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Quartz Crystal

Another of my favourite meditations. You can use a single Quartz point or a cluster.

or simply tune into the amazing photo below that was taken for my Earth Blessings book. This really is one massive single cluster over a foot high. It was photographed sitting on a flint wall at my favourite local sacred site, Knowlton Henge.

single cluster

Photo copyright Michael Illas

  • Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Without opening your eyes, look up to the point above and between your eyebrows: your ‘third eye’. Feel this eye open. Breathe gently and withdraw your attention from the outside world, focusing it deep inside yourself.
  • Hold your Quartz crystal in whichever hand feels comfortable (or half open your eyes and focus on the photograph) and be aware of its invigorating energy radiating out from the crystal and enfolding you. Feel how it enlivens every cell in your body, energising and harmonising as it goes.
  • Let the crystal take you deep down into the part of you that is independent, individual, separate and personal. Let it show you your ego, the part of you that has desires and drives. This is the place of your will, assertion and aggression. Look carefully at what you are aiming for, what propels you to act as you do.
  • And then look at what holds you back, how and where you procrastinate.
  • Is there anywhere in your life where you always believe you are right no matter what anyone else says?
  • Look too at where you are too self-absorbed or selfish to notice other people and their needs.
  • Then let the crystal move you into the higher part of your being, your own unique Self, the divine part of your being that is housed at the core of your soul. Explore that Self.
  • Let the crystal take you deep down to its base into the matrix, let it show you how it felt when it was part of a larger cluster, when it was part of the whole and connected to everything around it.
  • Move your awareness out so that you too become part of the whole, and then withdraw it back into the birthing of your own unique self. Find the point of balance between the two.
  • Let the crystal take you deep down into your Self and connect you to the wisdom of the ages. Ask your Self to examine your shadow qualities with you and to show you what gift lies in the heart of each one, what energy you can reclaim from that shadow that will be useful in your life now.
  • Now feel yourself walking with that Self walking your pathway out into the future. As you travel that path, leave gifts for yourself that you will be able to pick up on your life’s journey to enable you to express more your unique self and fulfil your potential.
  • When you have finished the journey bring your attention back into the present moment and picture light crystalising at the outer edges of your aura, protecting you within a bubble of light.
  • Bring your hand down into your lap and thank the crystal for its light. Detach from the crystal and put it aside.
  • Finally: Take your attention down to your feet. Be very aware of the contact they make with the earth. Feel them holding you and grounding you on the earth and into your body. Then, when you are ready, open your eyes.

Extracts from material written for: The Crystal Experience: a workshop in a book