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The Crystal ZodiacBirthstones

Crystals have been associated with the signs of the zodiac for thousands of years, especially in the form of birthstones and amulets. Having examined a great many sources, I choose the following for The Crystal Zodiac because of the qualities they offered:

Sign Glyph Birthstone(s) Ruling Planet
Aries Aries Ruby, Diamond Mars
Taurus Taurus Emerald Venus
Gemini Gemini Agate, Tourmaline Mercury
Cancer cancer Moonstone, Pearl Moon
Leo Leo Cat’s or Tiger’s Eye Sun
Virgo Virgo Peridot, Sardonyx Mercury
Libra Libra Sapphire, Opal Venus
Scorpio Scorpio Malachite, Turquoise Pluto, Mars
Sagittarius Sagittarius Topaz, Turquoise Jupiter
Capricorn Capricorn Onyx, Garnet Saturn
Aquarius Aquarius Aquamarine Uranus, Saturn
Pisces Pisces Amethyst, Moonstone Neptune, Jupiter


High PriestIn most crystal books you’ll be told that the birthstones stem from the Breastplate of the High Priest – the ritual vestment that Aaron wore after Moses had received the ten commandments, but translators can’t even agree on which crystals were in the breastplate so this is unlikely. This is what the breastplate is believed to have looked like, although the Hebrew word translates into pouch rather breastplate

Why birthstones?

Each sign is on its on unique journey of self-discovery, a journey that can be expedited by the judicious application of crystals along the way.  Crystals can be used to bring out the innate potential of a sign, to overcome its challenges and to harmonize discordances.  In this talk we will explore how they can be used for profound soul growth, or for the mundane matters of life.

Traditionally, crystals were linked to specific signs because the energy of the stone resonated with that sign or with the month in which it fell, or because the planet that ruled the sign or month also governed the crystal – some of these attributions to right back to Babylonian times. Lusty Mars, for instance, whose colour is red, rules fiery Aries and April. Mars and red are linked to Aries’ birthstone, the passionate Ruby. Mars is also one of Scorpio’s co-rulers, and Ruby is a companion crystal for this sexy sign.


AriesBirthstones: Ruby, Diamond

Aries Ruby birthstone resonates with passion and vitality, spicing up life. It aligns ideals and will, enabling Aries to focus on the task ahead but it can over-stimulate. Aires do not suffer fools gladly and Ruby draws anger to the surface for dissipation but, in the process, may overheat situations, bringing Aries into the danger on which they thrive. Ruby may also make Aries more self-centered and self-absorbed. The calming influence of Diamond, offsets this by bringing gifts of thoughtfulness and consideration for others. Diamond also helps to overcome a tendency to put yourself first in all things.

Procrastination can be a problem, reflecting ambivalence around a course of action that someone else is insisting on, but it can also reflect an innate fear of ‘doing the wrong thing’.  Any hesitancy is quickly overcome by the fiery Ruby birthstone.

Persistence is not Aries strong point, which means many projects started, but few completed. Ruby also assists in harnessing leadership qualities to perseverance, ameliorates anger and gently diffuses explosive situations. Wearing this stone maximizes Aries soul potential for strong leadership and decisive action; it helps in righting wrongs and fighting for a good cause.

Ruby helps you to focus and project your true self out into the world, bring out your soul courage.


TaurusBirthstoneEmerald or Peridot

Emerald is voluptuous Venus’s favourite stone so it is no surprise that whilst Taurus is sensible and pragmatic soul, inwardly this Venus-ruled sign is sensual and hedonistic, relishing all the good things of life, valuing comfort, and life-affirming Emerald encourages enjoying life to the full.

Emerald is known as ‘the stone of successful love’ and wearing an Emerald helps Taurus to find the loyal and steadfast love this sign associates with domestic bliss.  Emerald enhances strength of character, and helps to overcome the misfortunes of life.

Taurus hates change and this birthstone  promotes enduring partnership. Said to protect against enchantments, Emerald changes colour where there is unfaithfulness.

The infinite patience of Emerald resonates with the Taurus nature but there are times when this patient approach to life becomes a handicap.  Peridot is the stone par excellence for facilitating necessary change and ameliorating the legendary Taurus jealousy.

Taurus has powerful emotions which can be deeply entrenched, the most destructive being resentment, jealousy and possessiveness.  Resentment dissolves under the influence of Peridot and this stone also assists forgiveness and fosters reconciliation.

With the Sun in Taurus, the soul is on a pathway that seeks inner security rather than external safety. Emerald will illuminate the spiritual pathway.  Wear one to serves as a reminder of the presence of the spiritual self. Once trust is established, Taurus has inner security, one of the few qualities which can be taken out of this world.


GeminiBirthstones  Tourmaline, Agate

Gemini is extremely active, both physically and mentally. An innate ability to multi-task is strengthened by the Agate birthstone as this stable  and grounding stone encourages paying precise attention to details whilst still seeing the bigger picture.  Its multiple layers bring hidden information to light.  Agate is also invaluable in avoiding the nervous tension to which Gemini is prone.  However, Agate works slowly, which can trigger natural impatience. The other birthstone, Tourmaline, works faster and balances the two sides of the brain, and integrates inner and outer selves.  It draws off negative energies and stabilizes a tendency to fly off in too many directions at once.

Communication is, without doubt, Gemini’s forte with the ability to gather in an enormous amount of information from disparate sources and to distil the essence so that it can be passed on to others, making intuitive connections and assumptions that are inspired. However, Gemini often speaks without thinking of the consequences.  One of Gemini’s major challenges is in identifying what exactly is truth.  Gemini has the ability to argue that black is black, that black is white, and that it is black again without even noticing.  This sign can be very creative with the truth Agate, helps to promote

Gemini is on a soul pathway of clear and unambiguous communication of who you are.  Communication has to be not only at the physical and mental level, but also at the emotional and spiritual levels.


CancerBirthstoneMoonstone or Pearl

Moonstone, is a ‘stone of new beginnings’ and is strongly connected to the Moon and to intuition. Worn as a pendant, Moonstone not only enhances psychic gifts but also encourages acceptance of them.  Worn as earrings, or placed on the forehead, it assists in developing clairvoyance  and clairaudience.

As Moonstone’s effect is particularly strong at the full moon, you may need to remove it unless you are in a space where meditation and inward reflection can occur.  Pearl, a traditional Cancer gem, is a convenient stone to wear at this time.

Cancer is highly sensitive and prone to mood swings and Moonstone keeps you emotionally balanced. Linking with the biorhythmic clock that governs body and moods, holding Moonstone  attunes to your own unique biorhythm cycle.

Compassionate and caring, Cancer has enormous potential for nurturing.   This is a highly ambitious sign, although it is well hidden. The passion and energy of Pearl propel forward into realising ambitions and attract an outlet for hidden talents.

As one of the signs that values routine and hesitates to make changes, Cancer may find that your life has become static.  Moonstone opens to the possibility of serendipity and synchronicity.  and heightens concentration.

As a water sign, Cancer picks up other people’s thoughts and feelings very easily, and may confuse them with your own.  Moonstone may exacerbate this tendency but Black Moonstone helps to differentiate. It teaches that what you put out, comes back to you.  It also helps your soul pathway which is to nurture without enabling.


LeoBirthstone  Cat or Tiger’s Eye

Leo has an abundant choice of birthstones and traditional associations are with yellow stones that reflect the light of the Sun. The ostentatiousness of the rare and beautiful Cat’s Eye appeals as it radiates benevolent warmth – until someone upsets Leo’s dignity.  The beautifully banded Tiger’s Eye is an excellent, cheaper, alternative to Cat’s Eye.  This stone combines the energy of the earth with the sun to create a grounded and yet extremely high vibration.  The golden form of Tiger’s Eye in particular resonates with Leo’s sunny self but any Tiger’s Eye is protective and facilitates constructive manifestation of your strong will, and is excellent for ameliorating Leo’s considerable pride.

Leo is a highly creative sign known for its vigour and vitality, although, as a fixed sign, needs a stimulus to move  in a new direction. Tiger’s Eye has the ability to overcome limitations, Its vibrant energy stimulates Leo’s natural generosity. This stone of abundance helps Leo to recognise inner riches as well as drawing support.

The soul challenge of using power wisely is facilitated by Tiger’s Eye.  The power is not power over others, but rather self-empowerment. The stone helps you to shine.


VirgoBirthstonesSardonyx and Peridot

Virgo values integrity and virtuous conduct and Sardonyx resonates to these qualities. Strong and stable, it supports the search for meaningful existence, supplements will power and strengthens character, enhancing self-control.  It attracts good friends.

However, the much lighter and livelier Peridot, supports a razor-sharp perception, assisting in letting go of habits that block growth, and encouraging kindness to oneself – an essential ingredient in overcoming Virgo’s tendency towards self-criticism.

Virgo has an enormous capacity to be of service to others, which sometimes means personal needs and aspirations are put on hold.  Wearing Peridot enables you to live up to aspirations without reneging on dedication to service.  It takes Virgo out of the ‘servitude trap’, teaching that true service comes from the heart, doing what is necessary without thought of reward or recognition and yet, at the same time, not being put upon by others.  This fulfils your soul purpose.

Virgo seeks perfection and sets incredibly high goals for yourself and others.  The problem with perfection is that it doesn’t allow you to make mistakes but, with Peridot’s help, you can admit to mistakes, accept them as a learning experience, find the gift in them, and move on.


LibraBirthstones:  Sapphire, Opal

Harmonious colours are important as they make Libra feel good, so the vibrant hue of Sapphire delights Libra’s heart. This beautiful crystal brings dreams to fruition, and imbues life with lightness and joy, aligning the physical, mental and spiritual levels, and restores equilibrium. This is the Stone of Peace which resonates with Libra’s desire for a tranquil life. As a Venus ruled sign, Libra is partial to a sybaritic lifestyle, valuing quality, aesthetics and good taste, and Sapphire’s ability to attract prosperity is useful here.

Libra is a diplomatic sign with a flair for creating harmony, especially in the environment, and for finding creative compromises.  It is in negotiation and conflict resolution that Libra can shine and Lapis Lazuli harmonizes conflict and assists in expressing opinions.

One of Libra’s greatest challenges is to avoid becoming a people pleaser. This sign opts for a quiet life, backing away from confrontation, and Libra desperately want people to like you so other people’s needs are put before your own. As a result, Libra’s inner self is not aligned to outer.  Eventually, something has to give.  Libra’s needs surface in a demanding, self-centred way and everyone, Libra included, wonders where ‘that nice person’ has disappeared to.  Nevertheless, as astute observers have noticed, Libra can be quietly ruthless in getting your own way, although you hide innate selfishness better than other people.  To ensure congruency between your own needs and those of others, wear a stone of unconditional love and acceptance such as Sapphire or Lapis.  If you have become ‘sugary sweet’ and so nice that you are no longer your authentic self they will release you. Lapis assists your soul challenge of finding your own unique self and walking side by side with your soul partner as a unit of two.


ScorpioBirthstones: Malachite, Turquoise

Malachite brings about transformation at all levels, and is especially effective psychologically. Scorpio is the only sign that can handle this stone’s forcefulness with ease. It is extremely powerful, being one of the Stones of Transformation, with the ability to absorb negative energy and pollutants.

Empathetic Turquoise balances the forcefulness of Malachite, bringing inner calm. This purification stone has a high vibration that enhances intuition and provides protection whilst Scorpio explores spiritual and darker realms.  It provides solace for the soul and enhances physical well-being but, beware, Turquoise has the ability to change colour when in the presence of infidelity and, despite deep loyalty to a partner, Scorpio is not the most faithful of signs.

With strong leadership and the ability to get to the bottom of things, this sign goes where others fear to tread. Malachite is an excellent stone for accessing inner riches.  Scorpio’s ability to diagnose and see below the surface makes a natural healer.

Controlling the sting in Scorpio’s tail is another challenge.  Your tongue can be lethal but you are as likely to sting yourself as others.  Turquoise holds you back from verbal assaults and curtails intolerance and judgementalism and Lapis moves Scorpio away from self-sabotaging behaviour and sets you on a constructive pathway.

Scorpio emotions run deep – although these do not show on the surface – and Malachite assists in understanding and release experiences that cause dis-ease or distress.  Scorpio’s transformative Malachite birthstone facilitates the journey into the taboo areas of life to bring back insights for healing and growth. But there is a need to go correspondingly high in consciousness and this is facilitated by Lapis which can transform sex into a vehicle for spiritual alchemy – an important part of Scorpio’s soul path.


SagittariusBirthstonesTopaz, Turquoise

Topaz, is an excellent companion on Sag’s eternal quest for knowledge. It provides abundant energy for the journey and promotes trust in the universe, teaching how to be rather than do.  For Sag travelling is more enjoyable than arriving, and ventures further than other signs and Topaz acts as a guide to the unknown. This stone’s vibrant energy brings joy, generosity and all good things, facilitating attainment of goals. Turquoise offers protection and attunes to the spiritual realms. Placed on the third eye, it opens intuition and stills a restless mind during meditation. If you find yourself called upon to speak in public, Turquoise calms your nerves and facilitates clear expression.

The major soul challenge for Sagittarius is to combine the instincts with the rational mind and leaven this with a liberal serving of intuition. And then to learn to simply Be. Turquoise helps to understand and integrate these different approaches to life.

Sagittarius might enjoy talking about emotion, but feeling them deeply is another matter, talking them out of existence. With Sag’s habit of blurting things out, you may well have learned early in childhood that certain emotions  were taboo in your family which can lead to a blocked throat chakra.  Unblocking the throat chakra can be facilitated by wearing Turquoise at your throat.

Your questing mind is incredibly active and can benefit from Topaz, which assists in solving problems as it sees both the bigger picture and minute details, recognising how they interrelate.  This useful stone confers astuteness and facilitates expressing ideas.


CapricornBirthstonesOnyx, Garnet

Capricorn is a serious and rule-orientated sign, enlivened by a strong sense of humour.  Onyx provides the structure and authority Capricorn craves, providing support in difficult times. However, Onyx can make Capricorn somewhat too self-controlled and ‘heavy’, and Garnet, may be needed to infuse lightness into life. Garnet is a revitalizing stone, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate.  This stone inspires the love and devotion Capricorn seeks from a partner, and encourages  commitment and fidelity.

Many Capricorns have a powerful desire to get to the top.  This desire frequently combines with a feeling of having a task to do, some duty or responsibility that must be taken up.  Garnet reflects the brightness of Capricorn’s iinner being, which is usually hidden behind a façade of conventionality.

With a superior mind, high principles and organisational ability, Capricorns are an asset to any business – although many are called to law enforcement or government.  Square cut Garnet brings success in business.  Your sign has a great desire for wealth and status.  Whilst Garnet can attract these, it never allows them to take over your life.  This stone fills you with enthusiasm and confidence and brightens your pathway. Onyx offers the gift of wise decisions   The unconscious sabotage to which Capricorn is prone is removed by Garnet, which assists in letting go of obsolete ideas and ingrained behaviour patterns that no longer serve.

Capricorn’s soul is on a pathway of inner authority and power, desiring to live authentically. Capricorn has a strong sex drive and Garnet  invigorates libido and aids sexual potency, removing inhibitions.

Authority figures have loomed large in your life, be they parents, teachers, mentors or rule-makers of any description. You have lived by the collective voice of authority.  Your soul task is to find the inner voice of your self and follow its direction.  Banded Onyx is a powerful stone for releasing mental conditioning and beliefs imposed by authority figures.  Once you have achieved this shift from authoritarianism to inner authority, you can let go of your tight control on life and follow the voice of your soul.


AquariusBirthstone:  Aquamarine, Moonstone

Many Aquarians live partially in the future, from where they bring back insights to assist the evolution of humankind. Aquamarine  promotes spiritual awareness and service to humanity, aligning  purpose to  experiences.  Its calming energy is excellent for reducing the stress to which Aquarius is prone.  Aquarius has the ability to see what will be needed in twenty years time – and the skills to invent the future.  Your potential, and your challenge, is to bring about social change and to fight for justice for everyone. You are at your best in situations where you can use this ability to change the world for the better.  Moonstone is a ‘stone of new beginnings’ that assists in your task,

The Aquarius challenge is to remain flexible and open to change as your soul evolves. Belonging to a fixed and yet highly unconventional sign, it is easy to move out of balance.  Nervous tension and increases your tolerance of emotional pressures.

Aquarius emotions can be unstable and irrational.  Moonstone is an excellent stone for soothing emotional instability and stress but it may be too strong at full moon so you could use Aquamarine.  A powerful emotional healer, placed on the solar plexus, this stone draws out and dissolves old emotional patterning. Intimacy is difficult for Aquarius as this sign is much better relating to a group than in one to one situations.  There are times when you feel alienated from others and Aquamarine is beneficial if worn for long periods of time.

Aquarius tends to be a scatty, disorganised sign, although capable of highly productive, original thought. Aquamarine is excellent for calming and focussing the mind, removing extraneous thoughts and filtering the information reaching the brain. Then you can fulfil your soul purpose of guiding the future of humanity.


PiscesBirthstones:  Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate

Pisces moves fluidly between everyday reality and the higher planes of imagination and spiritual mysticism. Amethyst, with its spiritual awareness, forms a bridge between the two.  With a tendency to absorb emanations from other people, Pisces needs Amethyst to protect and cleanse your energies. Boundaries are a difficult issue for Pisces as you are not sure where you end and where someone else begins, and this crystal is invaluable for establishing your own boundaries and feeling safe within them.

Pisces have considerable psychic and artistic gifts and Amethyst helps to open up intuition, and to hone it.  Blue Lace Agate is the seers stone, giving great insight and heightening awareness of hidden worlds. With your powerful imagination if you fear the worst, you will manifest it, but Blue Lace Agate keeps you on a positive track. If you are a Pisces man, Blue Lace Agate assists in accepting your sensitive, feeling nature.

Most Pisces indulge in half-truths and escapism. Sometimes the escape is into fantasy, a world of wishful thinking and beautiful thoughts into which you slip whenever everyday reality becomes too harsh.  Escapism is also found in a bottle, however, and addictions are common.  Amethyst helps you to overcome escapism,

The most difficult Pisces challenge is avoiding victim-martyr-saviour-rescuer-persecutor situations. Pisces wants to save the world, or just one person, and gives and gives without discriminate as to whether this is appropriate or not. You belong to one of the most emotional signs, and may not be aware of your emotions as something separate from yourself.  It is difficult to stand back and see your emotions objectively because so much goes on out of sight, in the depths of your inner feelings. Amethyst clears emotional confusion and brings about a conscious understanding of what has been occurring at the subconscious level.  This stone is a powerful stabilizer for fluctuating emotions.

Pisces confuse emotions with thoughts. Many actions are actually reaction to feelings rather than reasoned decisions.  Blue Lace Agate helps to distinguish between mind and emotions.

Trigonic Amethyst in particular will help you to fulfil your soul purpose of attaining unity consciousness – aware of and part of All.

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