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Remember to cleanse and dedicate the crystal before use and clean thoroughly and regularly afterwards or if it is being worn continually.

Crystals to overcome dyslexia (place on brow or keep in pocket): Sugilite, Black Moonstone, Malachite (use as a tumbled stone), Royal Sapphire, Chrysotile, Tourmaline, Charoite, Tourmalinated Quartz, Chinese Writing Stone, Zebra Stone

Crystals to overcome dispraxia (place on brow or keep in pocket): Muscovite, Moss Agate, Sugilite, Black Moonstone, Yellow Jasper, Lavender Quartz

Crystals to overcome hyperactivity (place on brow or keep in pocket): Prehnite, Rose Quartz, Lavender Quartz, Stichtite, Pink Agate, Pink Carnelian.

Crystal for inappropriate behaviour: Atlantasite gently modifies children’s behaviour and turns them towards a positive viewpoint.

Essence for children’s tantrums: Green Man TUTS1.