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Someone specialThis is a very dear friend of mine, who happens to be a Libra so happy birthday to her. I’d like to give her a present of healing from the community. Chiron, as I call her, has suffered many health tribulations over the years and is in constant pain, yet always remains positive and upbeat. She’s fallen out of a boat during a collision and had her spine crushed, broken her back several times, recovered from cancer, and still travelled all around the world bring joy to all who meet her.

Her latest ‘tribulation’ was a fall that broke her shoulder. After several months of intense pain and little healing, her shoulder joint has been replaced with a titanium one (titanium is Rutile!). As you can imagine, recovery is a slow process that requires infinite patience. Something she has in abundance thankfully.

When I came to dowse the stones, and the placements, for a distance healing grid for her, I wasn’t surprised that Charoite came up. It is Chiron’s stone after all. But the ‘bone stones’ that I thought she would need for underlying osteoporosis, such as Fluorite, Magnetite and Magnesite, were rejected by my pendulum in favour of Flint anchors, a Smoky Quartz to draw off lingering radiation toxicity (which we’ve been working on ever since her cancer treatment), and rather a special Pietersite and Quantum Quattro.

So, here’s the resulting grid for this truly remarkable soul. Please join with me in sending healing to her.