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So many stones look alike that a little bit of help may be needed to identify exactly what you’re dealing with.


(Wikipedia images: By StrangerThanKindnessOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link)

When raw, Ruby is often a grainy, not-at-all-translucent six-sided stone but may be pinkish-red and semi-translucent. It needs faceting to bring out purest transparency. Natural crystals are found on matrix. When faceted, deep red to pink crystal.

Note: Record-keeper Rubies have triangular ‘keys’ incised into or raised above the face.

Ruby in Zoisite or Fuchsite

Ruby crystal is clearly visible within the crystalline green matrix


Deeply translucent when held to the light.

Rubellite (Red/pink Tourmaline)

Typical Tourmaline striated rod, intense colour.

Red Carnelian

 Dense, very shiny, may show orangey-tint and whorls or bands.

Red Jasper

Typically dense, solid, all one colour. Black lines also occur.

Mookaite Jasper

Typically dense purplish-red or brownish-red accompanied by white, yellow or other colours.

Poppy Jasper

Characteristic flower-like whorls of red often, but not necessarily, with white around the whorls.

Hematite (Raw)

Dense, grainy, deep blood-red which may include brownish-silvery portions. Typically leaves a greasy red stain when unpolished.

Red Aventurine

Dense, grainy, opaque yet shiny, sparkly flecks within the red.

Red Amethyst

Looks just like an Amethyst point only it’s red.

Thunder Bay Red Cap

A red capping to what is often a banded Auralite 23 (see Amethyst).

Hematite included Quartz

Lighter looking, speckled or striated inclusions rather than the heavy coating of Red Cap.


The newly available Youngite has a much redder colour than the pink previously available although it shows some areas of pink. Dense and crystalline.

Red Goldstone

 Shiny, glassy surface, sparkly gold inclusions.


Translucent or transparent but often hidden within matrix. High energy kick!

Cherry Quartz (Tanzurine)

Transparent but gritty Quartz, red with pinkish tinge.

Dreamsickle Lemurians

Gritty white and yellow coating on Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry Lemurians

The red coating looks almost painted on but I am assured it’s natural. High energy charge when held.

Montana and other Agates

Dense, very finely grained but shiny and usually banded within a matrix.

Fire Agate

Characteristic zig-zag lines and ‘crackles’ or dense but translucent, shiny stone.

Ethiopian Opal

Pebble-like nodule with red opal flash

Seftonite Bloodstone

Translucent, red splodges in light greyish-green.

Gaia’s Blood Flint

As Gaia’s Blood is a chert rather than a Flint from chalkland, it has a grainer, chrumblier, less shiny appearance, although some appear almost Jasper-like in texture.


Translucent crystal. Usually found as crystals on matrix or included in Jasper.

Caution: toxic


Translucent to transparent. Characteristic ‘ribbed’, elongated form. Also appears as cluster of ribbed or nodular crystals.


Chunky, transparent crystals. Commonly available as a faceted manufactured crystal.

Red Calcite

Banded, waxy finish to translucent stone


Rhodochrosite is usually an opaque, easy to identify banded stone but red transparent crystals also occur.


Images c.

Most often seen as somewhat dense, opaque pinkish-red/black stone but transparent crystals occur.


Strongly geometric or bladed, stacked crystals usually on matrix.

Caution: toxic

Bixbite (Red Beryl)

Classic six-sided Beryl shape, translucent to transparent crystal. Vivid colour.


Small blunt-topped pyramidal or six-sided crystals on a matrix.

Red Tiger’s Eye

Red, gold and silvery banded stone.


Flecks of red and other colours in an opaque greyish matrix