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Preseli BluestoneThere are many crystals that offer a specific connection to previous civilisations – Preseli Bluestone and Stonehenge being an obvious example together with Aswan granite in Egypt. But other stones take us back even further in time to the ‘lost’ civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria and there are many examples from past life regressions of crystal use in the past. Some connections are mythical, others more factual. These crystals can be used to link us to the knowledge encapsulated within those civilisations. This is the first of a series of crystal links to that ancient knowledge.




Inca stone map allegedly showing the site of the lost continent of Lemuria in the centre

The Lemurian civilisation is believed to have predated the Atlantean. Its location is said to be somewhere in the Pacific or Indian oceans. Lemurian Seed crystals provide a powerful connection to this civilisation as they are said to have ‘codes’ within them which, when the time is right, can be read to access the wisdom of that time. The Lemurians were ‘lightly clothed in skin’. That is, not so densely incarnated as we are in the present day. The myth of Lemurian is spread worldwide.

Tamil civilisation map

Tamil civilisation map showing Lemuria sited in the Indian ocean.

Lemurian seed crystals:

And finally the new and very potent ‘Citrine and Strawberry’ Lemurian combination. There aren’t many of these around but you may be fortunate and find one.

To connect to Lemuria

Relax, breathe deeply and rhythmically and simply run your fingers up the sides of a Lemurian Seed Crystal.

To disconnect: put the crystal down.

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