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crystal mountainBy now you’ve probably read about the crystal mountain somewhere on my website or facebook. So you may be ready to join the journey up the mountain to meet the elemental dragons. The journey is facilitated by a Celtic Golden Healer crystal or you can focus on the crystal pictures below. Looking up to the place above and between your eyebrows will help the images to form but it is more important to feel the presence of the sacred mountains and its dragon guardians.Celtic Golden Healer

The journey begins by settling yourself comfortable, closing your eyes, and allowing the crystal to lift you up and transport you to the foot of the mountain. After walking a little way up the rocky path alongside the larch forest, you turn off and reach a stream. Settle yourself on the rocks beside the water. All around you is Blue Celtic Healer Quartz. Pick up a piece of the crystal and it will call the water dragon to you. The water dragon will gently wash over you, assisting you to purify your emotions, letting go of all that is toxic and outworn.

Celtic Blue Quartz

Celtic Blue Quartz

studded with crystalsRise up and begin to walk the path once more. Feel the stones beneath your feet. Look down and realise that the path is studded with crystals. Look up and you will see that you have reached the mine entrance sited beneath a pyramid. Here the matrix rock connects you to the earth dragon. Venture into the mouth of the mine and there you will meet the dragon who takes you deep into the studded with crystals, helping you to settle more comfortably into incarnation knowing how you can assist the planet.mountain

The crystal matrix

The crystal matrix

Feel the lead that is in the crystal matrix at the core of the mine transmuting your darkness and bringing you face to face with your shadow so that you can find the treasure hidden in its core.find the treasure

When you emerge from the mine, set off up the path once more, rising higher and higher. Feel the air dragon playing around you as the wind caresses your skin. There are Celtic Chevron Healers scattered around your feet. The air dragon blows away outdated ideas, ingrained beliefs and the patterns that no longer serve you, freeing your mind to connect to higher wisdom.

The Celtic Chevron Quartz

The Celtic Chevron Quartz

up the mountain

Feel the hot sun on your face as you move even further up the mountain. In front of you, you see a field of shining gold. This is the abode of the fire dragon. Step into his cleansing fire so that you will be reborn. Feel the fire activating your creativity, bringing your spirit to life.


spirit to lifegolden cosmic dragonThen it is time to make an offering to the dragons to thank them for their work and to invoke the great golden cosmic dragon of the spirit.

Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit and incense smoke, the perfect offering.

And then the great golden dragon whirls you into the cosmic dance, reminding you that you are pure spirit at heart, and all the elemental dragons surround you. Lifting you high into the air and then bringing you back to your body.

Become aware of your surroundings once more. Anchor your feet on the ground. Stand up and stamp your feet. Thank the dragons for their presence and remember to visit them again soon.

spirit at heart

We are all spirit at heart.