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If life seems a little flat, try one of these pick me ups

When you exercise, take a long walk in nature or go for a run, or eat a piece of chocolate you are stimulating natural antidepressants within your body, bringing your own feel good factor into play. When your body is flooded with endorphins it is impossible to feel impoverished so one of the fastest ways to feel enriched is to take exercise. Make time for twenty minutes each day. Even if it’s only walk to work. It ensures you always feel good. But you can expand this by stroking your favourite crystal in your pocket as you walk. A Citrine expands your inner richness, a Red Jasper enhances your energy, while a Moonstone sends you into a peaceful meditative mindful state.

A small step: ask yourself: ‘what is the most valuable and enriching thing I could do right now?’ Do it!