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Atlas Mountain Tears (Blue Obsidian) Final Report – for now!

20th June, 2018 Members Community
Image: Soulful crystals

Image: Soulful crystals

This report is for community members only because of the content and because, in my opinion, you need to be extremely strong energetically – and experienced in crystal work and probably in magic too – to work at this level with this crystal. But do note that this and the other reports are my and other crystal workers’ response to this crystal. You may have an entirely different experience with it.

When I was in Belfast, I picked up a few more pieces of this stone from StoneAgeIreland. I was excited because Paul had said that they were on a matrix and that he had the location written on a box. Was I finally tracking the source down? No. So far the location hasn’t come to light and the ‘matrix’ turned out to be the same white crystallised substance that I had been able to wash off and which had reformed (see part 1 of the report). So we’re still no wiser on that. I’m hoping to find out more at the St Marie mineral fair over the solstice.

Paul wrapped the stone for me and I put them into my money belt, which has a screen-lining to protect my credit cards. It also protected me from the stones. So far, so good. But, when I showed Gillian the stones while we were having lunch, as I took out the stones and handed them to her my energy plummeted once again – despite my having, as I thought, protected myself thoroughly. To pull myself back, I had to sit with my feet on a large Black Obsidian that we had been using on the dragons workshop and which I had felt should go home with Gillian rather than back to Paul’s stall.

When she could get the words out, which was something of a struggle – so much for articulate communication – Gillian’s response was that, rather than the lost souls Jeni Powell had picked up (see report 2), she saw that the souls who were drawing energy were actually banished souls who were stuck between the worlds and trying to get back. That made sense to me as I’d had long talks on the subject with my mentor Christine Hartley. Not for the first time, I wished I had allowed her to train me in modern magical working, but I had preferred to learn past life healing from her. Nevertheless, I knew I had old magical training to draw on so that’s what I did – although I first called Christine in to guide and protect me.

Image: Drake Meredy, Banished-shadow - DeviantArt

Image: Drake Meredy, Banished-shadow – DeviantArt

Gillian also said that the dragons could spot these souls trying to infiltrate back into the realm of earth and remove them, so I was delighted to find this picture on deviantart. Perhaps not quite what the artist intended, but appropriate nonetheless. It reminded me of the Black and Spiders Web Obsidian Dragons that kept the souls out.

My flight home was the quickest and smoothest I have experienced from Belfast. The road home was empty and I flew down it in record time, and picked up fish and chips for energy, which I ate at Knowlton while watching the fiery sunset. Then came home and immediately set up a ritual grid.

Calling on all my old magical knowledge, I coated myself in Power Shield, set up a grid around a central Tantalite for added protection with Spiders Web Obsidian to ‘catch’ the souls and return them to the furthest realms where they could be dealt with appropriately by Christine and her helpers. The grid was grounded by a Sea Flint and liberally dowsed with David Eastoe’s ‘Blast ‘Em Off’. (Which probably has a proper name now but which is still only available from Petaltone for specialist working.) My Obsidian knife cut all ties between the souls and the crystals. A thorough spray with my Anandalite essence completed the process.

So, if you are called to do such work there are four pieces available that I will be giving to Terrie. She won’t be putting them up for sale on the website for obvious reasons but you can contact her through or her Facebook page. If you do work with them, I’d suggest protecting yourself with Tantalite and Black Obsidian. Plus Petaltone’s Power Shield essence (see my website for links) and any other crystals that call to you.

It is likely that Jeni Powell will be making an essence that can be used as per her contribution to the second report. Her guide Guisseppe suggested it would be more appropriate for most people than the stone itself. But she’ll need time to test it out first so keep an eye on the Crystal Balance website for further news.

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