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Crystal Cave

At eve, when all is still,

Save the soft-sighing wind or evening bird,

How the home voices through my spirit thrill,

Till all its depths are stirred.

          The Language of Gems, Miss H.J. Woodman

I’d like to share one of my favourite meditations with you. The journey to the crystal cave. I have practised it for over forty five years and never tire of it. The cave constantly expands and takes me to a new part of myself and All That Is. Allow plenty of time for this meditation and ensure that you will not be disturbed. You may like to play a favourite piece of music to accompany the journey (there’s some great water sounds on or, with piano:

An Amethyst geode helps you to focus on the cave but it is not essential – you can use an Amethyst crystal or the photograph of the geode instead. If you have a big Amethyst geode that is too large to hold, place it on a table in front of you. Otherwise hold the crystal in your hand.

The Meditation

Sit comfortably and gaze gently at your Amethyst (or use the photograph above). Let your eyes roam all around it. Use softly focused eyes. When you can remember its contours, close your eyes.

Without opening your eyes, look up to the point above and between your eyebrows: your ‘third eye’. Feel this eye open. Breathe gently and withdraw your attention from the outside world, focusing it deep inside yourself. Hold your Amethyst in whichever hand feels comfortable or place your hands on it and be aware of its vibrations radiating up your arm and into your third eye at the centre of your forehead, feel it opening and expanding your inner awareness.

Now picture yourself standing on the bank of a wide river that is flowing gently to the sea. Upstream in the far distance you can see high blue mountains and, at their foot, a shining lake. In front of you there is a small wooden jetty with a boat tied up beside it. A boatman is waiting to help you into the boat. When you have settled yourself comfortably, he casts the boat off and takes the boat upstream moving quickly against the current. You can see the banks passing by and soon the river opens out into a beautiful lake.

beautiful lake

As you cross the lake, you can see a narrow river is coming down from the mountains and flowing into the lake. The boatman takes you as far up this river as it is possible to go. He ties the boat up and helps you out onto a rocky ledge.


rocky ledge c.


Follow this ledge up into the mountains, as it twists and turns you can see light shining in front of you until you enter crystal cave. The cave is a huge amethyst geode, light flickering from every point.

Find a comfortable place to settle yourself and allow yourself to merge with the energy of the Amethyst, enfolded within the geode. Let your spirit become one with the infinity of being. Ask the Amethyst to show you your soul path. 


When you have found your soul path, ask to be shown the guides and helpers who surround you in the unseen world. Ask them how they help you and set out any specific requests you have for assistance.


Then let your spirit become one with the infinity of being. Be aware of how ancient the crystal is, how it is light personified and the divine taking on form.  Let your spirit become one with the infinity of being. Let go. Expand into All that Is. Simply merge and Be.


When you are ready to leave the crystal cave, withdraw into yourself once more but retain your connection to the whole through the Amethyst in your hand. Make your way back down the ledge to where the boatman waits for you. Settle yourself in the boat and allow him to quickly propel the boat back down the narrow river and the wide shining lake. In front of you, you see the river you set out from and soon the boat is tying up at the bank. Thank your boatman for the journey and make your way back onto the bank.

When you have finished the journey, thank the crystal for its light and your guides and helpers and ask that they be always with you.

And let the light crystalise at the outer edges of your aura, protecting you within a bubble of light.

Take your attention down to your feet. Be very aware of the contact they make with the earth. Feel them holding you and grounding you on the earth and into your body. Then, when you are ready, open your eyes.

This exercise can be further expanded on future occasions by checking out whether there are any areas of the cave you have not visited, especially at the higher levels. Look out for hidden doorways and narrow tunnels. Explore whatever you find there – asking for a light to show the way.

When you become proficient you could extend your journey by taking a crystal space shuttle to explore our galaxy and beyond.

explore our galaxy and beyond

All the luminous the coloured spectacles which the world in the immensity of space can offer us, nature has produced in miniature amongst precious stones. ~Charles Blanc, Art in Ornament and Dress, 1875

The Amethyst journey is one of self-exploration. If you wish to make a journey to abundance and inner joy, then a Citrine geode would be appropriate.

Citrine geode c. Judy Hall

Citrine geode c. Judy Hall