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Childhood events and traumas often create a split between a child part of yourself and the older child or adult. Reclaiming this inner child helps to heal energy splits and enhances your wholeness and your ability to feel positive, joyful emotions. If there has been serious abuse, the work is best handled by a skilled practitioner, but everyone can be helped by calling back their inner child and offering it love and healing. Youngite is an excellent crystal to assist in this work but any of the inner child crystals will facilitate the return. If using an actual crystal, remember to cleanse and dedicate it before use.

Exercise: Calling back the inner child

Sit quietly and image yourself in a favourite childhood spot, one where you felt safe. Feel the atmosphere, hear the sounds, smell the scents of the place. See your younger self sitting there with you. Ask that any parts of your childhood self that split off for any reason will come to join you – they may be hidden and you may need to seek them out – split off child parts often enjoy playing hide and seek. If they are cautious or resistant, be patient. Just keep saying to them: “I love you. I am sorry. Please come home.” Hold out to them one of the inner child healing crystals and have compassion for that younger you.

If you need to dialogue with the child, tell them that you understand what they went through, that they were too young to cope with the challenges or the event or the behaviour. If possible have the child cuddle up on your lap. Tell them that now you are grown up you can offer the love and support that wasn’t there for them then. Again offer love and ask them to come home. Hold them in your arms and welcome them home. Allow them to gently integrate with you – the split off part may need to integrate with the young you first and then both reintegrate with you, or you can keep the younger you separate, promising to return until that younger you is ready to integrate.

If you are non-visual: Set out a selection of photographs of yourself at different ages. Look closely at each one and ask yourself: “Was I fully present then? How was I feeling?” If you find one where you were not fully present or positive, place a cleansed and dedicated inner child healing crystal on the photograph, offer the child love and compassion, and leave in place for as long as feels appropriate. You can carry the crystal with you to maintain contact. You may also like to send that young child birthday cards (not necessarily on your birthday) to mark the years between you and form a pathway home.

Crystals for inner child healing: Youngite, Chrysoprase, Smithsonite, Clear Kunzite, Menalite, Mother and Child (a large crystal with a smaller crystal coming off the side, the large crystal appears to be wrapping the smaller in love).

[Extracted from Good Vibrations]