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I wrote the first part of this piece as an introduction to Mike Eastwood’s Crystal Oversouls cards, but since then I’ve expanded my connection with the oversouls and used it in workshops many times. So, below is my take on meeting the crystal oversouls – and what they are. Plus an account of my journey to meet the Ajoite oversoul – my first in-depth journeying experience with the cards. It really blew my mind!

‘As a child I talked to stones. And the stones talked back.

          I assumed everyone did. But I soon learned it was better not to mention it, especially to those in the – allegedly – grown up world. They didn’t seem to understand. It didn’t stop my stone conversations though and they have continued to this day. It is how I learn what the crystals want from me and how they wish to work with us to bring profound change to our earth and our consciousness.

          Fortunately there are many ‘grown ups’ who have now caught up with what has turned out to be one of the most ancient beliefs in our world: that stones are alive. I was intrigued to find during the course of my MA research into the history of birthstones that well over seven thousand years ago stones were regarded as conscious, sentient beings with more than a touch of the divine about them. This belief underlay the practise of magic, which is not just a set of superstitious rites and rituals but rather a way of facilitating spiritual evolution and connection to the divine.

          So you can imagine how delighted I was to meet Mike Eastwood who also experiences crystals in this way and to be introduced to the magic of his crystal oversoul healing cards. Initially I used the cards as a breakfast meditation – quite literally gazing at one I had picked at random as I ate. The card always turned out to be apposite for the day, connecting me to a quality that I would need for the events and challenges I encountered. The cards threw light on my path and strengthened my communication with the crystals themselves. I loved the images which reflected my own intuitive connection to the energetic resonances behind the crystals. And, by carrying my ‘crystal for the day’ I felt that I was connected to a vast network of guidance and awareness that there was so much more.

          I use crystal grids and portals a great deal in my own work especially for exploring the new high vibration crystals. But working with the attunements in this book is something else entirely. It takes me into dimensions that are so familiar and well known, and then expands them beyond even my wildest imaginings. Working with crystals is always a privilege but meeting the crystal oversouls in their own temple is an enlightenment beyond words. To be immersed in the love and light they have for us incarnated ones and for the whole of creation is pure joy. A joy I hope you will share through your own attunements to these marvellous beings. To be able, with their assistance, to reconnect to the wisdom we seeded in our own far past empowers each one of us to make the leap of consciousness that will take us into a new world.

                                                Thank you Mike!’

 The crystal oversouls

The crystal oversoulsMike Eastwood named the hive-mind-like beings that inhabit crystals and work from other dimensions, the crystal oversouls. These beings communicate across space, time and distance and hold keys to our evolution that are activated by making contact with them through the crystals. To me, they are a higher self of each specific type of crystal. So, all Citrine crystals, for instance, wherever they may be in the world connect to the Citrine oversoul – which Mike sees as a mandala of energy. As Citrine is a type of Quartz there is also a ‘higher oversoul,’ that of the Quartz oversoul. Which sounds complex until you experience it and realise you are simply moving up through higher and higher expanding dimensions of crystal energy. It truly is an amazing experience.

Journey with the oversouls

I decided to really go for it. Setting up a healing bed, I placed a large Ajoite crystal over my head and the oversoul card over my heart. I’d grounded the energies with a large Smoky Quartz Elestial beneath the bed at my feet. Or thought I did!

As soon as the oversoul card went on my heart, however, I shot out of my body and up to a brilliant turquoise-green temple. I was surrounded by the most powerful healing energy, which I could feel was rapidly re-tuning my vibrations to a much higher frequency. The oversouls were like a sea of wise beings surrounding me, but they spoke with one heart and one mind, asking me to work more intensely on healing the Earth. They requested that I share my personal crystal experiences more openly and more fully with anyone who would listen. After that the energy was so potent and so beyond my normal consciousness that I simply blessed out (oh, what an interesting typo. I intended to write blissed out but the computer keeps automatically changing it to blessed. Clearly it knows better than me what was going on!) It’s the only way I can describe it. It was several hours before I returned to full consciousness. It took me all day and a great deal of grounding work before I could fully adjust to being back in my physical body. With the benefit of hindsight, the Elestial Smoky Quartz probably had too high a vibration itself to ground the energies. I would have been better with Flint!

Elestial Smoky Quartz

The oversoul journey

You can use the Oversoul cards, my own Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle cards, or a crystal for this journey. It can be useful to set a timer to bring you back.

  • Choose a place and time when you will not be disturbed and settle yourself comfortably. Place the card or crystal over your heart.
  • In your mind’s eye you are stepping into a beautiful crystal temple.
  • All around you is the crystal oversoul of your crystal.
  • Spend time with the oversoul, simply being with it and learning all that it has to offer you.
  • ****
  • When you are ready to return thank the oversoul for its wisdom.
  • Remove the card or your crystal.-
  • Come back to your body and settle comfortably within it once again.
  • Stand up slowly. Connect your feet to the floor and to Mother Earth.
  • A hot drink and a walk on the earth should complete the grounding process.

You can connect to Mike Eastwood and the oversoul attunements on YouTube