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Use your crystals to transition into a new phase of being

transitionNot all transitions are out of the physical body and through death and beyond, of course. Transitions occur at all stages of our lives. The passage can be facilitated with crystals.

translationSpirit Quartz

Smoky Grey Spirit Quartz

Smoky Grey Spirit Quartz c. Judy Hall

Spirit Quartz is an effective psychopomp, conveying a soul safely to next world. During a transition it cleanses the subtle bodies, removing layers of karmic and emotional debris to reprogram cellular memory, ensuring a good rebirth. Spirit Quartz facilitates transitioning  between different brain wave states and multi-dimensions. The drusy coating of Spirit Quartz radiates high vibration crystal energy in all directions whilst the core of the crystal tightly focuses healing. It is a great stone for reframing the past, releasing a soul to move on. The crystal takes a soul who is passing by the hand guiding it through the different dimensions of the afterlife to the highest possible vibration and into hands of those waiting to welcome it home. The Smoky Grey variety is particularly effective for this. The stone then comforts those who are left behind.

Spirit Quartz can take you to meet the ancestors. It is a wonderful stone to  programme for ancestral healing. Extremely beneficial in past life healing, it rejigs the etheric blueprint for the present life, pinpointing the gift or karmic justice in traumatic situations and promotes self-forgiveness.  Amethyst Spirit transmutes prior misuses of spiritual power, facilitating multidimensional healing including that of soul parts not in incarnation. It is an excellent carrier for flower essences to gently dissolve karma, intransient attitudes and toxic emotions especially at death. In spirit release work, holding the stone enables a practitioner to safely journey to release the soul and ascertain whether there is anything that the soul needs completing before it moves on or reintegrates. Beneficial for visiting the underworld or exploring the subconscious, it may provoke a catharsis in the process.

Trigonic Quartz

Incised trigonic markings

Incised trigonic markings, c. Judy Hall

Trigonic Quartz is the soul midwife stone that carries the consciousness of a much earlier lifeforce and which facilitates an initiatory journey to higher dimensions and cosmic consciousness. The markings represent souls moving into and out of incarnation. Trigonic Quartz holds a hologram of all potentiality and links to the Akashic Record and the holographic soul. This stone teaches that you cannot rely on consensual reality, there is so much more to life – and death. It helps you go with the flow and stay with what is, smoothing the passage. When using Trigonics for grids, unless you are using one to facilitate the passage through death of the physical body, do not point it immediately at the top of the head but rather align it precisely so that it passes above the head and through the soul star or stellar gateway chakra. Be warned: if you are holding onto anything from the past, especially toxic material or relationships, Trigonics clear these – fast.


Smoky Amethyst Brandenberg

Smoky Amethyst Brandenberg c. Jeni Campbell/

Although geologically a young quartz, a Brandenberg has a very old soul and an extremely high vibration. A powerful stone for spiritual alchemy, it connects to the immensity of your spiritual being and All That Is. Attuned to the white flame of pure consciousness and emanating infinite compassion, it is perfect for deep soul healing and forgiveness work. An excellent aid to spiritual work at all levels, rapidly linking to multi-dimensions, this stone has a structure characterised by ‘inner windows’ or phantoms that assist in looking within or climbing the vibrational ladder to other dimensions. Facilitating a high, wide and objective viewpoint, it is useful when travelling to dimensions that you could not otherwise bring back consciousness awareness of having visited, acting as a bridge through which highest states of awareness flow. This stone facilitates the combined brainwave states that enhance meditation, regression and healing.

A hugely versatile crystal as each one carries the resonance of clear, smoky and amethyst vibrations, more than any other stone Brandenbergs are person-specific and task related. When you find your stone, you know but may need several as one could be attuned to earth-healing, another to soul-healing, yet another to multi-dimensional travel, while a different stone adjusts the etheric blueprint back to its perfect state before incarnations began or empowers shifting ingrained past life trauma or soul splits. There are Brandenbergs that do everything and they may be tiny or huge, size has no relevance it is the resonance that counts. Call your Brandenberg in the spiritual dimension before seeking the physical stone.

On the soma chakra Brandenberg attunes to your core spiritual identity, facilitating true self-reflection and consciousness activation. It assists travel to the between life state to ascertain your soul plan for the current lifetime, identifying forks in the road at a conscious choice was needed and shows how to return to your original soul plan if you have deviated, and how to release outgrown soul imperatives. On the past life chakras Brandenberg heals the imprints and effects of trauma and drama in previous lives no matter on what dimension those lives were lived. On the third eye, it removes blockages to spiritual or psychic sight and reaches guidance from the purest source.

Smoky Amethyst Brandenberg, visibly combining Amethyst and Smoky Quartz either as phantoms or body colour, is the finest tool available for removing implants, attachments, spirit possession or mental influence and this is the stone par excellence for conscious transformation or transition, especially through the death process. If you took on a dis-ease, physical or psychiatric condition, or traumatic circumstances for reasons of karma or soul growth – or for restitution – Smoky Brandenberg facilitates understanding the gifts you were seeking. It helps face the remainder of the current life with equanimity and joy, knowing that your situation is exactly right for spiritual evolution.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Elestial Quartz

Smoky Elestial Quartz c. Judy Hall

An excellent earthing stone, Smoky or Smoky Elestial Quartz soaks up negative energies and anchors a grid whilst at the same time raising the vibrations. It assists in transitioning freely between alpha and beta states of mind facilitating journeying with awareness.


Obsidian is a very cathartic stone and in its more dense black form it can precipate spontaneous release especially at an emotional level. The more gentle Rainbow Obsidian releases the bonds of old love and heals the heart, releasing obsessions. Snowflake Obsidian assists with inner centering, helping you to be receptive to the deep insights that arise when using Obsidian. It releases ingrained patterns, balancing body, mind, emotions, spirit. Spiderweb Obsidian provides protection and helps to set the direction during journeying. It also assists in breaking old patterns, bringing in a calm centre and expanding perception of who you might be.


AmphiboleAmphibole, also known as Angel Phantom because of the inner wings and angelic vibration, provides a connection to the highest level of spiritual experience, calling in your guardian angel and higher beings and bringing deep inner joy. It has an extremely gentle and calming energy. Spiritually, placing Amphibole on the crown chakra activates all the higher crown chakras, opening a ladder up which awareness ascends to connect with your Higher Self and, moving further up the vibrational scale, to attain the highest guidance. Using this stone for introspection and insight, especially when placed on the third eye, attunes to the wisdom of the universal mind, taking a more detached perspective on life and on evolution. Gazing into its depths goes to a space of deep universal love and assists in always acting from a place of love. It subtly shifts the energies to the highest possible and brings about cooperation and harmony. Triangulating three Amphiboles provides a perfect meditation or creative work space. It’s an excellent carrier for Zl4 etheric cleanser as it holds the energy space for months. The phantoms and inclusions within Amphibole are red Hematite, a deeply stable stone that protects, grounds and dissolves negativity; white Kaolinite which opens the inner ear, and yellow-peach Limonite which stimulates and guards against psychic attack or mental influence, making the stone a useful companion for spiritual journeying. Phantoms symbolise the numerous lifetimes of the soul and take you travelling through multi-dimensions. They break up old patterns and assist in reconnecting to ancient wisdom held in your soul memory.

Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz c. Terrie Birch/

Tangerine Quartz is an excellent stone to use after shock or trauma, especially at the soul level.  It can facilitate soul retrieval and integration, and heal after psychic attack. Tangerine Quartz facilitates past life healing and is beneficial in cases where the soul feels it has made a mistake for which it must pay. The soul learns to find the gift in the experience, forgive itself, and move on. Tangerine Dream Lemurians are particularly effective at facilitating transitions.

Tangerine Dream Lemurian Grid

Place the crystals around the head, points in to bring in healing, points out to release a soul to explore the multi-dimensions of consciousness or to transition.

Tangerine Dream Lemurians open a portal to accelerated energy patterns and expanded soul healing. Believed to have been left by an ancient civilisation to activate evolution now, Lemurians are perfect tools for lightworkers. Spiritually, holding a blessing of unconditional love for the earth and all upon it as we enter a profound vibrational shift, Lemurians give a timely reminder to lightworkers to do their own work and attend to their evolution as well as facilitating that of others. The etched markings are ascended like a ladder, accessing inter- and multi-dimensional states. Lemurians teach that we are many-dimensioned beings with only a small part in incarnation and assist in taking the most objective viewpoint of prior lifetimes. Piercing the illusion of separateness in physical incarnation, they remind that the journey of healing is of re-membering our spiritual selves. Lemurians also teach that time is an illusion of physical incarnation, showing how to move beyond its boundaries into the true reality of All That Is. Perfect to grid for angelic contact, Lemurians open a stargate, an energy portal to stellar experiences, anchoring ancient wisdom into the present. Attuning to spiritual training and initiations, this crystal reawaken inherent skills and healing abilities. Appropriately cleansed and dedicated before and after use, this crystal skilfully guides another soul to consciously access their past knowledge. It is especially helpful in past life therapy going to a time before dis-ease or destructive emotional patterns set in, facilitating recovery of a state of inner perfection. Lemurian wands are excellent for chakra balancing and clearing, especially for removing karmic debris and soul imperatives. Activating the ‘higher resonance’ of each chakra and integrating with the lightbody, they bring about deep communication between physical and subtle levels of being, and ground vibrational shifts into the physical body. Mentally, Lemurians teach that thoughts are creative and take on form and, harnessed to right intent and self-belief, manifests full potential. Lemurians work well for conscious dreaming and for dreaming up a new reality – sleep with one under your pillow and ask for a dream that shows who you are meant to be. They facilitate re-entering a significant dream to obtain clarity and insights. Especially when activated with Elestial Quartz, Lemurians open a multi-dimensional healing space that creates a powerful energy portal taking in past, present and future through which any part of soul evolution is accessed and transformed. Lemurians combine well with Halite or Hanksite which cleanses and purifies any negative energies from Lemuria (sometimes a cathartic process) and transforms them into positive memories.

Transition Chakras

Placing release crystals on the Earth Star (just below the feet) and Soma chakra (on the hairline, centre of the forehead) can assist a soul who is finding it difficult to pass on to other realms. Placing crystals on other chakras can unlock a soul who is stuck in the negative expression of that chakra (see Crystal Prescriptions volume 4: The A–Z Guide to chakra balancing crystals and kundalini activation stones.)

Emotional clearing grid

As toxic emotions and memories can hold a soul back from making an appropriate transition, placing emotional healing and higher consciousness crystals around the body and level with the solar plexus, heart and crown chakras facilitates deep soul healing. Morganite with Azeztulite and Tugtupite with Nuummite are particularly dynamic without being overwhelming.

Morganite with Azeztulite

Gently brings up what has not previously been spoken about and provides insights into healing and why it occurred – promotes forgiveness. It is particularly useful when old abuse needs to be released and moved on from. This grid takes you to the pre-birth, interlife planning meeting to ascertain the soul’s plan for spiritual evolution. It can be combined with Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite and Rhodonite.

Tugtupite and Nuummite

The perfect combination for heart and mind transitions.


Tugtupite, c.


A stone of integration, Tugtupite bridges the compassionate heart with the illuminated mind. It teaches the power of self-love, without which it is not possible to value yourself or another, to give or receive love, to love another, to be loved by them or to know intimacy. One of the best stones for opening and cleansing the heart chakras, this stone deepens and expands love bringing an unconditional quality to all relationships, and aligns and integrates all the chakras with the heart and higher heart chakras so that love is expressed through every act and thought. Spiritually, placed over the higher heart chakra of someone whose vibrations have been raised sufficiently, Tugtupite acts like a shaman blowing into the chakra to awaken the dormant channel that connects the compassionate heart to higher states of consciousness. It literally accesses a new level of love to facilitate the vibrational shift and the birth of the lightbody in the everyday world. A strongly protective stone that enables facing difficult situations with equanimity and fearlessness, Tugtupite acts as a liver defender to block other people’s rage or resentment (place under the right armpit) as it neutralises anger and cuts off inappropriate tugs on your heart strings (wear over your heart). It draws out and transforms your own anger into creative energy and is the perfect stone to assist recovery from a ‘psychic mugging’. This stone also clears ‘hooks’ from any organ of the body – especially pancreas and stomach – attached to a needy outside source and is particularly effective used with Nuummite to cut cords from past lives. Tugtupite removes the effect of old relationships and clears the biomagnetic sheath of the residual effects of psychological or physical abuse. Used for spirit release in cases of emotional attachment, it encourages forgiveness for yourself and others involved. Tugtupite teaches emotional independence and autonomy, bringing about the realisation that you alone are responsible for creating and maintaining your well-being and happiness and that this is not dependent on any external source including a partner or loved one. This stone protects from emotional blackmail, providing strength to cut loose and overcome outside interference. Keep this stone close to your heart as it assists emotional honesty and intimacy. It may take you through a deep emotional catharsis releasing the grief of the ages for the planet and yourself. If you have forgotten how to love, Tugtupite reminds you, gently clearing away any blockages, opening your heart and enfolding it in unconditional, universal love.

(As Tugtupite is rare and somewhat expensive, the beautifully soft Mangano Calcite can be substituted.)


NuummiteThe sorcerers’ stone, Nuummite is powerfully protective and removes ancient curses. Activating the soma chakra at the hairline, it removes karmic debris. This intense stone needs careful handling until you are attuned to its energies as any mishandling will rebound. It shows you where power has been misused in the past and heals the past life causes of dis-ease, re-empowering you. Nuummite cloaks the soul during ritual work, imbuing stealth and sureness. It creates an inner landscape to be traversed and teaches that ‘as above, so below’. Combine with Tugtupite or Mangano Calcite for maximum effect.

Poppy Jasper

Poppy JasperPoppy Jasper is named for its orbicular ‘flowers’. A powerhouse that is gently stimulating or fiery as required, it is a strongly physical stone that resonates with the base chakra to bring vitality and passion, grounding energy into the body. Useful when fresh motivation is needed, it acts like an adrenaline kick. Rectifying unjust situations, it reminds humanity to help each other. Psychologically, Poppy Jasper imparts determination. Bringing the courage to get to grips with problems assertively, it encourages self-honesty. Supporting during necessary conflict, it brings problems to light before they become too big and provides insights into difficult situations. Sustaining and supporting during times of stress, it brings tranquillity and wholeness, calming the emotions when held and activating change when placed on the lower chakras. It is also a very useful stone for kundalini activation.

[Extracted from The Crystal Bible volume 2].

And finally, if you’re totally stuck and really need to transform your life, try:

Kick Ass

This rare combination of Morganite and Azeztulite was named for its ability to literally kick you into a new reality, pretty much instantly (see Crystal Bible volume 3). It can shift people – or places – out of your life that are no longer beneficial for you, and thrust you into a new way of being. If you feel angry at yourself for allowing something ‘bad’, sleep with this gentle stone under the pillow (or spray on the essence) to be less judgemental of yourself and find release. Giving you insight into situations of physical and emotional abuse, this stone helps you to forgive the perpetrator, recognising the pain that may have underlain their own experience. The combination helps you to connect to and embrace your shadow energies, healing shame and ancient abuse and transmuting the energy to self-love and profound acceptance. Because of it’s rarity I gave one of the stones to Jeni Powell of The Crystal Balance Company and she’s made a powerful crystal essence from it  Crystals essences are a very effective way of transferring crystal energy into your biomagnetic field.

Bringing about change for the highest good

kick-assThis NEW energy of the rare and powerful Kick Ass crystal (as seen in 101 Power Crystals, Crystal Bible 2, Judy Hall) brings about change for the highest good.

It helps to stop procrastination, dispel anxiety and sweep away negativity clearing out of your life anything that is not for the highest good and allowing you to move forward.

It also allows you to realise your desires and resets parallel timelines, putting you “back on track. Spray the essence over the crown or hold the bottle as if it were the crystal. As Kick Ass is extremely rare and difficult to find and this essence holds the vibration of the crystal, by working with the bottle and forming a bond with it you are in fact working with a Kick Ass crystal!

Believe me you’ll soon notice the difference!