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So many stones look alike that a little bit of help may be needed to identify exactly what you’re dealing with.

Turquoise and Blue-Green Stones


Dense, ‘nobbly’, distinctive turquoise colour. May be veined with black.


Banded and opaque, clear green and blue areas. A combination of Malachite and Chrysocolla, each stone is clearly visible.


Translucent to transparent, distinctive blue-green colour. May change colour under bright light.


Polished and raw c. Judy Hall

Opaque, vivid blue and green mix.


Translucent to opaque, distinctive colour banded with white. May be grainy.

Azurite with Malachite

The deep blue of the Azurite is banded around the vivid green of the Malachite.

Chalcedony (Mermaid’s) Tears

Translucent, ‘bubbly’ round balls just under an inch diameter. Much in demand for jewellery and beads. See ‘new crystals.’

Quantum Quattro

Opaque quartz with the five different types of crystal clearly visible.


Greeney-blue mica, pearlised and layered. Crumbly unless tumbled.