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Crystal grids don’t have to be complex. They can be deceptively simple. Two stones can constitute a grid. Here’s the heart and immune system stimulator from Crystal Grids using Rose Quartz on the higher heart chakra and then Bloodstone below it on the heart seed. It is actually a lemniscate (the infinity symbol), crossing at the heart. These crystals – and the angle at which they were placed – were dowsed as being perfect for the young dancer who was our model. They stayed in place for twenty minutes while Michael set up the shot, which is about the right length of time for this grid.

It is a particular useful grid for this time of year in the northern hemisphere. Colds and flu abound and strengthening the immune system in this way gives you natural immunity.

My favourite pairings would be Tanzurine (Emerald and Cherry Quartz), or Quantum Quattro and Smoky Quartz. Eye of the Storm seems to be pretty effective too and it cuts out the fear of being infected. You will need to dowse or intuit the right crystals for you. There is a list of appropriate crystals in Crystal Grids and also in the Crystal Prescriptions series.