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Steven Halpern’s Initiation is the perfect accompaniment to this adaptation of an ancient Egyptian initiation ritual journey.

Settle yourself comfortably where you will not be disturbed and ensure that your mobile phone is switched off. It may be easier to record this journey or ask a friend to read it to you.

great doorway

You are standing before a great doorway with stars and sigils upon it. You leave your physical body and stand up in your ka, your etheric soul body.

Neith the Weaver speaks. “I am the things that are, that will be, and that have been. No one has ever laid open the garment by which I am concealed. The fruit which I brought forth was the sun.”

Neith the Weaver

You speak the invocation:

‘My cavern is opened, the spirits fall within the darkness.  The Eye of Horus makes me holy. Wepwawet has caressed me, O Imperishable Stars, hide me among you.  May the immortal ones protect me.”

You appear before the Interrogator who asks.

“Who are you who comes?”

You reply.

“I am an initiate.”

Is your motive pure?

It is pure.

Is your mind clear?

It is clear.

Is your heart open?

It is open.

Are you whole?

I am whole.

Are you equipped?

I am equipped.

Are you ready to become Adept?

I am ready.

Are you ready to be reborn?

So be it.

As you approach the first gate lay before it your personality and your ego, the constricting small-self. Lay down your I, your sense of individuality, of self. Take your courage in both hands and step through the gate greeting the Ram who guards the gate. Become as an innocent new born soul.

As you approach the second gate strip off your clothes and leave them before the gate, putting off the outward appearance that you showed to the world. Leave behind your material possessions, all that you value and hold dear. Hold your head high, take your courage in both hands and step through the gate greeting the Bull who guards the gate. Shorn of all adornment, you are revealed.

the Bull

As you approach the third gate, bring to mind all the names you have been known by.  Lay them before the gate.  Step through with no name greeting the twins who guard the gate.

the twins

As you approach the fourth gate, lay before it your family, your parents, your partner, your children. Put down all responsibilities. Step through the gate greeting the Scarab who guards the gate.

the Scarab

As you approach the fifth gate lay before it your inner appearance, the picture you have of yourself, your feelings of uniqueness, your ego. Step through the gate greeting with humility the Lion who guards it.

the Lion

As you approach the sixth gate lay before it your hopes and wishes for the future. Take your courage in both hands and step through the gate honouring the Corn Maiden who guards it and offering service to the greater good.

the Corn Maiden

As you approach the seventh gate lay before it your emotions. Strip yourself bare of feelings. Leave behind all thoughts of vengeance or revenge or love. Take your courage in both hands, step through the gate as an innocent soul and greet the Scorpion goddess who guards it.

Scorpion goddessAt the eighth gate leave your past behind you, let your programming fall away, your patterns dissolve, slough off your karma and your ancestors. Leave your thoughts and questions behind and step through the gate with a quiet mind greeting the Centaur who guards it.


As you reach the ninth gate, leave behind all the rules you have lived by, the mores you followed, and your place in society. Step through the gate as a homeless soul. Greet the Seagoat who guards the gate.

the Seagoat

A the eleventh gate lay before it your etheric self.  Fly forth in your ba, the soul bird. Pass across the flowing water borne in the great Henu boat of Spirit.

The great heart beat of time pauses.

boat of Spirit

Pure spirit, all that Is. Such peace, blissful, bathed in light.  In all things, of all things, no separation now.  Light eternal. Spirit unceasing.

No time passes in eternity.

Pure spirit

At the twelfth gate, leave your akhar, your soul essence. And step through the final gate of the interwined fishes, into the deepest level of the Duat to meet Thoth, the recorder of souls.


Your heart is being weighed against the feather of Maat.  Divine Justice.

It balances perfectly.

Divine Justice

Enter into the presence of the Lord Osiris.  Lay an offering before him. Petition for a good rebirth.

A great green God, sprouting corn from every orifice.

Lord Osiris

But what is this? The Lord Osiris is stepping back. In his place his brother, Set. Redheaded, unrelenting and black of heart, he holds the boundary between chaos and order, between what has been and what might be. He is challenging you.

Have you let go of all you were?

Will you be all that you may be?

Is there another way for you?

Another purpose?

What must you do to be all that you can be?

Are you ready to awaken to a new consciousness, to follow your soul?

Are you ready to be different?

Imhotep steps forward. He is unrolling the karmic blueprint of your soul with its etheric overlay from which your new body will be made. With his help you can correct any flaws or blockages, imperfections and imprints that have crept in over many lifetimes. Return the DNA to its perfect state. Correct the blueprint until it is perfect.


You are being moulded, shaped like clay.  You are on Ptah’s wheel and he is breathing you back to life. Shaping you in accordance with the new etheric blueprint, imprinting a new soul purpose, a new way of being. Remember to incorporate the answers you gave to the Lord Set.Ptah’s wheel

“Go forth with blessings, my child,” the Lord Osiris sends you on your way.

Power pours into you.

The portal bursts open.

You are reborn into sunlight.

You are reborn into sunlight

“To me belongs everything, and the whole of it has been given to me.  I went in as a falcon.  I came out as a phoenix; the Morning Star has made a path for me, and I enter in peace in to the beautiful East.  I have been in the Garden of Osiris, and a path is made for me so that I may go in and worship Osiris the Lord of life.”

Stand up and go forth into the light.

Slowly bring your awareness back into the room. Take a few deep breaths. Move your hands and feet and ensure that you are rooted and grounded on the earth plane once more.