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meet the gang

Meet the gang. Several of the skulls above have now moved onto new homes to continue the good work but there are a few I would never part with. c. Jeni Campbell

meet the family

At home with the skulls. c. Michael Illas. Pendragon, a natural Celtic Golden Healer dragon, centre back, now lives at the College of Psychic Studies in London and many of the others have since found new homes. But there are some, like Horace, who will always stay with me.



Dragon homeland

Dragon homeland. On the Dragon’s Eye. The Bluestone outcrop is in the far background.


Horace: Earth healer extraordinaire. c. Terrie Birch

extraordinary story is told in my book Crystal Skulls so do read that to know more.


Horace in rainbow mode

Horace in rainbow mode. c. Terrie Birch

Ancient magic. Merlin, my natural Celtic White Quartz head, with his dragon. c. Judy Hall


‘Fred’, my ancestral clearer Lakelandite skull. c. Judy Hall. His story is told in one of my blogs so do read that. He’s a powerful link to my ancestors.

Barama Barak

Barak and Barama: the karma clearers c. Jeni Hall  Again the story is in one of my blogs but these guys don’t mess about!

Merit Aten, Smenkare and the Star Beings

Merit Aten, Smenkare and the Star Beings c. Judy Hall

Merit Aten

Merit Aten is more than a little camera shy, but we managed to match her smiling. And her she is with her partner Smenkare, the cause of the smile! Smaller he may be, but he complements and powers her presence.

Merit Aten, Smenkare and the Star Beings skull


Charlie-boy’s mission in life is to make us all less pretentious about spirituality – and to have a good laugh. He’s got a very empty head but a lot of lightness to share. C. Judy Hall.




How do you like the eyeliner? This air dragon is a powerful feminine presence and a source of inspiration. I’ll put her story up one day.



Gwenda was gifted to me by Marjorie Lague from Canada. She’s a Lemurian Quartz skull with much wisdom. She makes the perfect partner for Horace, bringing in extremely high vibrations from ‘above’, which Horace then translates into healing for the Earth. The healing is grounded by my latest acquisition:




Finty. Just when you think you’ve got them all, along comes another one! Finty has a grail cup in her head that is perfect for collecting rainwater to make a grounding essence and, as you can see, it gathers energy around itself. She works with Horace and Gwenda to ground the earth healing and stabilise the new vibrations.

Life wouldn’t be complete without the Old Hag, a natural flint crone. She holds the Wise Feminine of the Earth for me, connecting to Gaia and Mother Earth.


Cosmic Crone

And the Cosmic Crone, her Celtic Golden Healer Quartz partner, holds the Feminine Wisdom of the Universe. What could be more perfect?

Cosmic Crone dragon



But she doubles as a dragon too. After all, she is from the top of the crystal dragon mountain.

MohawkitesYou can read the story of the Mohawkites and healing the tears of a nation on my blog and no doubt there will be more new arrivals to introduce you to soon.