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Crystals enhance your working environment and improve relations with your colleagues. There are crystals to assists problem solving, improve communication, heal sick building syndrome and help you deal with your day to day experiences.

Elestial Smoky Quartz

Elestial Smoky Quartz, the perfect workplace enhancer. Image c. Michael Illas.

Enhancing the Working Environment

Shungite Pendant, c. Jeni Campbell

Shungite Pendant, c. Jeni Campbell

All the stones that create a less stressful atmosphere such as Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Sugilite, Smoky Quartz and Kunzite will enhance your work place.  You can place one on your desk or in a drawer, tape it under a table, or put it discreetly in a corner – crystals work even when hidden behind a filing cabinet or the like.  You could also wear one under your clothes or keep it in your pocket.  However, most people instinctively respond to the ‘good vibes’ a crystal puts out and, as they are highly decorative objects, a crystal in the workplace will almost certainly be admired. You could use one as a paperweight if you have a desk, or choose a ‘team crystal’ to draw people together such as a large Spirit or Candle Quartz. It can also be useful to keep a small bowl of polished stones around – either for yourself or for other people to ‘play with’.  Their soothing properties will soon make themselves felt! But, as with all crystals in the workplace, remember to cleanse them at the end of each day – a purpose made essence such as the Crystal Balance Company’s Crystal Cleansing spray is idea.

If you are in a job where complaints or even abuse are possible, keep a Black Tourmaline or Shungite close to you – you can stick one to your phone if necessary or wear one as a pendant.  Jet and Sardonyx both turn away violence and Rose Quartz and Sugilite bring in a more loving energy.

Detoxing the working environment

Perhaps one of the greatest hazards at work arises if you are sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies. Phone, computers and the like put out toxic fields that can seriously disrupt your own energies and lead to tiredness and low immunity. Fortunately chunks of Shungite, Black Tourmaline or Smoky Quartz detoxifies the environment. ‘Sick building syndrome’ is a condition in which the actual building literally makes you sick. This may vary from mild flu-like symptoms to extreme manifestations that create dis-eases such as cancer. The environment within the building is unhealthy. It is characterised by static electricity and can be recognised by the high level of lethargy, vague ‘unwellness’ or excessive sick-leave amongst employees in a business. The energy requires grounding. Placing electrostatic crystals such as Jet, Amber or Tourmaline in the corners of a room attracts the static to the crystal and grounds it. As does placing ‘needles’ of Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline and the like or a Halite (salt) lamp in the environment. You can also lay a line of alternating Black Tourmaline and Selenite crystals along a wall to heal the building.


Amethyst geode c. Michael Illas

Amethyst geode c. Michael Illas

If you work as part of a team, Yellow Fluorite supports cooperation between members of that team as does Emerald whilst Tiger’s Eye aids in reaching your goals. A large Smoky Quartz draws off any negative energies and Pink Chalcedony helps resolve any conflict, as do Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Rhodonite and Sugilite.  If communication is difficult, especially where there is bickering or criticism, try placing Aquamarine or Sodalite in the room – you could tape it under a table if you meet around one.  Sodalite is useful for changing attitudes.  If you find it difficult to express your ideas to your colleagues, wear a Sapphire.  If taking constructive criticism is hard for you, a Citrine allows you to be open to this.  Where compromise is needed, Serpentine facilitates it. If you need to bring the team together, try a large Spirit Quartz or an Amethyst geode.

Redressing Missing Qualities

Crystals can build in qualities that are needed for your work. Apatite promotes a humanitarian attitude and service. If enthusiasm for your job is lacking, put a Carnelian in your pocket.  If you need to heighten your motivation, make that crystal a Topaz or wear Apatite.  To develop leadership, use Apatite or Ruby, to enhance self-expression Kyanite.  Kyanite is also useful when you need a strong voice.  Fluorite aids concentration and if you need a clear and focused mind, Selenite is the stone for you.

Problem solving 

Many jobs require problem solving.  Crystals help you to combine careful analysis with an intuitive solution.  They assist in looking at things from a different perspective – and active talents you did not know you possessed. Green Tourmaline assists lateral thinking, analysing difficulties and finding a creative compromise. Aquamarine filters unnecessary information, concentrating on the essence of the problem. Apatite creates an interface between consciousness and matter. It stimulates actualisation, brings about a result. Amazonite  combines intellect and intuition and fires up the creative process. Peridot highlights essence of problem while Obsidian: brings up hidden factor (use circumspectly). Azurite kickstarts action on problems and Rutilated Quartz gets to the root cause and overcomes resistance to innovative solutions. Tourmalinated Quartz dissolves crystallised patterns, and harmonizes disparate elements. Turquoise harnesses creative energy, and shows where you fit in.

Chrysoprase draws out unrecognised talents while Muscovite dispels insecurities and facilitates intuitive problem solving.

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