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This blog gives the members’ community advanced notice of the recommended crystal for July and an altogether new stone too. It was written as things unfolded so you’ll be following its ancestral timeline as you read.


This has always been one of my favourite cartoons.

I’m not a fan of mornings at the best of times. I prefer to awaken slowly – as late as possible. I’m a nightbird and often write till well after midnight as I did last night. So when the phantom doorbell-ringer strikes yet again at 6am and I have to check just in case it’s a real person this time, I’m distinctly crabby. Returning to sleep is impossible. I toss and turn. My brain doesn’t function at this hour. So what to do? I take a few slow, mindful breaths (see Crystal Mindfulness). Some crystals that Terrie Celest had mentioned the day before intrude into my mind. My crystals often talk to me, but hers are 70 miles away, neatly packed in a box. It doesn’t make any difference though. Yesterday she’d asked what I thought they were for and they are letting me know. In the end I simply have to get up and write it down. The result is the July crystal recommendation: Matriarchal Smokies.

to-whom‘Recommended July crystal: Matriarchal Smokies

Matriarchal Smokies c. Terrie Celest

Matriarchal Smokies c. Terrie Celest

Cancer is the zodiac sign most concerned with mothering and nurturing and it’s a sign that holds firmly onto the past. Matriarchal Smokies, July’s recommended crystal, help to clear the matriarchal line and heal future generations. These are a particular type of Smoky Quartz that is especially suited to using around the navel. The navel can be an extremely vulnerable area. It is known as the tummy ‘button’ for good, although probably largely unconscious, reasons. It can be the trigger point for ancestral memories to surface, especially of fear and trauma. Working with crystals such as Matriarchal Smokies around the navel to expand and release subtle memory patterns can be highly effective. Particularly as energy gaps, rips and tears may be present at this site in the subtle energies bodies as well as in the physical.

The navel (‘tummy button’) is not a chakra as such but it is where the connection to the mother and the matriarchal line is strongest pre-birth, as nutrients – physical or subtle – have to pass through the umbilical cord. It is a potent place for ancestral line connection and the passage of transgenerational messages, both via DNA and matriarchal imperatives. The placenta, which is designed to be a life-support system for the unborn child, may in fact carry a toxic soup of all the mother’s emotions and ancestral traumas. If the psychic umbilical cord is not cut, The Mother and her demands dominate. Matriarchal Smokies are the answer.* (See Crystals for karmic healing, soul reintegration and ancestral clearing. An A-Z guide. Volume 6.)’

The Matriarchal Clearing Grid

*Grid four to eight of the Matriarchal Smokies pointing inwards around your navel to clear the ancestral line – and see the further instructions under recommended crystals for July.

I crawl back into bed and read a rather nice ghost story about a woman discovering her untapped psychic powers. Set in one of my favourite places, Tintagel. Just the thing to start the day. When the hour is civilised enough for coffee, I send Terrie what I’ve written. An email comes back immediately:

‘Wow that is so synchronicitous and brilliant! I did a reading yesterday for a lady and immediately honed in on her Mother, Capricorn Moon, turns out she was physically abusive and my client started admitting it and dealing with it last year. It was a key for her. With Mars And Venus in Taurus, there was a strong emphasis on feminine energy and working with it, both in Sixth house. She works with the menstrual cycle which was interesting and spot on.’

This is what Terrie had just written for her astrology blog for April:

Old karmic issues will dominate 4th and 5th April and have their origins in our ancestral line, although this may not be immediately obvious. Old warrior energies could be part of the problem, and insights can be gained through looking at the roles of females and males through our ancestry, and how the male and female energies were expressed. Were the females dominated by strong, opinionated or stubborn men? Did they suppress their own wants and needs, was there some lack of commitment, an avoidance of meeting obligations somewhere? Look at how this has subtly impacted you and, very importantly, how you can break the cycle and not repeat it for future generations.

Isn’t that brilliant synchronicity? Terrie went on to say:

‘I have had a flurry of people asking for the Strawberries [which are in pairs of male and female and integrate the energies]. One lady who wanted some phoned me and I thought it was a bloke, so funny!! So I’ve suggested Ancestralite and Celtic to my client for healing the ancestral line. She liked the sound of the Celtic as she’s working with Celtic Goddess Brigit. But I can suggest these now. And then this appears this morning. I obviously had to mention it to you yesterday, and they couldn’t wait until next weekend!!’ [We planned to use the Smokies on an upcoming ancestral healing day to discover more of their properties.]

magical side

So, it appears there really is a magical side to morning. Tomorrow, April Fools Day, I’ll be able to say good morning with a smile on my face – and follow the line of thought I had when I began to write this, but for now, sweet dreams beckon.

good morning


Matriarchal Smokies paired with Strawberry Lemurians around a Spirit Quartz keystone. Territulla Agates, another matriarchal line clearer, are part of the outer circle in this elemental balancer grid. Image c. Judy Hall


Next day, having woken at a much more acceptable hour, I’m off to hear a talk on the mummy pits of ancient Egypt, which seems fitting somehow. But I get sidetracked by a new stone that KSC crystals are offering. So I check it out and hastily add it to the book I am writing (more about that later in the year!). But I also realise that I had anchored several of the grids for my forthcoming book on grids with… yes, you’ve guessed it. Matriarchal Smokies. Such useful little beings.

Yowah Nut: the Polarity Balancer

Image c.

Image c.

A combination of strong, protective Ironstone and delicate, cherishing Opal, a Yowah Nut balances polarities. It holds dualities such as mother and father, male and female, positive and negative, yin and yang in equilibrium giving each the appropriate amount of power and influence. The nut assists practical people to develop their spiritual sides, and spiritual people to be pragmatic in their everyday life. It is great for reconciling conscious and unconscious thought

Offering clarity and emotional security, Yowah Nut is helpful for balancing the inner parental voices with the inner child’s needs. The Nut carries warm earth elemental energy as well as illuminating fire and has a powerful connection to Mother Earth and her nurturing powers, reminding us that we are all Gaia’s children. The stone has long been used for shamanic journeying, taking you safely into the lower shamanic world for soul retrieval and integration work. It assists those who wanderer to settle somewhere stable without losing the spirit of adventure – and instils perseverance when the going gets tough.’

No doubt there’ll be more to come on this new stone once my crystal group get their hands on it. And we’ll be offering some to the members’ community soon.

Polarity or duality?

Polarity: The quality of being opposite.

Duality: The state of combining two different things.

(Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

My thoughts of the night before had run along the lines of does a matriarchy really follow the idealistic, idealised picture that Heide Goettner-Abendroth paints:

But such a societal system as matriarchy could not function as a whole without a deep, supporting and all-permeating spiritual attitude. At the spiritual and cultural level, matriarchal societies do not have hierarchic religions based on an omnipotent male God. In matriarchies, divinity is immanent, for the whole world is regarded as divine: as feminine divine. This is evident in the widely held concept of the universe as the Great Goddess who brought forth everything by birth, and of the earth as the Great Mother who created everything living. And everyone, and everything, is endowed with divinity by virtue of being a child of the Great Mother Nature. In such a culture, everything is spiritual. In their festivals, which follow the cycle of the seasons and the cycle of life, everything is celebrated. There is no separation between sacred and secular, so the everyday tasks also have ritual significance. In this sense matriarchal societies are sacred ones. The entire societies are constructed in the image of the creative Mother Nature. This divine mother is reflected in every woman’s being, and in her abilities to create. Every social, economic and political action is informed by the principle of the world’s – and the universe’s – all-encompassing maternal attitude. Therefore, on the spiritual level, matriarchies are sacred societies and cultures of the Divine Feminine or Goddess. Heide Goettner-Abendroth

Or is it more along the lines of this comic diatribe from the archetypal English Lieutenant Colonel J. Algernon Hawthorne in the 1963 film ‘Mad Mad Mad Mad World’ starring the inimitable Terry Thomas:

J. Algernon Hawthorne: Why, the whole bloody place is the most unspeakable matriarchy in the whole history of civilization! Look at yourself, and the way your wife and her strumpet of a mother push you through the hoop! As far as I can see, American men have been totally emasculated. They’re like slaves! They die like flies from coronary thrombosis, while their women sit under hairdryers, eating chocolates and arranging for every second Tuesday to be some sort of Mother’s Day! And this positively infantile preoccupation with bosoms. In all my time in this wretched, godforsaken country, the one thing that has appalled me most of all is this preposterous preoccupation with bosoms. Don’t you realize they have become the dominant theme in American culture: in literature, advertising and all fields of entertainment and everything. I’ll wager you anything you like: if American women stopped wearing brassieres, your whole national economy would collapse overnight.

The Middle Way

The Matriarchal Smokies and now the Yowah Nut are helping us to find the middle way. Rather than polarities, which suggest extreme opposites, we can look on it as harmonizing dualities, complementary but separate energies. Clearing the ancestral line and balancing the dualities to create a society run not on the imperatives of the past and a ‘power-over’ system that has one gender dominating, but rather on spiritual principles that value each and every person not for their gender but for their humanity. Future generations can only benefit.

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