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The Earth is a single, self-regulating system with all the tools necessary to maintain equilibrium and support life. In other words, Earth is a conscious, living entity with amazing potential to self-heal.

Judy Hall Earth Blessings

This is the second journey into the body of Mother Earth. This one goes into her creative centre to refertilise the earth and your own manifestation potential. The journey uses Menalite (available from If you do not have a Menalite, use the pictures shown here.

Menalite: the womb stone c. Judy Hall

Menalite: the womb stone c. Judy Hall

The Journey

Hold your crystal in your hand and allow it to transport you to the portal to the womb of Mother Earth.

You find yourself at  the great stone circle of Avebury.

Approach the stone in front of you and ask permission to enter.

The Journey

A crack in the rock opens to reveal a long winding passageway. The way is lit by crystal energies flickering from the walls.

crack in the rock

Follow the path down until it opens out into the womb of Mother Earth. Here you will meet Gaia, the Earth Mother goddess, sitting on her throne of pythons. Do not be afraid. Hold up  your Menalite to her as an offering to restore her fertility.

Settle yourself before her and set out the projects you wish to fertilize for yourself and for healing the Earth..

Listen to her answers.

When you are ready to leave, thank Mother Earth and make your way back up the winding path.

Step out from the rock which will close behind you.

The crystal in your hand will bring you back to your body.

Settle yourself comfortably, breathing a little deeper.

Stand up and connect yourself to the Earth through the soles of your feet and a grounding cord going deep into the earth beneath your feet.

The womb of Mother Earth has a profound connection to your own womb experience, and to your navel.

The Navel Centre (‘Tummy button’)

Location: centre line, just below the waist

Karmic level: ancestral

The navel (‘tummy button’) is not a chakra as such but it is where the connection to the mother and the matriarchal line is strongest pre-birth, with nutrients – physical or subtle – having to pass through the umbilical cord. It is, therefore a potent place for ancestral line connection and the passage of transgenerational messages, both via DNA and matriarchal imperatives. The placenta, which is designed to be a life-support system for the unborn child, may in fact carry a toxic soup of all the mother’s emotions and traumas. If the psychic umbilical cord is not cut, the mother and her demands dominate. The navel can be an extremely vulnerable area. It is known as the tummy ‘button’ for good, although probably largely unconscious, reasons. It can be the trigger point for ancestral memories to surface, especially of fear and trauma. Working with crystals around the navel to expand and release subtle memory patterns can be highly effective. Particularly as energy gaps, rips and tears can be present at this site in the subtle energies bodies as well as in the physical. AnandaliteTm (Aurora Quartz), Ancestralite, Cradle of Humankind, Lemurian Seed, Menalite, Preseli Bluestone and Celtic Healer Quartz are particularly effect for working around the navel along with other ancestral line stones .

Karmic and ancestral issues: receiving and giving love, safety and security, self-worth, alienation and acceptance, fitting into society and the environment, power: dominance and submission.

To clear matriarchal and interuterine imprints from the navel chakra

  • Open your grounding root, lie down and place a grounding stone such as Smoky Quartz, Hematite or Flint slightly to one side of your feet, opposite the causal vortex chakra to anchor it.

causal vortex

  • Place Anandalite, Blue Kyanite, Selenite or other crystal on the causal vortex chakra.
  • Place a Menalite, Cradle of Life or other navel chakra stone on your navel.
  • Place your hands in your groin creases.
  • Lie still for five to fifteen minutes.
  • When complete, remove the causal vortex chakra crystal and replace it with the grounding stone to close the chakra.
  • Remove the navel chakra stone.
  • Ground yourself thoroughly once more.

[Extracted from Crystal Prescriptions volume 6: ancestral clearing]


Menalite, c. Judy Hall

Menalite, c. Judy Hall

Enhancing divination and forecasting, Menalite reconnects to the wise feminine, the goddess and the power of the priestess. An excellent stone for conducting the rites of the passage that mark out the transitions through womanhood, Menalite reminds you of the endlessly recurring cycles of life and is useful for rebirth and rejuvenation of any kind. Spiritually, it assists in coming to terms with death, removing fear and assuring that you will survive in another reality. Menalite is a natural accompaniment for meditations to re-member your soul.

This shamanic stone has been used since time began to journey to other realms and carry out metaphysical rituals. Many of the stones simulate power animals, or the ancient fertility goddess, and this nurturing stone provides a durable link to the Earth Mother, taking you back into her womb for healing and reconnection to the root of being. It opens the earth section of a cosmic anchor attaching you deep into the core of the earth solidifying your core energy field and is a useful shamanic anchor for lower world journeys. This stone connects to the power allies its shape mimics. Hold one to call on your power animal before ritual working or exploring the crystal medicine wheel.

Physically, Menalite is beneficial for transitions particularly those that affect hormonal balance such as puberty or childbirth. Keep a Menalite under your pillow during menopause and hold during a hot flush or night sweat.