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Someone asked me on Facebook what the difference was between Boji Stones and Moqui Marbles but these are only two of the natural concretions- often known as Shaman Stones- that can occur. They’re often lumped together but I’ve found their energies vary widely so here’s what I’ve discovered so far. Do feel free to add your own thoughts and finds to the members’ forum.

Boji Stones

Male and female Boji pair

Male and female Boji pair

I met my first pair of Boji Stones in Houston in the mid 1980s as I floated downstairs after a crystal healing. I hadn’t slept since my arrival due to jetlag and the saturation of EMF and atomic testing energies in the city. Not to mention that the space station was still actively communicating so there was a preponderance of high frequency radio waves. Not a good place for me to be. The healing had introduced me to Herkimer Diamonds and realigned my chakras, but I was far from grounded. As I stumbled at the bottom of the stairs, the shopkeeper put a pair of Boji Stones in my hands. Suddenly I was fully present. No jolt, just a total shift into being anchored on the planet. I still have those first stones, although they appear and disappear at will. It seems I am fortunate as many Bojis disintegrate to dust after a time despite their Mohrs hardness of 7.4

Rainbow Boji

Rainbow Boji
Image: c.

The stones are something of a conundrum. Are they natural? Or treated? Especially the beautiful Rainbow and Blue versions. The website of the founder who named the stones and first marketed them says:

The Boji® Stone is the philosopher stone of the ancient Alchemy.  The rock we chose to become a Boji® was rusting and rotting away.  (It was dying).  The rock needed special preparation to keep it alive. Through channeling, I was given wisdom from ancient Masters of Alchemy.  I use the secrets of esoteric science in preparing the rock to become a Boji®.  Alter cleaning the rock it is fed for many days.  It is again washed, purified by astral light and then is activated by terrestrial essences.  Then and only then is it a Boji®, a container of balanced energy and thamaturgic power.  This then is the birth of the Boji®.


The Badlands chalk field

The Badlands chalk field: Photo c. Grace Muilenberg, Kansas Geological Survey.

…The iron sulfides in inherent in the decaying organisms attracted more sulfides in the environment until a rough disk or spherical shape or shell surrounded by original fossil.  Eons later, through more earth changes, the metamorphic process of heat and pressure altered these concretions to the point that the metallic including trace amounts of palladium were drawn in.  It is in the opinion of the author that this palladium present is responsible for the fact that the Boji Stones are effective healing stones.  Palladium is a rare metal, more scarce than gold, or even platinum, and vibrates at a very high frequency.  Rutgers University Geology Department did a study on Boji Stones and found that through kirilian photography, Boji stones were seen to have a very powerful electromagnetic energy field.  Many stones were seen to have four nodal points of energy extrusion.

[Quoted on]

Bojis are comprised mainly of iron sulfide, that is pyrite and marcasite, or in some cases jarosite. When heated they give off a characteristic smell of sulphide – not that you’d want to treat your Boji friends that way. Similar stones are found elsewhere in the world. I’ve picked them up on the Dorset coast, but sadly the stones did eventually disintegrate. One was a beautiful ‘Boji Ammonite’, quite clearly a fossil that had, in my words, bojified. But it wasn’t to stay around long. Apparently only metaphysical energy holds these beauties together and they have a limited lifespan. While my American ones are still going strong, the locals ‘died and went home.’

Blue Boji

Absolutely fabulous and only $2500. Blue Boji

Apart from the extremely rare Rainbow and Blues, Bojis are usually sold in male and female pairs. They are excellent for balancing energies in the body and many exhibit a magnetic force that can be felt when pushing or pulling the stones. This is how I described Boji Stones in The Crystal Bible volume 1:

Properties: Boji Stones are one of the most effective grounding stones.  They gently but firmly return you to earth and into your body, grounding you in the present moment, especially after work in other spiritual realities.  They are extremely useful for people who find it difficult to have more than a toe hold in incarnation.  They have a strongly protective function.  Boji Stones are particularly useful for overcoming blockages.

The smooth stones have feminine energy, the protruded ones masculine energy.  Boji Stones are balancers and energisers and a pair balance the male-female energy within the body and aligns the chakras and the subtle bodies. With their strong earth connection, Boji Stones are beneficial to plants and crops but the stone may well disintegrate if left in the ground or exposed to the weather.

Psychologically, Boji Stones throw light on blockages at all levels. They clear blocked emotions and heal hurtful memories.   They also bring up negative thought patterns and self defeating behaviours for transformation. Going to the cause of psychosomatic disease, they dissolve blockages in the physical or subtle bodies.  Holding a Boji Stone will align you to your shadow self, bringing up its repressed qualities so that you can gently release them and find the gift in them.

Physically, Boji Stones stimulate the flow of energy through the meridian systems of the body. Mentally Boji Stones bring your attention to mental imprints and hypnotic commands from the past.  Boji Stones can be emotionally stablizing but they tend to insist that any necessary work is done first.

HEALING Boji Stones heal energy blockages, relieve pain and encourage tissue regeneration. They are useful when physical energy is low or when the condition is intractable. At a subtle level they realign the chakras and repair and re-energise ‘holes’ in the auric body.

POSITION  Hold a pair of Bojis in your hands for ten minutes or so, or place over a blocked or painful point.  You can also grid around your chair whilst meditating.

You can learn more about the origins of Bojis on  and

Moqui Marbles

Moqui” is a Hopi word that means “dear departed ones.” According to Hopi tradition, spirits of the dead would play with the marbles at night, leaving them behind in the morning to reassure the living that they were happy in the afterlife.”

Moqui Marbles c. Judy Hall

Moqui Marbles c. Judy Hall

Moqui Marbles are found at a site close to the Grand Canyon, a powerful earth vortex. To my mind, Moqui Marbles are very different energetically to Boji Stones. Far calmer and slower in effect. Much smoother and far less sudden in their connection to Gaia. But still profoundly grounding. Conveniently, one of the crystal warehouses I visited had a broken Moqui Marble so you can see inside. The chocolaty spheres are concretions — sandstone balls cemented by a hard shell of iron oxide minerals. Like Boji Stones, there are both male and female versions and a working pair are ideal. I so wish I’d taken the time to photograph an enormous pair I saw while in another warehouse, but I was too busy fulfilling my shopping list for The Crystal Companion, which will feature many new stones. And now, of course, they’ve been sold. Which is probably just as well as I was very tempted to become their new keeper although small ones are just as functional.

Shapes of Moqui Marbles

Shapes of Moqui Marbles. Note the Glendonite (see below) top left.
Photo by Brenda Beitler, University of Utah

According to

 Moqui Balls are a different sort of stone. They are ironstone concretions formed from the splatter of a meteor thousands of years ago. The center of the stone is sand and the outer crust is ironstone or magnetite. They are slightly magnetic. The size can range from that of a pea to a baseball… The Moqui Ball is a miniature Mother Earth. It is very grounding, relieving you of stressful energy and negativity by absorbing it. It can assist in raising your personal energy by stimulating the Chi. The Moqui Ball provides protection for the body and mind by shielding you from negativity. When placed on the third eye, it enhances your psychic power. The Moqui Ball is nurturing. It has the feel of an old friend, warm and reassuring.

exploring the roads

You can learn more about Moqui Marbles on:

And how about the big boys, their Siberian cousins, found underground in a coalmine?

Nazarovo TV

Image Nazarovo TV

And the Central and South American versions:

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

prehistoric stone balls a mystery

weird landscapes

And then there’s the Bosnia balls that I’ve mentioned elsewhere:

The lovely Bosnian alternative archaeologist Sam Osmanagich

The lovely Bosnian alternative archaeologist Sam Osmanagich

Or the Australian? I found a great account on a rockhound forum of the various shapes and sizes these take in Australia but unfortunately haven’t been able to track it down again. But this is pretty stunning:

Visitors from outer space?

Here’s what I find so exciting about these strange beings, though. There’s always something ‘otherworldly’ about their energy. It often being suggested they are the products of a meteorite hit. And they really do exist in outer space. Well, on the planet Mars to be exact. Martian Blueberries are exactly that, blue berries. Cool!


Concretions appear like blueberries in a muffin.
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell University

Even on Mars the suggestion is they came from a meteorite impact, fusing ‘above’ (the celestial heaven) with ‘below’ (in this case the planet Mars rather than Earth.

“The large number of hematite spherules in Meridiani Planum may be due to a big rare iron meteorite impact event in this region sometime in the past. The meteorite theory explains all of their properties,” lead researcher Dr. Anupam Misra said of the spherules, per National Geographic.(

Calcite Fairy Stones

Calcite Fairy Stones

Image c.–Quebec-Canada-35-17676.html

Calcite Fairy Stones are clay (calcium) concretions found along the shores of lakes in Quebec. Although they are sometimes called Menalite, they both feel different energetically and have a different inner core. Personally I’ve never been drawn to the Calcite Fairy Stones although I’ve had some in a drawer for years. They’ve really never woken up for me. I’ve always preferred the highly energetic charge of Boji Stones or the much calmer emanations of Menalite (see below). But, as with all crystals, it’s a case of each to her or his own. So do try them. According to Pelham Graham:

These crystals have a deep way of healing, allowing one to open and see into what the situation is. Work on the body holding them on both sides of an area with trauma and circle the stones to guide energy into the area with the trauma, help relieve the congestion and create movement once again. Looking back now,

These are powerful stones that have a capacity for knowing what to help move to allow us to grow. A great help as we have a way of ignoring what needs to move, the traumas we hold, after a while that they are with us. While challenging to move through, the freedom that’s created by moving the trauma through is worth the effort.’

 In crystal healing, Calcite Fairy Stones are used for ameliorating arthritic pain, dissolving calcifications, reducing inflammation, assisting recovery from radiation or chemotherapy treatments, wound healing and overall well-being.

I’ve just tucked one into the compression glove that I wear following breaking my little finger and arthritis setting in to stiffen the finger. It’s making typing challenging and my hand’s getting hot, so I’ll keep you posted on progress.

To learn more about Quebec Fairy Stones and the lore associated with it visit



Image Jeni Campbell

A powerful connector to the wise feminine, Menalite is a calcium rich material that occurs naturally. But its inner core looks more like Flint than clay. Menalites were formed in deposits left in lakes by receding glaciers. It’s one of my favourite – and most useful – stones. We’re now up to 12 babies (that I know of) born to mothers who were finding it impossible to conceive. One tucked under the mattress seems to result in instant conception – and very special babies to boot. They help throughout pregnancy and birth too, and all the transitions of womanhood. This is such a comforting and comfortable stone. Tuck one into your knickers if you suffer from PMT, put it in your pocket if you have hot flushes, and use your imagination if you’ve reached the crone phase of life.

Baby bear

Baby bear. Who could resist him? c. Judy Hall

This is what I said about Menalite in The Crystal Bible volume 2 before I’d discovered its power as an aid to conception:

ATTRIBUTES: enhancing divination and forecasting, Menalite reconnects to the wise feminine and the power of the priestess. An excellent stone for conducting the rites of the passage that mark out the transitions through womanhood, Menalite reminds you of the endlessly recurring cycles of life and is useful for rebirth and rejuvenation of any kind. Spiritually, it assists in coming to terms with death, removing fear and assuring that you will survive in another reality. Menalite is a natural accompaniment for meditations to re-member your soul.

This shamanic stone has been used since time began to journey to other realms and carry out metaphysical rituals. Many of the stones simulate power animals, or the ancient fertility goddess, and this nurturing stone provides a durable link to the Earth Mother, taking you back into her womb for healing and reconnection to the root of being. It opens the earth section of a cosmic anchor attaching you deep into the core of the earth solidifying your core energy field and is a useful shamanic anchor for lower world journeys. This stone connects to the power allies its shape mimics. Hold one to call on your power animal before ritual working or exploring the crystal medicine wheel.

Physically, Menalite is beneficial for transitions particularly those that affect hormonal balance such as puberty or childbirth. Keep a Menalite under your pillow during menopause and hold during a hot flush or night sweat.

Email Jeni at if you’d like a Menalite of your own.

Ascension Stones

Ascension Stone

Ascension Stone, male side c. Judy Hall

Another huge pair of stones that I saw in a crystal warehouse but resisted buying were labelled as Ascension Stones. But size isn’t everything as we know, especially with crystals. They looked gorgeous though. I forget to photograph them as there were so many goodies to choose from. But I did bring home a few small, glittery beauties for my crystal group to try.  One immediately went home with Julia Surnina as she found it immensely comforting. A real stone for the heart. Deeply grounding and yet realigning the higher vibration chakras to assimilate downloads of higher frequency energy. It resonates particularly strongly with the Soul Star above the head. Another stone, with a beautiful heart on top, has temporarily disappeared into thin air, but I do have one left. It feels ‘dual gendered’, having a female side, see above, and a male side. Interesting! It really is a stone that harmonises dualities and rebalances the body. All in one small package.

The female side

The female side Image c. Judy Hall

The word ‘ascension’ has become overused and doesn’t really indicate what such stones can do. These particular stones are only found in Britain – I’ve found them on a Dorset beach before now. But ultimately they disintegrated. Time for another beachcomb methinks. They are primarily made from glittery Marcasite and while this is usually a whitish silver, Ascension Stones are definitely golden in the sunshine.

Ascension StonesBut look at the hairline crack that is appearing to the bottom left. I’ll have to place the stone in the sun and pay it more attention to ensure it stays whole. And stable. A great metaphor for my own energies and life circumstances. It’s been more than a little challenging lately so perhaps this stone has borne the brunt. It’s been sitting on the table beside me. It’s said to be good for releasing anger and frustration, no wonder it’s cracked under the strain. A surrogate stone for releasing my own frustration?  I must remember to thank it. It’s certainly reminding me to return to my inner, peaceful core and simply breathe. I’ll let you know if the crack heals.



GlendoniteA calcite pseudomorph, Glendonite Glendonite looks like a rather spiky hedgehog that’s been sat on but it can take on many forms some sharper than others. Pseudomorph simply means that another mineral has taken over the first minerals shape. An infiller as it were. So this is a shape shifter par excellence.

Moler Museet Mors

2004 find of 1 m sized glendonite crystals in the Moclay pit near Moler Museet, Mors Island. Photo Source : Moler Museet Mors

Glendonite specimen

Glendonite specimen on display in the Moler Museet including the famous giant ‘Lynghojkrystallen’ – the largest of its kind.

Here’s what I said about Glendonite in The Crystal Bible volume 3:

‘This stone of guidance and spiritual purpose helps you discover your soul intention for the present life. Meditate with it to check that you are following your present intention rather than an outmoded one that has become ‘stuck’ in your energy field.  Glendonite de-energises the old pattern and helps you to access a more beneficial intention for your spiritual evolution.

Activating all the chakras especially those at the higher level, Glendonite facilitates learning. It allows information to move freely through the body and facilitates rapidly processing thoughts and insights. Placed over the third eye, it transfers psychic downloads and opens clairvoyance and inner vision. Glendonite helps you to simplify your thought processes and speeds up information assimilation so that the most complex subject becomes easily understandable.

A useful stone for transmuting emotional patterns that no longer serve, Glendonite creates a loving environment and overcomes a dysfunctional family background to create a loving, supportive family life. With this stone, you live life as you are now rather than as a product of the past. It is a stone of personal learning and discovery.

To learn more about these fascinating pseudomorphs go to

And there’s loads more balls to view on

Enjoy searching!