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organs of the immune system

Your immune system is your first line of defence against invading organisms.  If it is working well and is balanced, you will have a quicker recovery time from minor illnesses like colds and flu.  However, some illnesses such as M.E and viral infections are caused because the immune system is underactive and others, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus, because it is overactive. Crystals find the right balance.  The major healing point for your immune system is over the thymus gland located in the centre of your chest about a hand’s breadth below your collar bone.

Bloodstone is an excellent stone for the immune system because of its amphoteric effect.  If the immune system is overactive, it sedates it.  If it is underactive, it stimulates it.  A the first sign of a cold, flu or other infectious or bacterial illness, tape a Bloodstone over your thymus and leave in place for several hours.

Cherry Quartz and Emerald Quartz are two new crystals that work well with the immune system. You need to check out which goes where – see below – as one sedates and one stimulates the immune system.

Stimulating the immune system:

To stimulate the immune system, place an immune stimulator on your thymus (centre of your chest) and a Clear Quartz in the centre of your forehead, and lie with your hands in your groin crease on each side for ten minutes.

Calming the immune system:

To calm the immune system, place an immune calmer on your thymus (centre of your chest) and a Clear Quartz in the centre of your forehead, and lie with your hands in your groin crease on each side for ten minutes.

To balance the immune system


The Lemniscate grid laid over the heart seed chakra (base of breastbone), heart and higher heart (thymus, mid chest), stimulates or soothes the immune system and ensures the well-being of the heart. The crystals balance the electrical system of the heart with the immune system. It also balances and aligns the three-chambered heart chakra connecting you to unconditional, universal love.

You will need to place the crystals and then monitor the heartbeat to ascertain whether an immune stimulating or soothing crystal needs to be laid over the higher heart (thymus) chakra.

Laying the grid:

You will need:

1 Pinkish-burgundy crystal or immune stimulator

1 Emerald-green crystal or immune soother

Grounding crystal for the feet

  • Hold the crystals in your hand and state your intention.
  • Place a grounding crystal at your feet.
  • Place one crystal above the heart on the higher heart (thymus) chakra.
  • Place one over the heart seed at the base of the breastbone.
  • Check the heartbeat. It will quickly indicate which crystal needs to go above and which below. If it feels too rapid or pulsates poundingly, or is too slow and heavy, switch the crystals around.
  • Use the power of your mind or a crystal wand to trace the lemniscates, cross the circles over your heart.
  • If dizziness results, breathe deeply and push the energy down towards the crystal at your feet for transmutation.
  • When the layout is complete, remove the crystals. Stand up slowly and ground yourself by stamping your feet.

Immune Stimulator Crystals

Amethyst, Bloodstone, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Sodalite, Green Aventurine, Lepidolite, Quantum Quattro, Que Sera, Cherry Quartz.

Immune Calmer Crystals

Emerald, Fuchsite, Emerald Quartz, Ruby, Hematite.

Cherry Quartz and Emerald Quartz

Cherry Quartz

Emerald Quartz

Emerald Quartz


Source: Tanzania

Appearance: Combination of clear Quartz with flecks of colour throughout.

Colour: Cherry Quartz: purplish-red. Emerald Quartz: emerald green

Composition: Cherry Quartz: Lepidolite (Lithium) mica in Quartz

Emerald Quartz: Fuchsite mica in Quartz

Qualities: Emerald Quartz is an opener, Cherry Quartz a charger. Together in synergistic partnership, these gentle stones restore the rhythm of life. Resetting the whole physiological and subtle energy systems. If a polarity has been reversed, the crystals restore the correct polarity. These two crystals acting together form a natural pacemaker for the heart creating an infinity loop over it. They calm a pounding heart and regulate an erratic pulse or stimulate a sluggish heartbeat. Place one above the heart on the higher heart (thymus) chakra and one over the heart seed at the base of the breastbone. The heartbeat quickly indicates which needs to go above and which below. Together they act on the electrical system of the heart, regulating it.

At a subtle level the combination expands the energy of the heart chakra, creating a greater capacity for the giving and receiving of unconditional love.

Cherry Quartz placed over the thymus stimulates deep breathing with more air being taken in, resulting in reoxygenation of the whole body.

The combination also stimulates (Cherry) or soothes (Emerald) the autoimmune system returning it to balance when over- or under-active.

Placing the crystals on the heart seed and higher heart chakras releases spinal tension and contraction, extending the spine. A noticeable reduction in arthritic pain is quickly produced.

Emotionally, placing the crystals over the heart and then placing two more in the groin creases, or between the thumb and first finger of each hand, which is then placed in the groin crease, enables the releasing of old ties and resentment and encourages speaking about the hurts incurred. Once the release has taken place, the stones soothe the heart and stimulate forgiveness.

Using the crystals before bed ensures an excellent night’s sleep and is particularly useful in cases of prolonged insomnia.

Healing: heart and circulation, autoimmune and respiratory systems, spinal contraction, insomnia, arthritis.

My thanks to Gillian McBriar and Terrie Celest for assisting with the research.

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