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Most people are stressed because they keep turning the past over and over in their mind, or constantly worry about the future. At the most simple level, keeping your crystal with you at all times and gently stroking it or turning it in your hand clears your mind and focuses your attention into the present moment. Take three deep, slow mindful breaths as you do so. Paying attention to the breath as it moves into your body and then out again automatically calms your system. Especially if you make the out-breath longer than the in. The intention is not to ‘zone out’ but rather to become more present and feel the crystal energies bathing you in peace and tranquility.

  • Wearing your crystal means that the energy is constantly radiated into your personal energy field, bringing it into harmony, helping you to feel far less stressed.
Eye of the storm

Eye of the Storm, c. Jeni Campbell/

Holding this stone makes you feel like you are standing in the calm, quiet eye of a hurricane. Everything whirls around you, but you are at peace within it. It helps you to take an objective view of problems and effortlessly resolve them. It’s ideal for anyone who leads a stressed life. Combine it with mindful breathing.

Here’s a story one of my workshop participants recently told me:

A storm was brewing and I was worried about my boat. I went down to move it. The waves were huge and I got washed overboard and was being churned around and around like being in a washing machine. I clutched my Eye of the Storm and asked to be looked after. Somehow I managed to clamber out onto the rocks unharmed.


Hematite, c. Jeni Campbell/

If you’re not grounded into your body and in touch with the planet, you’ll never feel truly safe inside. The solution? Wear Hematite! This crystal has been used for thousands of years for grounding and protection. It is easily obtained as a necklace or bracelet. Wear it constantly.

Symptoms of ungroundedness

Check out these symptoms. Tick more than three or four and you definitely need to ground yourself.

  • Mental confusion/inability to concentrate
  • Inability to handle the everyday world
  • Life and home are cluttered
  • Eyes are blank: ‘no one home’
  • Spaced out, vague and unfocused
  • Difficulty in motivating yourself
  • Leaving everything to the last minute, but not living in the moment
  • Always running late
  • Dizziness or ‘woozy headed’
  • Clumsiness and dyspraxia – you often bump into things
  • Appearing to float several inches above the floor
  • Sugar craving and a desire for junk food
  • Constantly hungry but food doesn’t satisfy
  • Falling asleep while meditating
  • Car or electrical equipment breaks down regularly
  • Irritability without due cause
  • Insomnia and restless sleep
  • Unwanted out-of-body experiences
  • Sense of looking down on yourself from above
  • Body feels heavy and ‘alien’
  • Emotional and highly over-reactive
  • Constantly exhausted
  • Great ideas or plans that never come to fruition
  • Belching or breaking wind frequently
  • Anxiety or unease with no apparent cause
  • Displaying the same symptoms as someone you were just with
  • Mood changes suddenly when passing a stranger or entering a room
  • Bank account is frequently in the red

Creating your grounding root

This simple grounding root exercise anchors you to the planet, re-energises you from the Earth, and allows freedom of movement in order to reach higher or further dimensions of consciousness, to journey inwards or back into the past, and to safely access the Akashic Record. Remember to cleanse and dedicate your crystals before you begin the exercise (see pages xx-xx).

  • Cleanse the aura and chakras with Flint and/or Anandalite (if you don’t have Anandalite or the other crystals you can use the cards in The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle pack.)
  • Stand with your feet slightly apart, well balanced on your knees and hips. Feet flat on the floor. Place a Flint, Eye of the Storm (Judy’s Jasper), Graphic Smoky Quartz, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Smoky Quartz Elestial or other grounding stone at your feet.
  • Picture the earth star chakra about a foot beneath your feet opening like the petals of a water lily.
  • Place your hands just below your navel (tummy button) with fingertips touching and palms out towards the hips.
  • Picture roots spreading across your belly, into your hips and then down through your legs and out of your feet to meet in the grounding stone.
  • The two roots twine together and pass down through the Earth Star and the Gaia Gateway, going deep into the earth. They pass through the outer mantle, down past the solid crust and deep into the molten magma.
  • When the entwined roots have passed through the magma, they reach the big iron crystal ball at the centre of the planet.
  • The roots hook themselves around this ball, holding you firmly in incarnation and helping you to be grounded in incarnation.
  • Energy and protection can flow up this root to keep you energised and safe
  • Allow the roots to pass up from the Earth Star through your feet, up your legs and the knee chakras and into your hips. At your hips the roots move across to meet in the base chakra and from there to the sacral and the dantien just below your navel. The energy that flows up from the centre of the Earth can be stored in the dantien.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz c. Michael Illas Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle

Gentle Rose Quartz is helpful for any stressful situation but particularly one that is caused by distress in your love life. Hold it over your heart to find inner peace. Its loving vibes soon return you to a calm space. It helps you to love and value yourself instead of reacting to what other people think of you.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate c. Michael Illas Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle

Blue Lace Agate

If your stress is because you find it difficult to express yourself, Blue Lace Agate is the answer. Placed over your throat, this beautiful stones helps you to communicate with clarity and ease.


Jade c. Jeni Campbell


Jade is a very ancient antidote to stress and worry. This nurturing stone helps you to feel calm in any situation. It is particularly useful when you feel defeated by life. Wear it to overcome shock and trauma. Holding it re-energises you and lifts your spirits.




Amethyst. c. Michael Illas, Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle


Amethyst has long been used to overcome addictions and desperation. It balances out the highs and lows of depression. Its soothing presence helps you to remain calm and centred. Keep one under your pillow to overcome insomnia and restless sleep.


Kunzite c. Jeni Campbell/


Soft and gentle, Kunzite contains natural lithium, an antidepressant. Kunzite is a wonderful emotional healer. It is particularly helpful for mood swings. Hold one to lift a dark mood or to handle stress with ease. It is the perfect crystal to soothe panic attacks.



Caption: Shungite. Not much to look at, but so effective.
c. Jeni Campbell/

If you are electro-sensitive, mobile phones, tablets and Wi-fi can make you feel nervy and irritable. It leads to insomnia, depression and a compromised immune system. The solution? Shungite! It blocks the emanations. Stick one on your phone or wear it around your neck – and keep your phone out of the bedroom.