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DragonsA powerful representation of transmutation and change, and carriers of timeless wisdom dragons embody auspicious powers, although these differ in eastern and western symbolism. Despite the hostile legends that have attached to them, they are guardian beings. With the exception of the cosmic dragons, dragons tend to have an earthier perspective than the ‘humanoid’ skulls. The cosmic dragons are moving closer to Earth once more and anchoring their consciousness in the skulls.

Skullkeeper Jeni Powell received this teaching from the dragon goddess Sophia via her own crystal dragon skulls:

Sofia states that the dragons are part of Earth’s make up to harmonise our planet’s energies in line with external changes. All ‘matter’ including dragons comprises of minute energy particles and it is our mind that creates the image we wish to see. Hence the leylines surrounding earth (or ‘dragon lines’ as they were once called) appearing to some as winged ‘dragon’ creatures.

She has allowed me to work with and understand the Dragon community – learning about the different types of ‘dragons’ that are present on/in and around the earth and also the crystal dragon energies (which are of a finer frequency and work in different dimensions). All of the dragons have a part to play in balancing earth’s energies and keeping our planet safe. To balance the planet it is now imperative to balance all that reside on her – including us. This is where the dragon energies come into play – we can work with them to harmonise our own energy systems so that we feel more positive, healthy and harmonious which has a knock on effect on mother earth. To this effect, Sofia has also instigated the creation of the Crystal Balance Dragon energy sprays which allow us to experience the different dragons and their qualities helping us to feel at our optimum and completely balanced.

The Elemental dragons

In the western view, the elemental dragons represent the four directions and the five elements, as do different colors of dragon.

The creative fire dragon of the East symbolizes energy, transmutation and mastery of power. As with the colors red and orange, a fire dragon imbues you with vitality and enthusiasm, lending you the courage to overcome obstacles.

The nurturing earth dragon of the West symbolizes your riches and your potential, inner and outer. As with the green, grey, brown and speckled crystals, earth dragons are helpful when you need grounding and stabilizing. They pull together scattered energies and reintegrate them when you need to call on your deepest resources.

The inspirational air dragon of the North offers you insight and illumination. Call on it when you need clarity or to connect to your intuition and inner guidance. Pale color crystals such as yellow, blue and silvery-grey connect to its wisdom.

The empathetic water dragon of the South offers you a deeper connection – to your own past and to ancestral memories. It links to your suppressed emotions and to the hidden desires that motivate you. Compassionate blue and blue-green as well as translucent crystals quickly access the water dragon and help you to come to terms with, and release, the past.

The assertive metal dragons facilitate the flow around and within the planet of the energizing properties of metallic elements especially those bound up within crystal beds. These dragons regulate the passage of lifeforce within the Earth’s meridians and can be called on to assist with earth-healing. Metal dragon skulls formed from Iron Pyrite, Hematite and so on carry the same qualities. Their steely resolve is helpful if you need to stand up for yourself or take on a challenge.

According to Alphedia Arara, the metal dragons also work with metals that have been smelted and used in constructions and for flight. One of her dragons communicated:

‘Now that humanity has evolved to create massive metal structures on top of Gaia’s skin, some of us are dwelling in the earth’s atmosphere as guardians of these great metallic structures. Some skyscrapers and buildings we are guardians of, and each aeroplane has a guardian Dragon due to the high aluminium content and other metals used to transport people around the globe.’ (

Their stated purpose is to create a greater connection with the metallic kingdom and speed up humanity’s spiritual development. Isn’t that a comforting idea, each plane in the sky having a dragon looking after it? It makes me look forward to my next flight.

I have been reminded that there is another element: wood. I was on a crystal mountain in Wales, which has a huge golden dragon guardian, from which we collect dragon-shaped rocks and healing-infused crystals that go around the world to perform earth-healing. This mountain is literally created from the powerful Celtic Golden Healer Quartz, with white Celtic Chevron, Blue and Red Quartz within its granite matrix. Plus several minerals: including lead, gold and silver. And the occasional Calcite. You never quite know what you’ll uncover there. It is indeed a dragon’s treasure trove. The site of a former leadmine, it has the most extraordinary energy. The mountain was planted with non-native conifer trees when the mine closed, and these trees are now being harvested, which reveals many crystal beauties. But when a friend and I went to do some water-healing a few miles away where a dam had been created and a village drowned, we found that ancient native trees were being torn out to create parking places. Huge craters scarred the beautiful landscape, dead wood and displaced roots were all around. Torrential rain was stirring up the mud. The area was crying out for healing. I realised that, in our elemental healing ceremonies, we’d been neglecting a very important element. The wood element that connects us Nature and her cycles and seasons. That night I went on line to buy the most gorgeous pink and grey striped Petrified Wood dragon.

  • In Chinese five element acupuncture, wood represents the spring, the seeds of life, and the start of something new. Sociable Wood holds the ability to survive and has the strength to overcome obstacles. But unlike enduring stone, wood breaks down – and can be recycled. The renewing wood dragons first destroy all that is outworn and outgrown, and then usher in a new cycle. They are the endless pattern of growth and rebirth, decay and regeneration. But the flexible wood dragons offer us something more. Like the trees themselves, they have their roots deep in the ground and their leaves in the ether. They take in nourishment from the Earth and from the cosmos, combining the two into intrinsic balance. The wood dragons enable us to ground new awareness and anchor high vibrational energies deep into the Earth. With a wood dragon at our side, we can manifest all that we truly are. Petrified Wood, Peanut Wood, Amber and similar stones access the wood dragons.

cosmic dragons

  • The cosmic dragons are vast interstellar beings wise beyond the range of human perception. Mythical and mystical, these dragons have been represented throughout time but remained in other dimensions. The cosmic dragons are now drawing closer to Earth to share their wisdom and assist with human evolution.


How do psychic abilities communicate?

There is no one right way to communicate with your dragon. One person will ‘hear an inner voice’, another will ‘see a mind picture’, whilst a third will ‘feel it’ or ‘get a sense about it’ and yet another will ‘just know’, someone else will ‘get it in the gut’ or ‘feel it in my heart’ or ‘get the impression’. Imagery is often the language of psychic connection. Because images are constantly passing through our minds, however, the trick is to recognise those that have a message for us.

If your psychic awareness functions through your body, it is kinaesthetic. Kinaesthetic awareness covers sensing with your hands, ‘feeling in your bones’, gut feelings, tingles, shudders, head prickling or the hairs on your arms standing up. You may also have a different kind of feeling, something that involves ‘just knowing’. You aren’t quite sure how you came to know, but you do indeed know.

Psychic sensitivity can function at a mental or psychic level. If it is mental, a thought that is not yours floats into your head answering a question, or giving the information you need. If it is psychic, you may clearly hear your dragon’s voice speaking to you, or you may get a mind picture projected onto an inner screen. Communication may come when you write without thinking first, or when you enter a creative reverie or dream state. If you are kinaesthetic or aural rather than visual, your dragon will probably make its presence known by touch, smell, words, impressions, or an instinctive knowing.

Are there any signs to watch out for that I am attuned?

Yes, your dragon does have a way of making you pay attention. And there are definite sensations that occur when you are attuned. Typical signs and feelings are:

  • Shudders like buckets of cold water going down your back.
  • The top or one side of your head tingling
  • A tap on your shoulder
  • Sudden pressure in your head
  • A feeling that a string attached to the top of your head is pulling you up
  • An adrenaline rush
  • A sense of alignment, as though your body and some other subtle self have come together and landed in a still, calm place.
  • Hairs standing up
  • Gurgles and rumblings from your gut
  • Eyes going out of focus
  • Ears hearing swishing or buzzing noises or actual words

The grounding cord

Being grounded helps you to communicate. A grounding cord is the answer. This cord is flexible and does not hamper your movement when moving with your dragon, but it does help you to settle your consciousness back into your body when communication complete and it can help to ‘reel you back in’ if you feel floaty at any time. Being fully grounded is one of the best methods of psychic protection too.

Sit with your feet firmly on the floor and take your attention down to your feet. Close your eyes.

Picture a cord growing from the centre bottom of each of your feet, rather like a root. They pass into the centre of the earth chakra about a foot beneath your feet where the two strands unite. The cord goes deep down into the centre of the earth. It is flexible and allows you to move around, but it holds you firmly in incarnation.

When you feel firmly grounded within your physical body, open your eyes and bring your attention fully back into the room.

Receiving information

Psychic information is received through the physical body or the subtle senses in various ways:

  • Hearing (aural)
  • Seeing (visual)
  • Sensing (kinaesthetic)
  • Feeling (kinaesthetic)
  • Knowing (kinaesthetic)
  • Smelling (kinaesthetic-sensate)
  • Muscles or skin (kinaesthetic-sensate)

Which mode do you use?

There are three main modes of perception through which we experience the world:

  • our ears, the auditory mode
  • our eyes, the visual mode
  • our senses, the sensate or kinaesthetic mode, which includes our body feelings, smell and taste.

These modes govern the way in which your dragon communication functions and knowing which mode you use will facilitate opening your connection and increasing your perceptions. Most people use a combination of two or more modes and the more modes that are open the more acute your psychic sensitivity becomes. It is perfectly possible to strengthen your weaker modes and so open your psychic abilities even wider but you may need to balance the modes so that one doesn’t overwhelm the subtle signals you would otherwise receive via a different mode. Try deliberately switching modes by focusing your attention on the inner eye or ear, senses or your body.

Visual people are stimulated by patterns, colour, images, gestures and body language. They find it easy to visualise and tend to think in pictures and to have vivid, technicolour dreams. If you allow your eyes to go slightly out of focus and ‘see’ from the corner of your eye, you are visual. If you use phrases like ‘I don’t quite see what you mean’ then you are probably using the visual mode to process information. You can enhance your psychic sensitivity through the use of vivid imagery, mandalas, crystals and quiet observation.

Auditory people are powerfully affected by words, sounds and music. If you find yourself asking someone to ‘could you repeat that’ or ‘I didn’t quite catch that’, you probably use the auditory mode to process information. If you close your eyes and listen when you want to concentrate, or tilt your head to one side with a particular ear forward, you are auditory (the ear you point forward will be your dominant, psychic ear). If you feel uplifted by a swell of music, your psychic awareness can be enhanced by chanting, mantras, background music, and focused sounds such as a Tibetan bowl or cymbals.

Kinaesthetic-Sensate people are strongly affected by smell, touch, gesture and sensation. I strongly suspect that sensate people have a particularly large number of active mirror neurons in their brain. If you make touch statements like ‘I can’t quite get a grip on that’ or body-orientated observations such as ‘my gut tells me’ you are using the kinaesthetic mode to process information. Similarly if you make statements like ‘I’m feeling a little blue today’ you are sense-orientated. If your body feels like a receiver that shivers or quivers or feels nausea or excitement in the gut in response to places or people, then your psychic awareness will be enhanced (or smothered) by incense or perfumes, by tracing symbols or making ritual gestures and body movement such as dance, walking or tai chi, or massage with scented oils over the third eye. ‘Seeing’ can be facilitated by drawing, maybe with your non-dominant hand or by shuffling cards and laying a spread out or by casting the runes and so on.

Smell and psychic awareness

The olfactory sense is often overlooked in psychic sensing and yet it is a powerful and evocative form of communication. As metaphysical abilities develop it is common for certain aromas to be perceived even though they are not present in the physical world.

What facilitates communication?

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

                   Albert Einstein

Practical experience tells me that getting out of your own way is the first thing that assists dragon communication. If you learn to stand aside placidly, putting aside wishful thinking, prejudice, hopes and expectations, and allow your communication to make itself known in its own way, you stand the best chance of developing your own inner awareness and listening to the signs and signals all around and within you – your body might be talking to you right now, but are you listening? Are you trying to figure things out? If so, stop the mind chatter and listen to the still voice from within yourself. If you can clear your mind of the clutter and chatter, take time to sit down quietly and contemplate your navel, and remember to ask for guidance, you will be on your way. Then, it’s a case of asking the right kind of questions and creating silences instead of constantly questioning. Trust it is the quickest way to get your communication up and running.

Scientific research has, however, shown that altered states of consciousness and deep relaxation help psychic awareness to function efficiently, as does emotional empathy – it is difficult to be telepathic with someone you dislike for instance. The mind needs to be slightly displaced, disengaged from the everyday. You need to move from functional perception into psychic perception – a much older and more natural way of perceiving the world. Learning to relax is a crucial first. Relaxation is a little like self-hypnosis.

Enhancing awareness

Major factors are:

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Reduced sensory input
  • Cortical arousal (that is, you remain attentive)
  • Spontaneous mental processes, especially imagery
  • A goal or a need to communicate
  • Staying present in the moment
  • Sustained emotional well-being
  • A calm, cleared headed and focused approach
  • Rest phase of the Ultradian cycle

The Ultradian Cycle

The ultradian cycle has a profound affect on which hemisphere of the brain is active during a one and a half to two hour cycle throughout the twenty four hour circadian rhythm period. An essential part of biological organization, ultradian rhythms time the cellular processes in your body and are essential if the electrical, endocrine and behavioural systems are to function efficiently. A disrupted ultradian rhythm leads to insomnia, mood swings and physiological and psychological dis-ease so getting in touch with your ultradian rhythm can be good news for your well-being. In the comparatively brief, less than two hour, ultradian cycle, high activity is followed by a twenty minute ‘low’ or resting period in which your parasympathetic nervous system is activated and your intuitive right brain is switched on. Your neurophysiological system realigns itself and you are more likely to be able to relax and slip into an altered state of awareness. This is the time when ‘aha’ moments and out of the blue insights occur – as does dragon communication.  It can be a period of intense creativity. It is the ideal time to employ self-healing techniques, to meditate or practise dragon communication. You can identify it by:

  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • The outside world ‘disappears’
  • The internal world becomes more vivid
  • Exceedingly short attention span
  • Mental fuzziness
  • Low energy and fatigue
  • Day dreams and sleepiness
  • An urge to take a break from what you are doing
  • Desperate desire for a cup of coffee, chocolate or a cigarette
  • Yawning and sighing
  • Irritability, discomfort and fleeting depression
  • Prickling or unfocussed eyes, buzzing ears
  • An inability to hear or understand what is said to you the first time around
  • Increased use of your hands if you find it difficult to explain something
  • Increased visual imagery if you are writing or talking

Take advantage of this natural cycle. Hold your dragon gently in your hands. Remove yourself from all external distractions. Breathe deeply and slowly, let yourself fall into a reverie (similar to the hypnagogic state as you fall asleep or wake), and simply observe what your mind is doing for ten to twenty minutes. Don’t try to focus, ask questions or concentrate. Simply be with what is. (You can formulate a question first and the answer will spontaneously emerge during this period.) When you return to your daily activity you will be considerably energized and highly creative.

To open the inner eye and ear

During the initial communication with your dragon it is common to see an eye opening at your third eye (above and between your eyebrows) or feel your ear pulsating – usually one ear, often the left, rather than both. This can facilitate your inner eye and ear opening. Before doing the inner eye exercise it is helpful to use a technique from the Emotional Freedom Technique to switch from functional, everyday perception to psychic, primary perception:

With your eyes open, look up to the left as high and far as you can without moving your head, then switch to the right, then look down as low to your right as possible again without moving your head and then switch to the left, reverse the process. Now make big sweeping circles with your eyes, and then a tiny circle. Now rotate your eyes the other way. Close your eyes and repeat twice more.

To open the inner eye

With your eyes open or closed, whichever feels most comfortable, look up to your inner screen, the place where your third eye lies between and slightly above the place between your eyebrows. Now move your attention forward about a foot. Picture an eye opening before you. Place this open eye on your third eye, absorb it so that it passes through the skull and lodges behind your third eye. You can support this by placing your dragon at your third eye.

To open the inner ear

Tap gently with the fingers of both hands just behind your ears moving along the bony ridge until your hands meet above your spine, and then tap back to your ears again. Then tap the little hollows in front of your ear slightly below the corner of your eyebrow and where your ear joins your head. Feel how the blood pulses in this spot. Hear it swishing and sighing.

Feel your ear pulsating with half-heard sound. Move this pulsation back behind your physical ear and hear how the sound clarifies itself. You can support this by holding your dragon to your dominant ear – the one you push forward when you are listening intently or trying to hear a sound that is just below your hearing threshold. Listen quietly and allow your dragon’s voice to speak through it.

Using the breath

Breathe slowly and gently, taking your breath deeply into your belly for several breaths.

When your breathing has settled into a regular pattern:

Take your attention into your heart, feel its beat, its rhythm. Feel the tides of the blood swishing through.

Breathe into your heart for a count of five, hold for five and then breathe out for five. Repeat for ten breaths. Notice how your heartbeat stabilises and slows.

Now feel love in your heart for your dragon, and hold that feeling of love for them and for yourself within your heart. Let that love flow out all around you. Focus your attention and listen to your dragon speak with the voice of your heart.

Increasing empathy

You can increase your awareness if you are reading for or with another person by:

  • breathing in harmony with them
  • mirroring their language
  • reflecting their gestures

This increases the empathic and intuitive connection between you.

Getting out of the way

Always try to keep your mind blank when you ask the question, even if you are 100% certain you know the answer.

                             Wilma Davidson

One of the most effective things you can do to communicate with your dragon and to avoid pitfalls is to get out of the way. If you take away your desire to succeed, stop striving to do, remove your need to know, expunge your expectation that things will happen a certain way, and rise above a need to please, your psychic abilities will work from a much clearer place. You also need to recognise when an ideal, or your dearest wish, is being projected into a scenario so that you can remove yourself and see what it means for the person you are reading for – even if this is yourself

Closing down

Closing down is one of the most essential tools for metaphysical working of any kind. This is the quick way:

When you want to close down after visualisation or meditation, picture shields closing over your third eye or cover the top of your head or your third eye with your hand. This acts as a signal that the visualisation is ended.

Then take your attention to your feet, make contact with the earth and stand up and move around.

This works equally well if you find yourself in detrimental energies or if an unwanted visitor tries to come to call.

In an emergency, stamp your foot three times to close the psychic gates.

Do not be afraid to test your dragon until you are sure that this is a wise being you can completely trust and who has your highest good at heart. Question, question and question again. A truly wise being will never be annoyed at being asked to clarify and confirm.

Receiving a message from your dragon

Once you have established a firm and trustworthy connection with your dragon you can begin to receive messages to assist your everyday life or your spiritual development.

Send out a thought asking your dragon to communication with you. (If you have established a call sign, use that.)

Imagine a ladder of light going out of your third eye to meet your dragon.

Set out your question or the information you require.

Sit quietly and listen for the reply.

When you have finished, thank your dragon, withdraw the ladder of light back into your third eye. Make a note of what you were told. Get up and move around.

If at any time you receive the call sign or signal that your dragon is present, sit down and repeat the process to access the information your dragon has for you. However, always ensure that it is an appropriate moment to be receiving the information. If not, ask your dragon to return later. In time you will be able to receive the message instantly without impinging on what you are doing at the time.


Always ask open questions:

Closed questions are ones that have a yes or no – or sometimes maybe – answer but open questions allow for further exploration.

Closed questions demand rigid yes or no answers – but psychic awareness and divination tools rarely give straight yes or no replies.

Open questions create a space for the unseen to become visible, for something new to manifest.

Open questions illuminate choices, bring out potential, and highlight hidden resistance or self-sabotage.

Open questions allow and facilitate.

‘Fuzzy questions’ that ramble and could have several answers are also hard to answer. Be succinct. It is better to take questions in manageable chunks and to do a reading in several parts. If you are trying to answer a complex psychological question, you need a to attune to the lifescripts underlying events.

When you receive an answer, you need to remain open to possibilities. An answer that seems to indicate one thing, may actually point to something different.  ‘Should I do so and so or should I do this and that’ is best avoided. Examine two possibilities through two separate questions. It is also wise to avoid asking too many questions one after the other, especially if you are, at heart, only trying to get the answer you would wish for.

Information extracted from The Crystal Skulls and Judy Hall’s Book of Psychic Development.


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