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Orange Carnelian

Red Jasper

Images copyright Jeni Campbell

Red and orange are excellent colours for instilling vitality and joie de vivre, and for overcoming energy depletion Orange Carnelian and Red Jasper are both strongly connected to the life force and the lower chakras that mediate its flow within your physical body. Carnelian is the stone for instant energy.  Simply holding it over your dantien for a few minutes charges you up and it is sensible to keep one in your pocket whenever you need a quick boost.  Red Jasper provides you with a store of energy to draw on in the longer term and, placed on your base chakra, will give a boost to your sexual libido should this be flagging.  Bloodstone too is a powerful revitalizer, hold it whenever you need a recharge.

Your crystal toolkit should also contain a master energiser for the biomagnetic sheath: Clear Quartz.  Energising the biomagnetic sheath has an overall beneficial effect on your energy level in general but also makes your physical body feel more vibrant.

Green Ridge Quartz

Green Ridge Quartz c. Jeni Campbell/www.angeladditions

The Dantien: (on top of the sacral, just beneath navel).

Area: The powerpoint.

Physiology: Autonomic nervous and energy-conductive systems, regulation of the functioning of internal organs and involuntary processes such as breathing and heart beat. Sensory impulses to the brain.

Effect: An adjunct to the sacral chakra and the point of balance for the physical body, the dantien is where Qi, lifeforce, is stored and your body earthed. This is your core energy source. Disruption here means that Qi cannot circulate efficiently and is not replenished and the auto immune system cannot function. If the dantien is too open, energy is constantly drained. When it is functioning well you are energised and power-full.

Typical dis-eases relate to physical function and energy utilisation: nervous system dysfunctions, auto-immune diseases, cardiac problems, high blood pressure, orthostatic hypotension, palpitations, adrenal overload, chronic fatigue, M.E., Reynauds, Parkinson’s, digestive problems, diabetes, lightheadedness, powerlessness, feeling ill at ease in incarnation.