovered by a group of anthropologists.

Read more:

Just looking at the images brought out all my latent claustrophobia but isn’t this an amazing birth (or rebirth) sequence:


University of Witwatersrand

Image: University of Witwatersrand
To see more of the detailed 3-D thermal imaging visit

First Humans

But what caught my attention, of course, was the naming of the Dragon’s Back. If you’ve been reading my blogs you will know about my dragon obsession and here was the earth dragon in person. But I was electrified by the Rising Star too. I’d been searching for the Earth’s Earth Star chakra (the story is told in ‘The Familiar’ with an extended version in blogs on the member’s only section of my website) and come to the conclusion that it was located in the Cave of Humankind complex. The Rising Star suggests an energetic link to the Soul Star, my current quest. Just as with the human body, the Earth Star beneath the feet must, I reason, be linked to the Soul Star above the head. And similarly the Gaia Gateway with the Stellar Gateway. This serendipitous synchronicity provided a new impetus for my search, which had just settled on an Alaskan location and Mohnatka Mountain located in the Altai mountains in Siberia suggested by Julia Surnina.

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