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This is an exercise that I have used with groups and individuals for many years. I have always allowed the crystals and colours to change in accordance with the group’s particular need. So, although this exercise takes you to the Cave of the Amethyst Flame for emotional healing and to find your soul purpose, if you need the energies of a different colour or vibration, the crystal will change. Allow what will be to be, do not try to change your images. Simply ask that your Higher Self or wise person will guide the exercise in the best way for you. If using an actual crystal, remember to cleanse and dedicate it before use.

Amethyst cave c. Michael Illas

Amethyst cave c. Michael Illas

Celtic Golden Healer

Celtic Golden Healer

Visualisation: Entering the cave of the Amethyst Flame

Ensuring that you will not be disturbed, settle yourself comfortably and relax. In your mind’s eye take yourself to a meadow by a river bank. Feel the grass beneath your feet, the gentle sun and warm breeze on your skin, smell the flowers and hear the birds and the rush of the river as it flows towards the sea.

At the river bank you will find a boat waiting for you with a boatman to guide you. The boatman will help you into the boat and settle you in the stern. The boat is then propelled up river moving quickly against the current.

Soon you will find yourself crossing a placid lake towards some distant hills. As the hills come closer, you will see that a river issues from the wide mouth of a cave. The boatman takes the boat as far as possible into the cave and then ties up and helps you out.

There is a path winding up and away from the river. Let your feet take you up this path which is well lit. Ahead of you, you will see light issuing from another cave.

When you enter this cave you will see that it is made of Amethyst crystals and the light bounces off the walls, flashing and sparkling to create an Amethyst Flame. Walk into the flame and let it purify and heal your emotions. Absorb the energy into the depth of your being, let it wash away any toxic emotions transforming them into positive, affirmative, joyful feelings. Dance around the cave revelling in these life enhancing feelings.

Settle yourself comfortably and spend time with this dancing Amethyst energy, let it tell you your soul’s purpose, give you deeper healing and insight into the causes of your dis-ease, whatever you might need. Know that all around you are other caves made of different crystals. If you need other colours or vibrations, you can move into one of these caves.


When you are ready to leave the cave, pull the Amethyst flame energy around you to make a protective cloak and make your way back to where the boat is waiting. The boatman will cast off and the boat will begin to move quickly downstream, coming out of the cave and across the lake. In the distance you will see the entrance to your river and the meadow bank beside it.

The boatman will tie up at your river bank and help you out. Thank the boatman and ask that whenever you wish to return to the cave, the boat will be waiting.

Then walk back to your meadow and slowly become aware of your body once again. Bring your attention back into the room. Become aware of your connection with the earth and your grounding cord anchoring you in incarnation.  Get up and stretch. 

[Extracted from Good Vibrations.]