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Atlas Mountain Tear (Blue Obsidian) Report Part 2: The continuing story

20th May, 2018 Members Community
Atlas Mountain Tear

Atlas Mountain Tear on Mike Eastwood’s Obsidian oversoul card

Part One of the report on the Atlas Mountain Tear was the longest crystal assessment I have ever undertaken and it was left totally unresolved in my mind. I knew there would be more to come, but hadn’t anticipated that the two people assisting in the assessment would also have a great deal to say about their experience with the crystal – in addition to my crystal community. I had posted a picture of an Atlas Mountain Tear on the crystal community website prior to the first part of this report and asked for comments. The response was overwhelming and immediate. So many parallel themes arising. (You can read the comments at the end of this piece). Interesting to say the least for such a rare and ambiguous stone. But, so far, there has been little response at all to the report.

Terrie Celest, who sells my crystals through her website, did an ongoing assessment that turned out to be almost as long as my own. Her report is below.

I had asked Jeni Powell of The Crystal Balance Company if her guide Guisseppe, who often assesses new crystals as part of our ongoing crystal group, could take a look and this report is compiled from the recording she made at the time. The notes I scribbled down at the time, much of it literally in note form with just the words that were spoken, was pretty incomprehensible. So you will need to see what resonates with you. Guisseppe also assessed the essence I had made from the stone, recommending that it would be better to work with the essence rather than the crystal. So, now that I have obtained another crystal I’ll be passing it on to Jeni to make a commercial essence.

Please feel free to read as much or as little of the two reports as you wish and make up your own mind about this crystal!

The day Jeni assessed the crystal:

The Astrology Blog – What’s Happening This Week? Joanna Watters 17.4.18

Mercury turned direct on Sunday but note that it takes a while for him to pick up speed again. This week he travels only 2 degrees (from 5 Aries to 7 Aries) but at least it’s in the right direction. Pay special attention to matters that have been complicated or frustrating, especially during the last three weeks, as the real picture or new facts will start to emerge. You can expect this to be mostly positive but as Mercury is the trickster as well as the communicator you can also expect the possibility of dealing with factors that you didn’t even know existed until now! There is also the theme of taking to heart lessons learned, so that you won’t make the same mistake twice.

‘Not made in the earth’, Jeni Powell and Guiseppe

It looks like blue ice but it’s not –  its honeycombed and it holds cells of information.  I feel it on the throat. It is like they are one of the lost tribe.  It feels weird as its not cold so does not have the ice aspect but I want to say ice people.  The white bits are coming off the crystal as I’m moving it around (Judy said that its happened since it’s been in water).  Logic would say it must be low on the mohs scale to disintegrate in water but Judy says that quartz doesn’t mark it which indicates it is higher on the mohs scale – it is certainly a paradox!!! The crystal is literally falling apart.

We discussed it possibly being created from broken and reconstituted glass and were informed that it can still link somewhere even if it is made from crushed bottles. It certainly looks glassy.

It is showing me a honeycomb with holes in it but rather than absorbing like a sponge these holes hold cells of memory. It is literally zinging in my fingers.  Then suddenly every finger that I used to hold the crystal went ‘dead’ – the blood was drained from my fingers. We experimented with different fingers and the same thing happened! It was literally trying to take my power.

Each individual hexagonal cell in the honeycomb links to something. A cellular structure of information that is interdependent  (one relies on another )  – if you break one you break the whole lot.  By breaking the honeycomb you can move the edges away to get to the honey inside.  You will have holding cells around so that it will only disintegrate if it is the correct person accessing the ‘honey’.  Be aware though because if you access one cell you have to consent to access and work with the whole lot as the thread goes into the next cell and you will be faced with whatever it is!  It looks a nice light crystal but looks can be deceptive as you are seeing the nice light structure of it rather than the honey inside. It all depends on your perception at the time as to what the honey is like so you need to be in a very high frequency ‘state’ in order to access it in the right ‘category’ for you to get the finer information. It has a trigger – the outside membrane of it (the honeycomb) if you are not in a good place it will trigger the honey to be denser and you may probably want to throw the crystal away (be repelled by it).

What does it do?

I am allowed to work with it but not link into the honey.  It is not for me!

I immediately felt a pain in my solar plexus (hurt, pain and sadness).   I felt Lost souls – not of this planet.  This crystal links into them.  If you are not careful then it will try and take your power to link into them that’s why I’m utilising Guisseppe as an interface and not actually linking into the crystal myself (we later discovered that it was trying to regain it’s power as it had been used up when making the essence – the essence now holds the power rather than the crystal).

I feel sadness and pain that is why looks are deceptive  – it looks a lovely light crystal but depends on your state as to whether it is light or not.  It links into lost souls (multidimensional) and, like on earth, you get denser and finer frequency souls.   It is like a tribe – for the right person to link in they will get ancient information (very  much like the lost tribes in the jungle) you will get all their knowledge and information of ways to do things (Judy said like Trigonics).   I don’t feel its been made in the earth – doesn’t mean its not.  Doesn’t feel like its come from a seam in the earth.

Judy asked “Is it ok to use the essence for people who don’t feel they have power or its been taken away by someone else?”  It is not about peoples’ power being taken away – the essence allows them to see where their power has been robbed. It takes it to another level for example, in relationships they would see when someone is being controlling and taking their power.  You could utilise this – similarly to how the bits were falling off the crystal, the bits would fall off around the person however it might do things that they don’t want to do such as end relationships etc but it would be better for them in the long run.

It is almost like a seer – it IS a ‘seer’. It will show you   – that is why Guisseppe was saying about your perception when you pick it up  If you are not in a good place you will see that as that is what it will pick up – it will be mirrored back.  It is a mirror, if you have power it will try and take it.  Whatever you display or portray it will mirror but if you portray strength it sees it but it will take it to show you what you have got . To me that’s backwards as you would think it would show you strength as that is what you have got, it is mirrored but it’s not, there is another side to the mirror – it is a bit of a trickster.  It is definitely a seer (not a seeing stone) like in Mayan times where they look in the pool to see what is happening in the skies  (scrying).  It is all planetary stuff – alignments etc astrologers would benefit from it as it will help them see it in a different way.  It is more so for people who are doing off planet work as these are lost souls who aren’t from this planet and they are helping but its not all sweetness and light.   If you aren’t in a good place when you pick it up you will be in a worse place afterwards!!!!

It is showing me lots of little tadpoles in it – frogs spawn – (a cycle).  It is not beneficial for everyone as it will not move everyone forward as you need to be in the correct state before working with the essence or crystal.

Judy asked “Can the essence work on someone who has something feeding off them?”.  It mirrors the opposite so if I sucked energy out of people it would help me to show me what I do so it would give me energy so that I don’t have to suck it off people. It teaches by mirroring.

If the crystal disintegrates then it will let the lost souls go as the information from the lost souls is now in the essence.  Hence it is best to work with the essence rather than the crystal.  The crystal needs Herkimers around it to re energise it so that it can crumble and release the souls – that’s why they are tadpoles they are the souls that can regenerate.

Similar to Andara Glass. (You can read about this crystal in the Crystal Bible volume 3

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or read about it here )

Andara Seafoam Glass Image: Worthpoint.

Andara Seafoam Glass Image: Worthpoint.

Terrie Celest: Notes on Blue Obsidian for Judy

I was sure I had typed this up as I thought that would be easier for you to copy and paste anything that might be relevant. As I told you, I searched my Ipad and computer and couldn’t find anything but I have now found notes I had jotted down in a notebook  but NOT typed up! What ever this crystal does, it doesn’t help the memory or bring much clarity, or does it? And that last sentence, could well encompass its energies.

I had this one day where a lot of things came to me. I said before that I felt the crystal was very Neptunian, and noticed that you also said that in your description. This particular day, the insights that were coming were very Neptunian to me, that feeling of small synchronicities that trigger a memory or make a connection with something else. They can be very difficult to describe and the significance of them might be lost on other people if you try to describe them, but they give you that Ah-ha feeling, an link to something else, connection is the word that keeps coming, And that was echoed in the fact that, having lost the notes, I could remember some key points like a connection to the elements and Child of Gaia, but try as I might, I couldn’t remember how it had all connected in and made sense to me at the time, now that I was no longer in that moment, in that energy. The connection and therefore the explanation was lost. Re-reading this now, this also feels very Aries and how my Aries often works. If I’m not in that energy or once that moment has gone, it can be difficult to reconnect with it. And it can be difficult to reconnect to the feeling of that moment in the past as you are currently experiencing what you are experiencing! That Aries, being in the moment, flash of inspiration, short-lived Fire energy. Remember, my Sun and Mercury are both in Aries and my Mercury is retrograde, so they were both matched in the current astrology.

So now I have the list (and it felt important to bullet-point it for clarity) and am going to try to re-connect, that seems a significant word and I’m wondering if all this is to do with the connection we have with spirit, that would make sense of how all the synchronicities flowed, it was that sort of connection. The other key word I have been getting recently is illusion, another great Neptunian word and I know that’s something I’ve been ‘working on’. Many layers, many past lives in that one! I’m also noting that I was just going to list the notes that I made for you but this is turning into more, almost an outpouring of consciousness  Perhaps this is part of me re-connecting. This crystal isn’t the sort of energy that creates lists, it’s too ethereal for that!

OK, let’s see if I can re-connect and make sense of these notes! Oh, what I was going to mention, as part of the indecisive/confusion/lack of clarity-type energy, when I was ‘in the energy’, I was going to ring you and then I thought it would be better to type it up, and then I thought I’d ring, and then I realised you were really busy…..and it didn’t happen.

  • The question that was coming to me whilst you were ‘trialling’ this crystal was, if it is so connected to water/the weather/the sea etc, why was it happening in Mercury retrograde in a Fire sign? There was an obvious mis-match there initially. The crystal seemed to be Water whilst the Sun and Mercury were in Fire.
  • The day of my insights started with me knocking a mug off of the side, breaking a big chunk out of the front of it. Water spilled on the floor and I remembered I had emptied the dishwasher and some of the mugs had gritty bits in the bottom (usually coffee dregs!) and I had put a small amount of water in the bottom to soak them as it wasn’t much and not worth putting them back in the dishwasher. A short soak and it would soften the grit so that I could easily wipe it clean.
  • GRIT! That was my first connection. You said that you had been left with grit after making the essence. What I got was that the grit is important, and I wondered if it is like the Green Ridge Quartz and is what we are getting rid of?
  • Querying a link to the Gaia flints? I have been aware that I am finding different ones in different weathers and feel there is a strong elemental connection but that I/we haven’t quite got it all yet. I had two days on the trot where I went to the Gaia woods with contrasting weather and noticed this. On the first, the Sun was shining and I noticed how that face of the woods faces the afternoon/setting Sun and it shows up the drusy. The drusy sparkled in the Sun and that was all I was drawn to. The following day was wet and all I saw was the Child of Gaia. I am still feeling there is a Gaia for all the elements. Oh, talk of synchronicities, I have the radio on in the background and as the song that was playing as I was typing finished, I heard the title announced – Fire In Me! The track now playing is called Side, but the main lyrics that keep repeating are – The grass is greener on the other side!
  • So the question was, if there is a link between this crystal and the Gaia, what is it? The answer was elemental – Water/rain. The Child of Gaia was found by you in the rain, remember that if it hadn’t been raining we wouldn’t have found it and I am finding more when it has been or is raining, when they are wet. The connection that came was, linking everything together, Does the Child of Gaia help with dissolving illusions from childhood?
  • My next notes say ‘Looked at it, dissolved and distracted’. It took me a while to reconnect with this as it is suitably vague for a Neptunian connection. At the time, I was having, what I will call a resurgence of an old energy which I knew was very Neptunian. I keep clearing layers and more float to the surface and catch me out, floating me along with them. I know they are illusions, around an old relationship, but they throw up to me all the things that were good about it, reconnect me to the positive feelings; the love, the kindness, the support, the connection that was (is) there as a result of  going through so much healing together, of allowing myself to be vulnerable for the first time, of feeling accepted for being me for the first time. All this gives me an unresolved longing, and at worst can make me wonder if I did the right thing, as I have to really try hard to remind myself of why it didn’t work! I know there are multiple layers of past lives here, just with one person, let alone any others yet to surface!

So, this energy had resurfaced and I was struggling with it, consciously trying to tell myself it was all an illusion! What I needed was a distraction, and I remembered this crystal and how it had distracted you. Could I use this distraction quality positively? So I got the picture you had posted on the Community up on the screen and looked at it. As a real test, I connected to the illusion energy so I was really feeling it and then looked into the picture, in particular at the left side of it which I had already commented had drawn me in and given me its nothingness/disappearing energies. And it worked! As I looked in at the photo, whatever it was that I was feeling dissipated, evaporated in a very gentle way and the bonus was that this time, I didn’t get the negative feelings  it had brought up before. When I tested this, trying to reconnect to the old energy I couldn’t grasp it! In the same way that I couldn’t grasp the memories of the connections I had written down when I ‘lost’ my notes.

(Side note, I got distracted at this point in my typing, checking emails on my ipad, and the lyrics that wafted from the latest song playing was ….,the rain that falls on England. I quickly wrote that down and then heard … the Sun that shines on England….Confirmation, I feel, of a connection to water/rain and fire/Sun that I noted before).

  • A lot of these thoughts, especially the possible connection with the Child of Gaia, were percolating through the layers of my brain whilst I was walking with Izzy in the Gaia woods. Do you remember the branches covered in Flint that roughly point towards that circle of trees where I first found the Gaia Blood? I came up to these and felt shocked to see that most of the Flints were on the ground as if they had been knocked off (need to check if I got a photo). It was just after, or at the end of half term and it occurred to me that children might have knocked them off, maybe playfully, maybe maliciously. Intriguingly, some, as they had fallen in the leaves in underneath, were forming a circle. (Yesterday was the first time I had seen this rebuilt, I have been checking every time I go up there and it felt important that I didn’t do it myself. Not rescuing?
Flint dragon, Gaia Wood c. Judy Hall

Flint dragon, Gaia Wood c. Judy Hall

There might be an astrological connection with the dates/timing, can check if needed but don’t want to get distracted again looking at that  now!). Back to the woods, and the scattered stones. As I reconnect now, I wanted to type – desecrated. As I was looking at the bare branches and the scattered stones, I felt a really urgent need to pee, a sharpness that couldn’t be ignored, and as I clocked that, I heard an odd noise, looked up, and realised that Izzy had made a couple of unusual farting noises, and then she dashed forward and defecated, as if she urgently needed to! I also had to very quickly find a place to relieve myself too, it could not be ignored! So we both had to release, very urgently! That could be a connection with the energies of the woods, but as I was thinking about this crystal and a possible connection to the Gaia whilst I was walking around, it felt important to include!

I’m rereading this and checking it, and the latest words to come from the radio are – climbing up on Salisbury hill, although when I checked it, I found that it is actually Solsbury Hill (Peter Gabriel). So, I have got that wrong all these years….come to take me home ….Reconnection to spirit again?

That’s it for now!

Terrie’s Footnotes

As I was re-reading this and checking it, I felt quite strongly that I need to send these notes to Jeni too and later I got that she might need to come to the Gaia woods herself? So I will suggest that when I send this on.

I was side-lined again, I had to shut down one email account in order to open up the one I wanted to send this from. In doing so, I decided to ‘quickly’ answer and clear emails that had come in during the weekend, something to tick off my To Do list. I had spotted a scam email saying my PayPal Access card had been blocked and was just about to delete it when I decided to look further. The email was very scant, the only thing that pertained to PayPal was a picture of a card and the Access card logo at the top and they looked like they’d been scanned in. But the email address, usually a dead-giveaway of a scam as it bears no relation to who it is supposed to be from, did look genuine. And then I noticed that it did have my name in the greeting, rather than Dear Customer or the other generic, non-personal greetings that scams usually contain. To cut a long story short, it turned out that this wasn’t a scam and for the first time, a ‘Your card has blocked’ email turned out to be genuine. The ‘problem’ was a PayPal one that is not liking various International payments at the moment, including America and I was advised that if the payment that had prompted the block was retried it would probably fail again. There might be deeper significance to that part of the story that is eluding me now but the link to the crystal seemed to be to the illusion/false/not real characteristic. This seemed to be the other way around, what I thought was false wasn’t, whereas what I was dealing before I knew was an illusion presenting itself as ‘real’.

It was at this point that I saw that Monika had posted two pictures on the Community of the grids that Judy had used in their workshop the day before. When she said that one used Anandalite and the other Grape Chalcedony and asked what difference we felt, I expected the main stone that I could see in the middle, to change, but both appeared to be Anandalite. Closer inspection showed that the smaller stones changed, but what immediately came to me was that first picture looked upside down. When I compared it with the second I could see that it was! An indicator that things had been turned on their head? I asked Monika to mention to you (Judy) that I was just about to send this to you, having at last found the notes, as there had been so many synchronicities, It is quite possible that this might link to something that was happening for you in Romania, or that you had realised about this crystal (Odd, I’m reluctant to call it Blue Obsidian!).

The synchronicites have continued….I’ve been trying to write something on Preseli for about a week as I had bought some stock and wanted to promote it. I had intended to include it in a late World Earth Day blog/article, started one this morning but ended up writing separately about Preseli on its own. I got out Sue and Si’s book on it to see if they had written anything on how we worked with it during our crystal therapy training, I didn’t want to misquote and I started reading the Introduction. Much more eloquently than I have done above, they have described brilliantly the process that I was trying to verbalise of the flow that gave me these insights.

…the mind is full of thoughts flowing as easily as the wind. Like the sounds outside they are not, or do not seem to be, created with any effort. The effort only comes in finding, or holding the pattern, attempting to keep up with their flow and story. The effort comes only as we try to record them, to put them down.

They go on to associate thought with music;

Language is the effort to tease out meaning, or to recognise a tune or melody, from a complex interplay of simultaneous but related or connected sounds and ideas…..

Stories and pattern-making are central to this exploration of Preseli bluestone and Stonehenge…………….

It continued….

Truth is simply the pattern or story that entrances us, that, to our minds, carries the deepest resonance..

I flipped the pages as there was too much too read quickly now, but my eyes then  fell on Salisbury Plain, mirroring The Salisbury I thought I heard on the radio earlier.

Then it dawned on me that Preseli linked in with this crystal and then I remembered that I had suggested it not long after you started working with it as the balancing or resolution crystal. I had completely forgotten that!  Further confirmation and synchronicities came from realising that someone had asked me for a Preseli dragon earlier in the day and whilst I was typing this up I saw an email from Sue and Si pop up! They don’t send them very often so that was unusual!

Ok, enough, I need to send this now and get on with something else!!

Ah-ha, not so quick, in typing the email to you both, it came to me that the way I got to link this crystal with the Gaia was that it came to me that the illusions that this highlights might have their origins in childhood, childhood illusions. That’s where the link to the Gaia’s Child came in!

Conclusions so far

This is definitely a crystal of illusions and delusions, but we can work with it to release those for ourselves. To let go our ‘bits of grit’ and clear off the gunk. It has certainly shattered a few illusions for me during the weeks I was working with it and revealed the face behind the mask. I keep seeing an alchemist mining an old bottlebank somewhere in Morocco, brewing up transformational treasure out of a rubbish dump. Watch this space!

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