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Orange stones range from pale to vivid and intense, and from yellowish to reddish-brown. Many coming in a variety of intensity of colour or in colour combinations (especially the Jaspers). Orange stones are extremely energising and are for the most part for short term use as they can overstimulate. They can also be used for recharging your other crystals. Details of properties are in the crystal directory on the website or in ‘new crystals’.


Two sides of the same Carnelian c. Judy Hall

Orange Carnelian can vary from light yellowish-orange to a deeper reddish shade. It has the typical Carnelian tactile smoothness, very dense and opaque and yet translucent when held to the light. Dendritic threads often run through it along with denser patches of colour.

Orange Calcite

Even when polished, Calcite has a slightly waxy feel to it and is translucent. The orange version has a very intense colour and instantly energises in a controlled fashion when held.

Orange Kyanite

Slightly crystalline, typically ribbed with a long crystal that may be clustered with or crossed by others. Typically sold as one long crystal. May have mica attached.


Raw and polished c.

Sunstone has an unmistakable iridescence to it. Turn it so that it catches the light. The orange can vary from light to intense.

Iolite and Sunstone

Iolite and Sunstone c. Judy Hall

c. Judy Hall

The typical iridescent orange of Sunstone is attached to deep blue Iolite, sometimes with white matrix. A very powerful third eye opener.

Rainbow Lattice sunstone

Rainbow Lattice sunstone c.


Fabulous crystal, turn it in the light to see the ‘rainbow lattice effect’ shine out of the yellowish-orange Sunstone.

Orange River Quartz

Orange River Quartz

A very intense orange-red or orange-brown Quartz, often showing phantoms within or etchings on the sides. Frequently densely coated on the points. Best identified by the jolt of energy that hits you when you touch it.

Tangerine Quartz

Natural c. Terrie Celest

Natural c. Terrie Celest

A beautiful, gentle yet energetic Quartz, fairly evenly distributed colour throughout the whole crystal.

‘Apricot Quartz’

Apricot Quartz c. Judy Hall

c. Judy Hall

A slightly deeper and richer coloured, leaning towards apricot, Quartz.

Tangerine Sun Aura Quartz

Tangerine Sun Aura Quartz c.


Alchemicalised with gold, iron oxide and copper onto clear Quartz, Tangerine Aura Quartz has a slight iridescence to it. It can be identified by the energetic effect when held to the third eye.

Strawberry Lemurian

Strawberry Lemurian

Strawberry Lemurian

Strawberries and cream! A Lemurian dipped in sugar coating. A natural, gritty, sandy coating over a deep red core.

Tangerine Dream Lemurian

Tangerine Dream Lemurian c.


Typical Lemurian ‘ladder’ markings up the side. Fairly evenly distributed colour throughout the crystal. Identified by the energetic effect – instant trip around the universe. For those of you who remember the music of Tangerine Dream, it’s exactly the same hallucinogenic effect.

‘Citrine’ Golden Lemurian

‘Citrine’ Golden Lemurian

‘Citrine’ Golden Lemurian

A new Lemurian just reaching the market. The orange-yellow colour is intense in patches. Often associated with a reddish coating to the tips. Almost like a Strawberry Lemurian in reverse.

Orange Sphalerite

Orange Sphalerite

c. Michael Illas The Crystal Companion


A densely crystalline, translucent to opaque crystal, often found on a matrix. The perfect stone for settling new vibrations into the physical body.


c. Michael Illas The Crystal Companion

c. Michael Illas The Crystal Companion

Strictly speaking an organic compound rather than a crystal, Amber has nevertheless been accepted as a crystal for thousands of years. It is translucent to transparent when held to the light and will display remnants of insects and tree matter. Rubbed on silk or wool it gives off an electrostatic charge. True Amber floats in salty water (see the entry on the website re distinguishing true Amber from plastic).


Vanadinite c. Michael Illas

c. Michael Illas

Small, brownish orange crystals on a matrix. Some may be squarish or bladed.


Crocoite c.


More red than orange, this tiny, ribbed, needle-like stone is usually found on a matrix.


c. Michael Illas The Crystal Companion.

Translucent to transparent, long crystal. Highly energetic. Rarely entirely natural, this crystal is formed in smelting chimneys and reflects the fiery processes that created it.


Creedite c.


Usually available in clusters with larger crystals protruding from the tiny drusier crystals clustered on the matrix.

Hessonite and Spessartite Garnet

Raw c. Michael Illas The Crystal Companion   Pendant,

Best identified by the seller.

Bumble Bee Jasper

Bumble Bee Jasper c. Michael Illas The Crystal Companion

c. Michael Illas The Crystal Companion

There really is nothing else like the stunning bands of colour that comprise a Bumble Bee Jasper. Raw or polished, you cannot mistake it.


Citrine c. Judy Hall

c. Judy Hall

Bright orange Citrine is heat treated Amethyst or Smoky Quartz and does not occur naturally.


Zircon c. Michael Illas The Crystal Companion

c. Michael Illas The Crystal Companion

The crystal pictured is natural Zircon, it is often manmade. Natural is occasionally available (I bought mine at a mineral fair) and is translucent as shown.

Orange Natrolite

Orange Natrolite c. Michael Illas

c. Michael Illas

Banded within a matrix, this stone has been tumbled. Raw Natrolite is translucent to opaque and ribbed.

Mookaite Jasper

Mookaite Jasper c. Michael Illas

c. Michael Illas

A bright and colouorful Jasper found in many colours. Mookaite tends to be ‘blotchy’ with swirls of colour.

Polychrome Jasper

Polychrome Jasper c. Michael Illas

c. Michael Illas

Polychrome Jasper tends to have more distinct banding than Mookaite.

 Imperial Topaz

Imperial Topaz c.


Small, transparent and ribbed in its raw form, Imperial Topaz is a yellowish-orange that can veer towards brownish.