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the sweet lifeAs diabetes is a medical issue, I am legally unable to offer you advice. But I can give you my personal experience and anecdotal evidence. In You Can Heal Your Life Louise Hay describes the psychological causes of diabetes as: “Longing for what might have been. A great need for control. Deep sorrow. No sweetness left.” The affirmation she recommends is this: “This moment is filled with joy. I now choose to experience the sweetness of today.” It’s close to the advice the lovely Art Geiser (Emotional EFT) gave to me the other day: ‘Remind yourself daily that you are a miraculous joyful self who happens to be having a human journey with all that that entails. Stay with the joy.’

Why am I mentioning this in a piece about managing diabetes? Well, having lived with a long line of women who had problems balancing their blood sugar, and having developed type 2 diabetes myself, I’ve learned a thing or two about the condition and the very first thing I learned that it is that it’s definitely psychosomatic rather than purely physical. No matter how much diet and exercise you take, you wont ‘fix’ the problem until you address the underlying issues. Which is where crystals – and magical potions – come in.

I’d also noticed from my research at the College of Studies, almost half a century ago now, how many of the older mediums, as they were then called, had diabetes. It almost seemed to be part of being psychic. Both my grandmothers were psychic and one had diabetes and the other low blood sugar swings. I know that when my blood sugar is what I call ‘on the low side’ and my specialist diabetic nurse calls ‘normal’, I am much less psychic and have to go and eat something to be able to do a reading. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

My story

Fifteen years ago a doctor said to me, ‘We’ve confirmed that you have crossed over into type 2 diabetes. You’ll be on insulin in a year.’ Wrong! I’d already been on the border for fifteen years and now the sweetness had definitely gone out of my life. I’m not going into details here but let’s just say I wasn’t longing for what might have been, though there was great sorrow at a soul level that that a soul intention couldn’t be fulfilled. I didn’t have the energy to be in control, other than over how I thought and what I ate. And I had definitely lost sight of being a miraculous joyful self. I even wrote an article on that for Cygnus Magazine as, the state I was in, I couldn’t do one on sweetness and light. But I could offer practical suggestions on how to cope and make it through. One of which was:

taste the sweetness


I didn’t include crystals in that article. But they were all around me. Under my pillow, next to my computer in my bra, my car, and anywhere else I could stuff them. They kept me going and things did turn around miraculously.

I was fortunate enough to find an excellent homeopath and a wonderful NHS consultant who was exploring alternative methods of handling diabetes. He was a great fan of the placebo effect. Telling me I was far too well to be in his clinic, he nevertheless kept me on while I was experimenting with various options so that he could measure my blood sugar changes. We need more doctors like him. Not surprisingly the medical school to which he belongs is one of the first in the country to pursue ‘integrative medicine’ studies.

As my type of diabetes stems from insulin resistance and so, to my mind, adding further insulin would only add to the problem, to shut my doctor up, I tried metformin which is supposed to assist with insulin assimilation. One tablet had me bursting out in the dreaded metformin rash. You could feel the heat a foot above my arm and watch the red blistery spots erupting. ‘Throw them away immediately,’ said the former diabetic nurse who happened to be present. ‘That’s one side effect that won’t change.’  I did and turned to Berberine (Dragon Fruit), various supplements, and endocrine liquesence from my homeopath. I’ve never looked back.

Oh and a great-granddaughter who loves crystal hunting and adds sweetness to my every day is the best medicine of all!

Charlie de-gunking Sea Foam Flint. c. Judy Hall.

Charlie de-gunking Sea Foam Flint. c. Judy Hall.

So, to the crystals. I’ve just written about this one in the mobilizing heavy metals piece. But let’s reiterate it here for those of you who resonate with it.

A quick search of the internet revealed information such as this from and many other sites.

Chinese Chromium Quartz

Chromium supplementation is highly recommended for keeping blood sugar stable. So, this particular crystal interested me although it proved not to be suitable for me. It may well be for you though. Be sure to get the chromium version not the nickel. Any crystal with strong natural chromium content may assist.

Chinese Chromium Quartz is created by superheating Quartz with Chromium so that it fuses on the surface. An insightful stone to meditate with to find out exactly what underlies a breakdown in the pancreas and reveal the psychosomatic causes of diabetes, it often indicates that the incarnating soul feels that the sweetness has gone out of life. Pinpointing the control mechanisms in which you have become stuck, Chinese Chromium Quartz gives clarity about what is needed to bring life back into balance and reconnect to joy, the crystal suggesting what would bring back that sweetness – and exactly how this will occur. In the meantime, Chinese Chromium Quartz provides understanding and companionship, teaching that all you need is within yourself.

Emotionally, facilitating independence and centring in your heart, Chinese Chromium Quartz helps in realizing that no one else is required for, or provides, your happiness. That is up to you.

Physically, Chromium has traditionally been used to heal the pancreas and associated blood-sugar imbalances and conditions. In those who feel drawn to this stone, it regulates metabolism and stimulates the immune system. If you have mercury toxicity or other heavy-metal overload, Chinese Chromium Quartz works homeopathically to mobilize the metals out of your body.

HEALING Assists in heavy-metal toxicity, blood-sugar imbalances, diabetes, chronic fatigue, weight regulation and hormone deficiencies.


So that’s one you could try – and please post your results on the crystal community Facebook page if you do. Here are two that I personally found very useful.

Red Serpentine

(from The Lizard, Cornwall)

Red Serpentine c. Judy Hall

Red Serpentine c. Judy Hall

I found this one washed up on Penzance beach. When I brought it home and showed it to Barry at Earthworks (sadly now defunct), he said he’d had someone in the day before who’d found it was the only stone that assisted his diabetes. As it’s quite a large stone, I kept it in bed with me taped over my pancreas at night. Now it sits by my bed. It’s not always easy to source but I found this site  Imagine having a worktop made of this on which to prepare your food!

Red Serpentine slab

Red Serpentine slab

Pink Opal

Pink Opal c.


Pink Opal was another one recommended by a crystal shop owner who’d had many anecdotal reports of success. I wore a pendant over my thymus for several years until my blood sugar had really stabilised. It’s an incredibly soft energy that really helps the heart to heal as well as the pancreas. You can obtain your Pink Opal from the lovely John van Rees at:

And here’s the lists from Crystal Prescriptions volume 2:

Blood sugar imbalances: Astraline, Chinese Chromium Quartz, Chrome Diopside, Green Shaman Quartz, Hubnerite, Maw Sit Sit, Malacholla, Mtrolite, Orange Kyanite, Owyhee Blue Opal, Pink Opal, Pink Sunstone, Serpentine in Obsidian, Shungite, Stichtite and Serpentine, Tugtupite. Chakra: spleen, dantien, heart.

Diabetes: Angels Wing Calcite, Atlantasite, Bastnasite, Bowenite (New Jade), Chinese Chromium Quartz, Datolite, Pink Opal, Schalenblende, Shungite, Stichtite and Serpentine, Tugtupite, Chakra: dantien, spleen,

Pancreas: Astraline, Bustamite, Brochantite, Chinese Chromium Quartz, Hubnerite, Leopardskin Jasper, Maw Sit Sit, Pink Opal, Quantum Quattro, Richterite, Schalenblende, Serpentine in Obsidian, Shungite, Tanzine Aura Quartz, Tugtupite Chakra: spleen, dantien

(They’ve been updated in later volumes but this will give you a starting point.)

And a quick p.s.

Diabetes is often accompanied by thyroid deficiency. The best antidote I found to this – and which resuscitated my ‘dead’ thyroid – is Tanzine Aura Quartz. But it has to be authentically alchemicalised not dyed. It’s the gold and indium that have the effect, not the colour. Though that is beautiful.

Tanzine Aura Quartz

Buy your authentic Tanzine Aura Quartz from:

For a somewhat different view of the underlying spiritual factors of diabetes you could take a look at: