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Preseli Bluestone c. Jeni Campbell

c. Jeni Campbell

This is another of the articles written The Other Side internet magazine. But Preseli Bluestone is such a fascinating stone I thought it deserved a wider audience, so here it is.

Sacred Preseli

Preseli Bluestone is an amazing stone. It must have been for the builders of Stonehenge to transport it 150 miles from its home in the Preseli Mountains several thousands of years ago. It was the first stone planted at the iconic circle, way pre-dating the huge sarcen uprights. A spotted Dolorite, Bluestone is highly paramagnetic, a beautiful night skyscape when polished but incredibly powerful when left in the raw. I’d like to share with you a journey I took to the source of the Bluestones and its consequences. As you can see, the site is pretty stunning. These massive shards naturally lend themselves to standing stones as they cleave off naturally. And I’d also like to introduce two friends of mine: Morganna and Gawain. Both carved from Preseli Bluestone. They assist me in fulfilling one of the stone’s greatest powers: that of Earth Healing.

Preseli Bluestone

Bluestone is unique. It has high paramagnetic resonance and a distinctive appearance. Bluestone reconnects to your ancient knowing, helping you to live in harmony with the earth and everything on it. It expands your senses, taking you beyond the everyday and into the metaphysical realms where perception is sharper. You see the world with different eyes when you connect to Bluestone and its sacred sites. Carrying immense healing energy and forming a doorway to other dimensions, Preseli Bluestone helps you connect to earth energies and the wisdom of the Celtic Druidic peoples. Placed on the soma chakra or base of the skull, Bluestone assists you to move beyond time to access the past or future. It links to the magical, archetypal Merlin energy that brings out the shaman in everyone and is excellent for multi-dimensional journeying.

Polished Bluestone, c. Michael Illas for The Crystal Wisdom Oracle

Polished Bluestone, c. Michael Illas for The Crystal Wisdom Oracle

Bluestone is strongly connected to the telluric or dragon currents of the Earth  which spiral out from the Preseli Mountains. This current can be harnessed for personal and earth healing.  Holding Bluestone increases your sensitivity to vibrations and heightens your awareness of crystal, meridian or sound frequencies. It opens all your metaphysical senses. By balancing the meridians and restoring energetic harmony, Bluestone creates unshakeable core stability for the physical and energetic bodies. Placed over the thymus (higher heart chakra centre of the upper chest) it strengthens the psychic immune system. At the base of the skull, it harmonizes the brain stem and activates the hippocampus, an inner compass that assists direction-finding and orientating yourself in the physical world. [Extracted from Crystals and Sacred Sites.]

The Soma Chakra

Preseli Bluestone activates the Soma Chakra, located at the hairline above the third eye. A higher resonance of the third eye, when activated the soma chakra opens metaphysical awareness and visionary ability. The chakra also links to the angelic realms and spirit guides. It has to do with perception of the cycles of time and awareness of the workings of synchronicity. When this chakra is functioning well it gives you the mental clarity necessary to achieve en-lighten-ment and promotes lucid dreaming. It unites the pituitary gland that governs physical function with the pineal, transcendent spiritual awareness. However, when this chakra is blown it is all too easy for discarnate spirits to attach or for you to be subject to involuntary out-of-body experiences that may literally blow your mind. [Extracted from Crystal Prescriptions 4: the chakras and kundalini].

In the footsteps of the ancestors: the journeying stone

I was first introduced to the Bluestones at Stonehenge as a teenager in the 1950s. In those days you could wander the site freely and I recall sitting on one of the recumbent stones watching the British army help to crane one of the huge lintels back into place on top of the sarcen uprights to recreate the trilithons. Yes, Stonehenge has been reconstructed – as accurately as possible and quite openly so don’t believe all the ‘it’s a scurrilous secret’ rubbish you read on the internet. Salisbury Museum recently held an exhibition showing how it was done. You can’t get more open and mainstream than that.

I assumed everyone got the shivery tingles when they sat on the recumbent stones. Electric shocks were shooting through me. As though I’d been plugged into a light socket. But the friend who sat beside me looked at me rather strangely when I mentioned it. (I became very familiar with that response as my relationship with crystals grew.) Here are two pics from one of the more sensible sites (

I’m not going to say much about Stonehenge as you can read all about it in my Crystals and Sacred Sites book. But I will say that Bluestone plugged into chalk makes a potent battery – and share with you a picture my daughter took on our winter solstice trip to the stones in 2013. Can you spot the guardian on the lefthand side? I always ask the permission of the guardian before entering a sacred site. The Preseli Bluestones are now within the circle itself, although they originally formed an outer ring:

Stonehenge Guardian. The bluestones are to the right. c. Jeni Campbell

Stonehenge Guardian. The bluestones are to the right. c. Jeni Campbell

Journey to the source

Compasses go crazy in the Preseli Mountains particularly at the Carn Menyn outcrop from which the bluestones of Stonehenge were sourced. It is a place of ancient healing, sacred in its own right as a healing site for thousands of years as its archaeology and mythology attest. The whole site is riddled with geomagnetic anomalies and powerful telluric earth currents which add power to the stones – and with evidence of ancient mans’ sacred building activities.

This is an immensely old landscape where the power of the gods and the elements is instantly visible. Stand on top of the ridge and watch a storm roll in from the sea, be encompassed in cloud and mist, lashed with wind and driving rain and you know the power of nature in all its awesome rawness. As you do when the fiery sun shines out again and a rainbow bridges the heavens with the earth. It truly is an awesome place. As I found out when I journeyed there with astrologer Chris Mitchell on a celebratory walk to mark the end of our Masters studies in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology.

It was the end of a traumatic four years for me. The astrological Saturn Return with its question ‘are you on the right path’ had passed. And I was not, and so I’d left behind a life that was not for my highest good but not yet found the new pathway. I’d finished my Jupiter return but that had got swallowed up in the disagreeable aftermath of Saturn. It was time for a whole new cycle of opportunity to open up. But that wasn’t apparent when Chris and I exited the community bus that had taken us to the start of the Preseli walk. I felt incredibly stuck. It was a typical Welsh August summer’s day. Dark, dank and cold. Reflecting how I felt inside. We were told by the driver as we stepped down ‘the tourist office recommends not to walk the path, it’s closed. It’s too boggy.’ Boggy? On top of a mountain. But yes, it was. Boggy. But exhilarating too. Amazing light and shade, shafts of sunlight, sultry dark clouds, shadows scudding over the hills. A poetic landscape if ever there was one. And besides, our trusty steed was waiting at the end of the nine mile walk. There was no way back, only forward. So it was unfortunate that Chris had left both the map and the GPS locator in the car. We had to find our own way along the Golden Road. So symbolic! The outcrop in the far distance signalled our goal.

The walk across the Preselis. © Copyright Andrew Howey and licensed for reuse under Creative Commons Licence.

The walk across the Preselis. © Copyright Andrew Howey and licensed for reuse under Creative Commons Licence.

There are Arthurian connections everywhere, it’s no wonder Morganna and Gawain gave me their synonymic names.

Beddarthur standing stone circle, Preseli Mountains. The stone circle of Beddarthur lies on the north eastern slopes of Carn Siân in the Preseli Mountains, North Pembrokeshire. The stone circle is adjacent to the ancient trackway known as the ‘Golden Road’ which runs along the Preseli mountain ridge and passes Carn Menyn. The reputed source of the Stonehenge Bluestones) which can be seen in the distance.‘ []

It’s a place to brush up on your weather magic. As we looked at the huge black cloud hanging over the Angel Mountain behind us, I laughingly said to Chris, ‘better put up a virtual umbrella and ask that lot to let us pass unscathed.’ It did. Until we opened the car doors on our return. Then it pelted down as though the preceding five hours withheld rain was unloading in one fell swoop. When we looked back, the whole of the top of the mountain was covered in dense cloud. But then, a rainbow appeared. New hope.

I came down off the mountain a different person. I still have the pieces of Bluestone I picked up on that walk. One is in the shape of a dragon. A guardian of the hills who now helps me with Earth healing. But who sits quietly beside my Aga, his chosen place. He lets Morganna, his beautifully carved partner, appear to do the work. But he’s always in the background supporting her. A true twinflame. From that journey came my books Crystals and Sacred Sites and Earth Blessings and The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle which drew on the research I’d been doing during the M.A. An enormous amount of earth-healing work both personal and in workshops has followed. I turned from something of a recluse into someone who now facilitates crystal workshops almost every weekend. I must have interacted with hundreds of people in the intervening period. Plus I’ve made a very deep reconnection with Gaia, Mother Earth – and a great many of her crystal gifts. I put it down to the Bluestone effect.

The Bluestone journey (from Crystals and Sacred Sites)

Raw Bluestone, c. Michael Illas for The Crystal Wisdom Oracle

Raw Bluestone, c. Michael Illas for The Crystal Wisdom Oracle

If you want to experience the power of the sacred and reconnect to Mother Earth, you can link to these ancient sites and to the personal and earth healing that they hold with a simple journeying meditation holding a Bluestone or gazing at these pictures by Michael Illas as it has captured the essence of the stone. This journey will put you in touch with ancient healing power that can be used to revitalize yourself and stimulate your creativity and your enthusiasm. This healing energy can also be returned to the Earth as an act of service to planet in its time of need.


Ensure that you will not be disturbed. Switch off the phone and wrap yourself in a blanket. Lying down makes it easier to place the crystal but comfort is more important than position. A drumming CD can help you move into an altered state of consciousness that facilitates this journey. Orientate yourself north-south or east-west depending on the magnetic alignment of your Bluestone, whichever feels most comfortable.

The Journey

Settle yourself comfortably and close your eyes. Hold your Bluestone in your hands for a few moments while taking deep, slow breaths. As you breathe out let go any tension you may be feeling. As you breathe in feel yourself relaxing deeper and deeper into your connection to the stone and with the ancient sacred earth beneath you.

            When you feel ready, place the Bluestone on the soma chakra at your hairline, just above your third eye. Without opening your eyes, look up to your third eye as this helps images to form – if you are using the photograph either gaze at it or print it off and place this on your soma chakra.

            Feel the stone lifting you up and transporting you to the Preseli Mountains as they rise up from the bedrock of their Welsh home. The Bluestone knows the way home and its powerful electromagnetic properties quickly teleport you to the rocky outcrop at the top of the mountain. If you are visual, you may well see the mountain coming into view with the sea sparkling beyond it. If you are kinaesthetic, feeling-orientated, you will have a sense of movement and the rushing of air.

You land in front of the basin of the sacred spring. Dip your hands into the healing water and drink. In your mind’s eye, picture yourself dipping your Bluestone in the water and replacing it on your third eye.

Now find a place to sit amongst the rocks. Be aware of the currents and vibrations that surround you as you sit in this sacred, liminal place that sits at the joining of two worlds: the known and the unknown. It is pre-dawn, the sun has not yet risen in the east but the sky is lightening.

As you look out over the land you can see the earth’s grid and the connections to all its sacred sites rolling and spiralling out before you. If any of the lines look ragged or broken, see them magically heal themselves so that the earth’s currents can flow freely once again.


When you feel ready, follow the energetic path that leads south-east to Stonehenge. Let the stone lift you up and transport you as before. As you fly over the land you will see the River Seven shining below you, pass over it and on eastwards towards the circle on the flat plain that is Stonehenge. When you land the site is complete, mysterious, sacred. Walk the ritual way, follow the cursus, until you reach the entrance to the temple and ask permission to enter.

Walk into the centre of the shadowy Temple and place your stone with its healing water on the altar stone.

As you make your way to stand in the centre of the Bluestone Horseshoe facing the Heel Stone, all around you music strikes up. The rocks ring out. Voices sound. The people have gathered with you to greet the midsummer dawn.

Suddenly a beam focuses and flashes down the centre of the temple striking you in the heart and radiating through your whole body. A roar goes up. The light of the sun has arrived. You are fertilised, made new, healed, reborn.


When you are ready to leave, the stone will bring you back to your body where it lies waiting for you. The silver cord attached to your soma chakra will reel you back. Settle yourself comfortably in your body. Breathe deeply, stretch your fingers and toes and then get up slowly. Picture a bubble of protection around yourself. Feel the connection your feet make to the earth. Notice how much more in tune with the earth you feel as you walk lightly upon it. How your consciousness has expanded and how your senses are more finely attuned to the beauty that is all around you.

The Bluestone portal

The Bluestone portal

Sonia’s experience

When doing the Bluestone journey I was taken to a flat ridge which looked out over the surrounding countryside on a misty early morning. Told to look to the sky which turned black, asked to look at the stars and it was explained to me that as long as man has walked as a two legged upon this plane we have looked to the stars and known through this visible evidence that we are not the only ones. This knowing that we are small within the vastness of all that is above has led to our asking the big questions, and some through connection have been given answers that resonate with them and others. 

I was then asked to look at the ground and told that EVERYTHING naturally made has purpose for our use. As I looked my attention was drawn to the moss on the Preseli stones, it became vivid green, luminescent, almost as if I were hallucinating. The green became more and more intense and I was able to see every microscopic detail of the plant. Each single cell, the dewdrops sitting on the top of the moss became microscopes and I could look deep into the plant and see every separate filament.

EVERYTHING has this much depth, from the tiniest microscopic organism to the largest. Plants, creatures, rocks, crystals all here for our use as medicine, food, shelter and to enable us to access knowledge and understanding both spiritual and material. EVERYTHING has a purpose for our highest use on this plane of existence.

[Extracted from Crystals and Sacred Sites: use crystals to access the power of sacred landscapes for personal and planetary transformation]

Combating jet lag

One of the most useful healing applications I’ve found for Preseli Bluestone is combating jet lag and flight fatigue. I always wear one when I travel so when one of my editors told me a romantic tale of having met her true love whose only drawback was that he lived on the other side of the world, my ears pricked up. She intensely disliked flying so her proposed trip to visit him in New Zealand was causing panic. I immediately sent her a Preseli Bluestone to take with her. Here’s what she said when she returned:

‘I just wanted to write and let you know how I got on with the Preseli bluestone you so kindly sent me.

I kept the crystal in my pocket on the flights to New Zealand and slept all the way from Dubai to Sydney (no chance of sleeping earlier, as they kept feeding us). Life had been pretty hectic before I left, so I was tired, but I was literally surrounded by wailing toddlers and babies at that point, so did pretty well to drop off (I think). It took three attempts to land at Wellington due to bad weather and we had to divert to Christchurch at one point, but made it in the end, and amazingly I literally had no jet-lag at all. As I could hardly have travelled further, I thought this was an impressive result.

Coming back I had a much more disrupted journey, as we had to refuel at Singapore in the middle of the night, also there was a lot of turbulence and people vomiting, but I slept for about eight hours and felt OK. I did take to going to bed around 3 a.m. for the first week back, but soon stabilised, and decided to send the crystal over to my boyfriend in NZ so he could use it on his journey over. (He’s in the air as I write.)

This is where it gets really interesting, because as soon as I didn’t have the crystal in my possession (mostly pocket), I started feeling tired in the day but wide-awake at night, wasn’t hungry in the day but starving at midnight, felt sort of ‘stretched’ and a bit out of it, etc., etc. – well, classic jet-lag – and this carried on for around two weeks. It’s worn off now, but isn’t it fascinating?

Tony has done long-haul flights many times and says it usually takes him at least a week to ‘get round to normal’. He is now flying with the bluestone in his pocket, so I will be intrigued to see whether he feels any different this time.’

He did! And they are now living happily together in one place. Twinflames reunited.

Inspiration from the past

Healing StoneI first experienced Preseli Bluestone in a metaphysical context several years ago when Simon Lilly, with whom I was having lunch, put a small polished one on my soma chakra. Wow! I was instantly transported to the top of the mountain and did a rapid rerun through many of my past lives to pick up my gifts. Si and his wife Sue were the first people to experiment with this stone after its long absence from our healing compendium. I cannot recommend highly enough their book: Preseli Bluestone: healing stone of the Ancestors. It says it all. The stunning cover was designed by Si and you can find more of his work online at

And if you want to learn more about the Preseli landscape, then turn to another old friend of mine, archaeoastronomer Robin Heath and his book Bluestone Magic: a guide to the prehistoric monuments of West Wales. Robin lives at the foot of the mountain and truly knows his stones. There are over three hundred elliptical stone circles with astronomical alignments; graves, cairns, prehistoric rock art, sightlines and healing springs in an area that was visited at least 8000 years before Christ.

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