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Whenever you want to know whether something is true or not, try this ritual before you go to sleep. It comes from ancient Egypt but was taught to me by my mentor Christine Hartley. It’s always worked for me. Tells me if I’m dreaming true too.

At night, place a piece of Merlinite under your pillow. Close your eyes and picture an old fashioned pair of scales with pans on each side hanging from a pivot. On one side picture something that represents your question. On the other, place the Feather of Ma’at. If the two are balanced it is immediate truth.

However, if they come to a stop with one pan higher than the other, there is more work to do. If the Feather is higher, it is illusion. If the symbol is higher, it is wishful thinking or a fiction supported by someone else. Add a Merlinite crystal to the higher so that the pans become balanced. Ask, that in the morning, you intuitively know how to bring the truth to light or into manifestation. When you wake, note your dreams or other signals as to how you can recognise the truth or lay bare the lie. Wear Merlinite to remind you to seek balance or Turquoise to find creative solutions to balancing your life and living in truth.