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 Rose Quartz

c. Michael Illas, Earth Blessing Crystalline form

In its usual form, Rose Quartz is an opaque crystalline mass, often with veins showing within it. In its raw form it is shiny and translucent. It is also available as the more rare crystalline form that looks like a Quartz cluster only pink instead of clear.

Pink Tourmaline (Rubellite)

Pink Tourmaline is long and ribbed, showing typical Tourmaline formation. It varies between light rose pink to deep fuchsia red.


Light and dark bands alternate especially in tumbled stones, although crystalline form is available.

Pink Opal

Vitreous, opalescent shine but no ‘rainbow irridescent’ visible

Mangano Calcite


Pink and white banded, translucent stone, soft to touch.


 Pale pink in white or grey matrix when cold, turns bright red in the sun or under heat source.

Pink Kunzite

Ribbed when raw, ‘ribs’ still show when tumbled, translucent.

Pink Halite

Very grainy, ‘salty’ smell, dissolves very quickly in water.

Prairie Tanzanite

Raw c. Exquisite Crystals  Tumbled c. Judy Hall

Patterned pink and lilac with some green showing, opaque stone.


Solid pink and brown non-opaque stone.

Nirvana Ice Quartz

Etched and stacked, distinct pink tinge to the Quartz.


Transparent to translucent, pale pink with inner rainbows when turned to the light.


Tiny bright pink crystals on matrix, when tumbled tends to be bright and pale pink.


Rich, dark pink crystal ‘bubbles’ on matrix.


Raw c. Michael Illas, Crystal Companion Tumbled

Opaque, ‘blotched’ pink, white and green stone.


Pale pinky-orangey-red Quartz with darker veins.


Brittle mica and matrix, pink and white or lavender-pink.

Pink Petalite

Translucent to opaque, one to tell by high-vibe feel!

Pink Topaz

Typical Topaz-shaped crystals in a rich or pale pink.

Pink Muscovite

Pink and white mica flakes stacked in matrix.

Pink Moonstone

Translucent pink with typical internal Moonstone ‘rainbows’.

Pink Sapphire

Six-sided crystal, opaque until cut and faceted.

Rose Aura Quartz

Bright to pale pink, iridescent shimmer on Quartz point.

Pink Carnelian


Opaque and lustrous, banded colour.