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Facebook post: Mabel is trying out Eye of the Storm today. It appears to be working rather well!!!! Not surprising given that it creates a calm, strong central core nothing can shake! Not even Mabel!!!!!!

It is against the law in the UK to prescribe crystals or crystal essences for pets. However, it has been found that treating the owner as a surrogate can work well in many instances. Although, as you’ll see from the above – posted on Facebook – some dogs simply love crystals.

Crystals can be used to support healing or to maintain well being.  Crystals can be placed over the spot, a chakra or energy point, or gridded around a room in a square or triangular/Star of David pattern. They can also be used as a gem essence made by immersing the crystal in spring water, placing in sunlight for several hours, then bottling with two-thirds brandy to one-third remedy.  This mother tincture needs to be diluted 7 drops to a dropper bottle of spring water and brandy, and then diluted once more by placing 7 drops in a dropper bottle of spring water. If a stone may be toxic make by indirect method: place stone in a glass bowl placed within the bowl of spring water so that the stone does not touch the water. Essences can be added to drinking water, placed on the back of the neck or dropped into the mouth.


General assistance:  Dalmation stone

Understanding/Attuning to needs: Poppy Jasper

Specific issues:

Abandoned/abused: Rose Quartz, Danburite, Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite

Abdominal distension: Aragonite

Adrenal Glands: Aventurine

Aggression, ameliorate: Amethyst, Bloodstone, Rose Quartz

Anaemia: Bloodstone

Anti-bacterial: Amber, Iolite, Green Calcite

Anti-inflammatory: Moss Agate, Magnesite, Turquoise, Malachite (make remedy by indirect method)

Antiseptic: Amethyst, Calcite, Amber

Anti-spasmodic: Aragonite, Magnesite

Anti-viral: Fluorite

Anxiety, overcome: Amethyst, Kunzite

Arthritis: Fluorite

Bad breath:  Sunstone

Birth, support during: Carnelian (bind over abdomen)

Bones: Magnetite, Fluorite, Cathedral Quartz

Bowels: Yellow Jasper

Constipation: Amber, Red Jasper

Loose stools: Sapphire

Bursitis: Amber, Blue Lace Agate

Calm: Dalmation Jasper

Cancerous growths: Amethyst, Bloodstone, Fluorite

Car sickness: Emerald, Brown Agate, Red Aventurine, Dioptase, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Jasper

Colic: Malachite (make remedy by indirect method), Jade

Coma: Tanzanite (crown chakra)

Compulsive behaviour: Charoite

Death, ease transition: Spirit Quartz, Amethyst

Detoxification: Smoky Quartz

Diuretic: Angelite, Bloodstone, Jade

Eczema: Amethyst, Green Aventurine, Sapphire

Energy, boost: Quartz, Carnelian

Eyes: Emerald (alcohol-free essence), Cat’s Eye, Aquamarine, Vivianite

Cataracts: Vivianite

Fever: Blue Chalcedony, Green Calcite

Flatulence: Green Garnet, Emerald

Fungal Infection: Blue Lace Agate, Moss Agate

Fur, loss of: Galena (make essence by indirect method0

General healing:  Dioptase

Glandular swelling: Amber

Immune system, boost: Bloodstone, Smithsonite

Incontinence: Petrified wood, Jade

Itching/skin conditions: Azurite with Malacite (make essence by indirect method), Green Aventurine, Hematite, Blue Lace Agate

Jealousy: Peridot

Joints: Magnetite, Calcite, Azurite, Hematite, Fluorite

Kennel cough: Amber, Quartz, Hematite, Jade

Kidneys: Bloodstone, Jade

Lactation: Jade

Liver: Yellow Jasper

Muscular problems: Magnetite, Green Tourmaline

Neuroses: Green Aventurine

Over-heated: Blue Lace Agate

Pain: Cathedral Quartz

Parasites: Amethyst, Ruby Aura Quartz, Rutilated Quartz

Repair, assist body to: Blue Quartz

Rescue Remedy: Larimar-Rhodochrosite-Rhodonite

Rheumatism: Agate, Amber, Chrysocolla

Respiratory difficulties: Amber, Moss Agate, Apophyllite, Amethyst

Ringworm: Calcite

Shock:  Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Sugilite

Sick building syndrome affecting: Smoky Quartz, Sodalite

Spaying, after: Chrysocolla

Swelling: Amethyst, Magnetite, Jet

Tachycardia: Garnet (wear over heart)

Tendonitis: Lepidolite

Thrombosis: Magnestite

Thyroid: Idocrase, Tanzine Aura Quartz

Trapped nerve: Kunzite

Ulcers: Ametrine, Calcite, Chrysocolla, Fluorite

Urinary Ailments: Blue Lace Agate, Amber, Jade

Urinary infections: Yellow or Green Zincite

Vomiting: Emerald, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone

For further details and healing layouts see Crystal Prescriptions 1-6, Crystal Healing, The Crystal Bible 1-3 and 101 Power Crystals.