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Bismuth stomp (labmade) c. Michael Illas Crystal Companion

Bismuth stomp (labmade) c. Michael Illas Crystal Companion

I was asked on our College of Psychic Studies weekend which crystal would assist in mobilising heavy metals out of the body. Many of you will, like me, have remnants of mercury fillings. Mercury, as we know, is toxic. But that didn’t stop dentists all over Europe putting mercury fillings into the mouths of children and indeed adults. It is just one of many toxic metals that we may absorb from our food, water and environment. And it can have severe health consequences especially when the fillings are old and leaky, or when they have been removed leaving the metal roaming free in our blood.

Elemental and Vaporized Mercury Poisoning Symptoms

  • mood swings, nervousness, irritability, and other emotional changes,
  • insomnia,
  • headache,
  • abnormal sensations,
  • muscle twitching,
  • tremors,
  • weakness,
  • muscle atrophy,
  • decreased cognitive function/

Read the full article here: Mercury Poisoning: Treatment & Prevention – eMedicineHealth

The spleen chakra under the left armpit is a good spot to place the stone, and over the liver on the opposite side. Over the higher heart chakra (the thymus) in the centre of the chest, a crystal will energetically stimulate the entire immune system. So a simple layout on these three spots with a Shungite, Smoky Quartz, Flint or other detoxing stone at the feet can be effective.

My head was full of the workshop at the time I was asked and the college had sold out of Crystal Prescriptions. I did manage to recall super-absorbent Sea Foam Flint and Terrie mentioned Chrysocolla (both available from Terrie Celest at This Flint is formed from fossilized sponge so it is perfect for absorbing and transmuting the last remnants of toxic energies of all kinds especially those released during personal or earth healing. But, as you will see, there are several possibilities you could use.

Sea Foam Flint, c. Michael Illas, The Crystal

Sea Foam Flint, c. Michael Illas, The Crystal


Elite Shungite c. Michael Illas

Elite Shungite c. Michael Illas

My go-to stone for all such things. It was in my water bottle so I’m surprised I wasn’t reminded of it on Sunday. But if I had been, I’d never have been writing this. How to make Shungite water is on the members’ website so I’m not going to repeat myself here. Personally, I’d use raw Shungite and the direct method but, for legal reasons, I cannot tell you what to do. I leave it up to you. There’s enough information on the community about Shungite (use the search facility) for you to make up your own mind!

Chinese Chromium Quartz

Chinese Chromium Quartz Image c. Fossilageminerals.

If you have mercury toxicity or other heavy metal overload, Chinese Chromium Quartz works homoeopathically to mobilize the metals out of your body. The only problem is, you can be highly averse to it, as I am. It makes my stomach squirm just to think about it. I bought one from a photograph, felt awful immediately I opened the parcel, and put it away – in my storage unit. So finding a pic has been challenging. (I had managed to photograph it but my computer has kindly hidden the pics for me.) Hence I’ve borrowed one. Yes, I’m aware I may be repressing something I don’t want to look at, especially as I have diabetes with deep-seated issues (I will do ‘Stones for diabetes’ soon, possibly even with this mailout). But at other times it’s just that a crystal’s energy field is not compatible and that’s how I’ve felt ever since I touched this ‘new quartz’ – which by the way was billed as entirely natural. No, it’s not a natural Quartz!

Faking it

This Quartz is made by a hydrothermal process. ‘Normal’ clear or milky Quartz (often an inferior cluster with damaged points) is heated with water and natural chromium under immense pressure. This causes the Quartz to recrystallised and forces it into a new growth pattern that covers the cluster with what looks like sugar crystals. The chromium is infused with it, creating the deep green colour.

Here’s a few more suggestions, mostly taken from Crystal Prescriptions volume 2¸one of the go-to books for things such as this:

Apple Aura Quartz: Not the lime-green bling bonded with nickel that you see these days. The one I use is difficult to source but is formed from chromium alchemically bonded onto Quartz. Brilliant stuff.

Brazilianite is said to release pollutants such as heavy metals, supporting the kidneys and other excretory organs.

Combined with Smoky Quartz, Drusy Chrysocolla energetically stimulates liver function and moves heavy metals out of the body.

Klinoptilolith is a powerful detoxifier, absorbing negative energy. It counteracts electromagnetic and heavy metal pollutants, radioactivity and suchlike that disrupt cell function.

Orange River Quartz: This one is poky. Excellent energy.

Orange River Quartz

A very intense orange-red or orange-brown Quartz, often showing phantoms within or etchings on the sides. Frequently densely coated on the points. Best identified by the jolt of energy that hits you when you touch it.’

Taken from ‘Identifying stones: Orange on the members’ community website:

Terrie has some for sale on

If you’re looking at removing lead you really need the guidance of a qualified crystal healer. You could try a homeopathic application of lead to your spleen chakra (hold it in a tissue over the site): Stibnite, Galena, Pyromorphite  or some other form of the mineral. But, I have to warn you, they are extremely toxic and need to be handled with extreme care. Never make a direct essence with them and always wash your hands after handling them.

Aussie essences

Aussie essencesAn  essence you may find useful is an Australian Bush Flower from the lovely Ian White. I always take it after a visit to the dentist. I use the Purifying Essence or a combination of whatever comes quickly to hand including:

Bottlebrush plus Bush Iris (the Detox Essence); and/or Dagger Hakea, Dog Rose and Wild Potato Bush. I find Wild Potato Bush particularly effective.


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