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A small dragon of possibility

20th December, 2017 Members Community

Dragon offering c. Judy HallDragon offering c. Judy Hall

I laid a cuckoo egg in the desert

Half buried it in scorching sand

A metaphor I didn’t understand.


Sunbaked by day it incubated

At night I dreamtimed warmth

Protected it until it hatched


A small dragon born of possibility

Djinn fed with myth and sacred words

I stroke its scaly skin and know love.

Lesley Hannah Cuckoo Egg

Don’t you just love ‘djinn fed with myth and sacred words’. It really makes me shiver. I found this poem when searching for the notes for ‘Was That Really My Plan? Exploring the Between Life State’. I have no recollection of how I acquired the poem, so apologies to Lesley if it’s copyrighted. It could have been handed to me on a workshop but my memory is not what it was. The poem felt very right somehow, coming as it did after our trip to the dragon mountain. Several young dragons accompanied us, you can see them in the pic above, and we raised the sleeping dragons of the mountains.

There is a marked similarity between baby cuckoos and young dragons.There is a marked similarity between baby cuckoos and young dragons.

So many of us feel like a cuckoo when coming into incarnation. We don’t ‘fit’ on earth, or into the family. A family that we may well have chosen for the challenges as well as the gifts they offer us. Or, the vibrations of earth may seem too dense and heavy for us to tolerate. That has always been clear when I take people back to the ‘planning meeting’ prior to incarnation and then have to bring them forward into the present moment. The energetic resistance is strong. It is becoming more and more so the higher people raise their personal vibrations – which is why I do so much work on raising the vibrations of the planet.

The planning meeting can shine so much light on our journey. But it has an ongoing and powerful, yet subtle and rarely seen, affect on our life too (See The Book of Why.) In fact, any ‘plan’ or intention that is lurking in the background can affect us energetically, pull us off centre and blur our focus (Lapis Lace Onyx is the answer to this. See new crystals in the members’ community for more details. Terrie will have it on sale especially for members on


Lapis Lace OnyxLapis Lace Onyx, funnily enough the broken one was much in demand as people felt one in each hand worked particularly well. Combined with Blue Kyanite, it links the Gaia Gateway beneath

Cuckoo Intentions

I was preparing for a workshop in a foreign country that few people had registered to attend. I was feeling deeply ambivalent about going. I couldn’t understand quite why that was – until I looked in my diary and saw that, while I had written ‘Crystals for higher consciousness’ as the topic, the organiser was advertising it as ‘Reading the Akashic Record’. I energetically prepare the space and shape of a workshop in advance. So, I was mentally preparing to expand and explore higher consciousness, ready to move upward, outwards and forward. Hoping to attract people with a similar intention.  So that was the vibe I was emanating. No wonder it wasn’t attracting people. A mixed message was going out.

The Akashic Record would take us out of time altogether, back into the past to look at what had brought us to this point and our soul plan for the present incarnation. And yet, it could also reach expanded consciousness and so move us upward and forward. Once I realised this, I adjusted how I was preparing for the workshop – and the crystals that I was packing – and the feeling of ambivalence shifted to one of anticipation.

It’s like this when we have planned something in the between life state but haven’t yet been in a position to put our soul plan into action. Or, what is even more energetically confusing, when an old soul plan is holding us set in a pattern that doesn’t allow for transformation. Astrology has always been my go-to tool to quickly reveal such soul plans. And, of course, crystals my tools to transmute them.

The energy of the dragon ritualThe energy of the dragon ritual. Transmutation indeed.


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