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Do I really need to be an Arhat?

20th March, 2018 Members Community
c. Judy Hall

c. Judy Hall

For several years now I’ve been trying to persuade one of our members to use his intuition to find the right crystals for him. But he’s stubbornly refused to consider it. As you can see from his question below, he doesn’t believe he can do it, so of course he not only finds it impossible to do, he’s blocking himself so much that he won’t even give it a try. He’s totally immersed in the negative belief in his head. Here’s one of his latest crystal questions and my response:

‘Hello My Dear Judy, Many Thanks for our anwers. now yesterday I read again parts of Your book Grid Crystals. & regarding star of 6 point Your example whas wit 6 Selenite. then You mention insomia & chattering or Monkey Mind, then You said Ametist & Aurelite 23. But please how many of then 7 in each case or just one the key crystal and the other six? are always Selenite? or which one for each case…Also You say dowse in order to see  which side is up, English is not My Mother lenguage, so please give Me the full answer & please with all the Love , respect & gratitute that I have to You  not say use Your intuition  because until now in this life I and not an Arhat.’

Judy Hall: This is the last time I will answer a question like this from you. As I have said many times before, you need to learn how to find the crystals and the method that are right for you for yourself. The books make that clear too. Everyone is energetically different and will need slightly different crystals and grids, which is why I give choices. Chapter 2 pages 26-40 of Crystal Grids show in detail how to choose your crystals and in particular how to dowse. If you find it difficult to follow the words, the Crystal Bibles show it in pictures. If you learn to do this, you will be able to answer all your questions for yourself.’

Now, I have to fess up and say that when I wrote that answer I was tetchy to say the least. I’d politely asked him several times not to send in particularized questions like this. He needed to work it out for himself. Do what was right for him. But it didn’t seem to register. He’d ask the same question over and over again. Seemingly believing, I assumed, that he’d wear me down and I’d give in and answer. I’m extremely busy and I just don’t have the time – or the patience – to go over and over the same old ground (that’s why there’s a comprehensive search engine on the members community website). Nor can I ‘do it’ for someone else. Yes, I can intuitively recommend a stone for someone for whom I’m doing a karmic reading. I’ve had the time to tune into their specific energy field, although even then it’s not always appropriate to make such a recommendation (it’s not part of the reading service). I certainly can’t do that for every random questioner who asks ‘what do I need…’ It’s just not helping them to grow. Nor helping them to take responsibility for themselves. I can sometimes share what has worked for other people. But, as I make very clear in my books, everyone needs to find exactly the right crystal from them. You never learn if you only take the word of an ‘expert’. What happens if you suddenly have a need and the book isn’t there? It’s part of everyone’s spiritual development, or so I believe, to learn to listen to – and follow – their inner guidance.

Don’t be shackled by the beliefs of others c. Judy Hall

Don’t be shackled by the beliefs of others c. Judy Hall

When Terrie Celest came over a day or two later to put together some intuitive grids we were discussing this. We were intuitively linking crystals together into grid packs to open the third eye. Each one was slightly different. And, although we would be putting the dragon’s eye template in with each one, we wouldn’t be putting in a photo of the grid we had constructed from the crystals. It would be up to the recipient to lay out the grid in the way that they felt best suited them. A test of being intuitive and going with the flow that might challenge some of the more head-orientated members of the community. Others, I knew would welcome and embrace the opportunity.

Saint or sinner?

We may be broken, but we’re still perfect as we are! c.Judy Hall

We may be broken, but we’re still perfect as we are! c.Judy Hall

I also admit that I hadn’t understood the word ‘Arhat’ that had been used and I hadn’t had time to look it up before answering. It didn’t seem appropriate then. But later I wondered what it meant, so looked it up. I had to do a double-take:

(in Buddhism and Jainism) a saint of one of the highest ranks.

Theravada Buddhism defines arhat (Sanskrit) or arahant (Pali) as “one who is worthy” or as a “perfected person” having attained nirvana. Other Buddhist traditions have used the term for people far advanced along the path of Enlightenment, but who may not have reached full Buddhahood.

Moment of enlightenment c. Judy Hall

Moment of enlightenment c. Judy Hall

Do you really have to be a saint or a perfected, enlightened person to use your intuition???? No way!!! For me, it is through developing your intuition and other metaphysical abilities that you become enlightened – that is, you see beyond the consensual reality of this world and move into expanded awareness that is so-called nirvana. You experience moments like this. Bliss consciousness. Very few people arrive on earth intending to achieve and remain in that blissed out state. And, once they do, the wisest of them use it to assist humanity to expand their awareness too (think Dalai Lama). Tuning into crystals is one step on the way to reaching those moments of bliss consciousness.

Believing in your own sainthood is one of the quickest ego-trips to hell.  I’ve seen so many good people crash and burn because they believed their own hype. Humility is such an essential spiritual quality.

The sinner element? Well, the old definition of ‘sinner’ was ‘one who lives outside the will of God.’ Personally, I prefer a newer definition: ‘one who lives without knowledge of the divine/Allthatis/Spirit/Source’. Something beyond. Call it what you will. Just so long as you don’t hand over your autonomy to a white-bearded autocrat who lives in the sky – or to anyone else other than your own highest self. To me one of the greatest ‘sins’ is to go along with what you’re told without exploring it for yourself. But then, I’m a Sag and we’re given to seeking answers to the ultimate questions of life for ourselves.

Reaching nirvana?

Reaching nirvana c. Judy Hall

c. Judy Hall

Several years ago now, I had a conversation with a Buddhist friend who had been brought up in a Spiritualist household where physical phenomena such as articles flying around the room and spirits manifesting were commonplace. An extremely mind-orientated, intellectually-based person, he’d retreated into Buddhism. Only to find he could walk through walls in his meditations. But he told me that yes, you could develop your intuition and psychic abilities on the path to enlightenment, but the Buddha had taught that you had to move beyond that stage to reach a perfected state where you know that consensual reality is an illusion.

Buddhist friend c. Judy Hall

c. Judy Hall

Who am I to argue with the Buddha? I’m certainly not a saint or a perfected person (although I am perfect exactly as I am), but it’s my experience that, through journeying with crystals, it’s possible to move into unity and bliss consciousness and to explore expanded realities. What I could perhaps call moment-by-moment enlightenment.

So, I would encourage you all to develop your intuition as fully as possible. It makes working with crystals so much more fruitful. A step along the way could be learning to dowse – instructions for which you’ll find in all my books.

And, the most important step of all is:

 ‘Learn to trust yourself and your inner guidance.’

Do not constantly rely on other people to do it for you!

If you need assistance to develop your own abilities, that is a different matter, and you’ll find it here:

Judy Hall has been practising and teaching psychic development for over 45 years, and her new book, Judy Hall’s Book of Psychic Development disseminates what she has learnt during that time. You will learn how to safely develop your intuition and psychic awareness through exercises that include accessing the Akashic Records, meeting your spiritual guide, astral travelling and interpreting the signals and prompts given in everyday life. There is also a section on the scientific proof that psychic abilities are now being taken seriously and a chapter on what to do if things go wrong. Sound and solid advice from a true professional.

Order it now –

and yes it is available on Kindle and on Amazon. You just need to search for it yourself!

And some crystal assistance:

Aquamarine, The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle c. Michael Illas

Aquamarine, The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle c. Michael Illas

Aquamarine helps you to tune into your own guidance system and to open your third eye.

Terrie has plenty in the store:

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